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18-Year-Old Maisie Williams Says You Grown Ups Don’t Know Shit

Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams has certainly had an interesting upbringing. She’s pretty much done most of her growing up so far on Game of Thrones, having joined the cast when she was just about 13 years old. She’s turning 18 on Wednesday, which obviously means she’s got the world figured out. You see, we all rag on teens, but they know what’s up and it’s actually us dumb adults have no idea what life is all about.

“People think we’re fucking stupid and we don’t know anything about anything. It’s really degrading. I get a lot of adults who are like, ‘You don’t know shit,’ and it’s like, ‘You don’t know shit. You have no idea what it’s like to be 17 years old.’”

I mean, to be honest, I kinda agree with her in a way. Teenagers drive me up the wall and I can’t bear their stupidity… and yet, I logically know that we were all 17 once, and we were all just as stupid. So Maisie is right – we don’t know shit, because we’ve blocked a lot of that experience out with, you know, all the years of life that have happened afterwards.

Oh, also, don’t make Maisie a role model – she’s not really into it, though she knows it’s likely going to happen anyway:

“Whether I like it or not, I’ve become influential to people. I don’t wanna be liked just because I’m pretty. That’s f–king boring, and I’m not that. Lots of young people in the industry try to play it cool, but it just makes them look like arrogant dickheads. I’d much rather be liked because people realize that I’m standing up for myself.”

Alright, Maisie Williams is pretty great, right?

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Nelly Got Arrested For Felony Drug Possession


Sooo… remember Nelly? The “rapper” who sang about how you need to strip down because of how hot it is? Yeah, I know, it’s been a while. When last we heard from him, he was being detained by police for having a shit ton of weed and heroin on his tour bus. Fast-forward three years and it looks like it’s more of the same, only this time Nelly was arrested for having a shit ton of weed, ecstasy and METH on his bus. Jesus.

From TMZ:

A state trooper pulled over the bus Saturday morning for not having a required Dept. of Transportation sticker … and when the officer caught a strong whiff of pot … he decided to conduct a search.

Cops say they found a baggie with crystal rocks that tested positive for meth, and a small amount of marijuana in the sleeper area of the bus. They say they also found quite the stash of guns — a .50 caliber pistol, a .45 caliber pistol, and a .500 magnum Smith and Wesson.

Nelly was booked for the meth — a felony — and misdemeanor marijuana possession. He was also booked for drug paraphernalia — cops say there were about 100 small Ziplock bags commonly used for the sale of drugs.

But guys, let’s not get ahead of ourselves – just because this has totally happened before doesn’t mean Nelly’s guilty! In fact, he swears all those drugs aren’t even his, they were put there by someone else!

Nelly’s lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, tells TMZ, there were 15 to 20 people who had access to the bus prior to the stop and there were multiple people on the bus when cops searched it.  Rosenblum seems to take issue with cops on the meth issue, saying “a small quantity of [MDMA/Ecstasy] was discovered.”

Rosenblum adds, “Nelly will not be associated with the contraband that was allegedly discovered.”

LOL, yeah, okay dude. Whatever you say.

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Madonna Kissed Drake at Coachella and He Was Not Happy About It

madonna drake

Poor Drake, man. He just can’t catch a break. First he had Amanda Bynes after him, and now it’s Madonna, who has made no secret of her desire to “work” with him over the past few months. She finally got her chance at Coachella this weekend, where she planted a disgusting open-mouthed kiss on him. I believe his reaction says it all.

First of all, can I just say… WTF? Madonna is infamous for being some kind of sex goddess, but this “kiss” was more like a succubus attaching to her pray. No wonder he looks so disgusting once she finally let him up for air. Also, isn’t Madonna a bit too old to pull the “kiss for press” trick? She already did that like, a decade ago with Britney. The jig is up, lady.

This whole thing is just so, so wrong.

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Hillary Clinton Is Running For President – It’s Official!

hillary clinton

This weekend, something super important happened that you’ve no doubt heard about already: Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the presidency! Regardless of whether or not you’re a Democrat or if you like Hillary’s policies, this is a big deal. It’s not often that women run for president, and especially not in one of the two major parties.

Hillary officially announced her campaign yesterday and posted this video to her website:

Of course, this isn’t Hill’s first time at the rodeo – she actually ran on the Democratic ticket back in 2008 but lost the ballot to Obama. This time around, she’s the first person to seek the nomination for the party for the 2016 election. Do I think she’ll win? Frankly, no. Do I think she’s the best politician ever? No. But I think it’s important she’s out there and I’m interested to see what platform she runs on nonetheless. Now she’d better get on the phone to Katy Perry and get that campaign song she was promised.

This is a celebrity gossip site, as you well know, so perhaps it seems odd to have this news here, but considering that this is such a big thing and effects all of us, I think it’s worth talking about.

On a side note: Holy shit, Hillary Clinton is 67? Time flies!

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MTV Movie Awards Fashion Post 2015

Scarlet Johansson: cute cut or matronly mop?

Scarlett Johansson: cute cut or matronly mop?

What even are the MTV Movie Awards, really? Well, if you’re like me, they’re merely another opportunity to critique celebrity fashion. So let’s have at it!

Also, maybe I’m just old as f*ck, but it seemed to be like there were a bunch of hardcore NOBODIES at this show. And, there was SO MUCH FAIL.

Go through the photos and make your picks for who has the BESTWORST, and most WTF look of the night! My picks are below.


Bai Ling

Bai Ling. I mean, of course she’s gonna wear something like this. It’s Bai-freakin’-Ling. Does that excuse her? Not entirely. She looks like a prop out of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

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Jon Hamm Accused Of Beating A Man In 1990


Jon Hamm is known for being a generally cool guy. I adore him, frankly, so this news rather disturbed me. Apparently, in 1990, while at the University of Texas, Hamm took part in a crazy violent hazing ritual. The reports are kind of shocking, and they don’t sound like something he would do. But then again, how much do we really know about Jon Hamm? His rehab visit sure surprised the f*ck out of me. So who knows?

Here’s what the victim is alleging, via Huffington Post:

The Emmy-nominated actor had not previously been publicly linked to a lawsuit filed by a Sigma Nu pledge who said he was severely beaten, dragged by a hammer and had his pants lit on fire. In the 1991 lawsuit, the pledge said Hamm participated “till the very end.”

Criminal records show Hamm, now 44, was charged with hazing and received deferred adjudication, which under Texas law means he had to successfully complete probation but was never convicted. A separate charge of assault was dismissed.

[..] According to the lawsuit, Hamm became “mad, I mean really mad” after the 20-year-old Sigma Nu pledge failed to recite things he was supposed to memorize about Hamm and other fraternity members. For Hamm, his list included “Young Bobby,” ”MC Hammer” and “UT Football Punching Bag.”

The pledge, Mark Allen Sanders, said Hamm went on to set his jeans on fire, shove his face in dirt and strike him with a paddle.

“He rears back and hits me left-handed, and he hit me right over my right kidney, I mean square over it,” Sanders said in the lawsuit. “Good solid hit and that, that stood me right up.”

Jesus, that does not sound good. Look, as a Hamm fan, I’m obviously hoping this isn’t true, but it seems a little too detailed to be made up out of thin air. And can I just take this moment to ask, why are fraternities (and sororities) still a thing? It seems like all the news that comes out of them is negative as all hell.

Interested to see how this turns out…

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Are Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner Hooking Up At Coachella?


Justin Bieber, world-class douche, might be hooking up with Kendall Jenner. He posted photos on his Instagram of him getting cozy with the possible Calvin Klein model at Coachella. Maybe you’re not upset, but Beliebers are aghast, saying, “Noooo Kendall….”. See for yourself:



So if you want my take on it, I think they’re totally “hooking up”, as the kids say. Though Bieber and Jenner have previously been linked together, Bieber has, of late, been linked to one Ashley MooreBut who’s to say they’re not exclusive? Maybe he’s ~~playing the field~~. There are plenty of hapless women out there who would love some Biebs. I am not one of them, but they’re out there.

What do you think? (“I don’t give an eff” is a totally acceptable answer, FYI.)

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