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Idris Elba shares music from his Nelson Mandela tribute album, ‘Mi Mandela’

idris elba

You see how much I care about you ladies (and applicable gentlemen)? You love Idris Elba, so I bring you Idris Elba. And this time, he’s musical! I had no idea that Idris is releasing a Nelson Mandela tribute album called Mi Mandela, but so he is.

Here’s the blurb:

“So Many People” was produced and written by Elba. The album, “Mi Mandela”, is a celebration of South African music inspired by his role in the movie “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”. It will be released on november 27th. Pre-order it HERE.

And here’s the music:

Oh, snap. Good song, actually. But guess what – I’ve got even MORE for you. It’s a video of Idris Elba introducing the project in VIDEO form!

Don’t say I never gave you anything!

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Selena Gomez releases ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’

selena gomez

LOL at the title of Selena Gomez‘s new single, ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’. Obviously her heart has wanted a bit of Bieber action for the past few years. This is all pretty… uncomfortable and bizarre, since the track starts off with Selena seemingly making a confession about a relationship on how much she loved this guy but then he did something that completely shattered her. Then the guy turned things around on her and made her feel crazy.

This song is OBVIOUSLY about Bieber, and it’s kinda a shitty song, but it’s the only single from her upcoming Greatest Hits album, which she’s doing to finish her contract with Hollywood Records. The video was actually filmed in March and was just delayed; she’s working on a new album that will come out on Interscope next year, apparently.

Anyhoo… enjoy! Homegirl is dickmatized, as the kids say.

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Amanda Bynes’ parents giving up conservatorship and moving

amanda bynes parents

Amanda Bynes‘ parents have had a task and a half over the past several years. Not only has their daughter gone completely and utterly off the rails, but she’s refusing to take her prescribed medication for her various mental health issues (well, she’s on the pills at the moment, but will no doubt stop taking them again soon enough) and has even gone so far as to accuse her father of sexually molesting her for years. They’re her parents and they love her so they want to help, but they’ve had enough. Apparently, they’re giving up their conservatorship over Amanda’s money and saying a big “Fuck it!” and moving to Texas.

From TMZ:

The parents of Amanda Bynes are throwing in the towel … they’ll file legal docs in the next few days handing over the conservatorship over their daughter to someone else, and then they’re moving to Texas … TMZ has learned.
Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ … Amanda will now be under the thumb of a mental health professional who specializes in handling people with severe mental illnesses. Her parents will ask the judge to transfer conservatorship powers to that person.

We’re also told the parents have made arrangements to transfer power over financial matters to another person … presumably a money manager.

The parents are leaving California and will move to Texas to be near their older daughter.

Both parents are saying they know they’ve struck out with Amanda and don’t have what it takes to effectively control her. They’re hoping once someone else controls Amanda’s finances, she’ll stop lashing out at them and they can have a relationship … even though it will be long distance.

It’s sad, really, but I sort of understand where they’re coming from. We only know what we’ve heard that’s been reported in the media, which isn’t even 5% of what her parents have probably dealt with over the past decade. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone will be able to effectively control her. But if they have control of her money, this situation could end up with Amanda broke and on the streets and someone else having preyed on a mentally ill woman and making off with her money. I know that seems a bit dire, but…

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Jessa Duggar “passionately” kisses her husband

jessa duggar ben seewald

Now that Jessa Duggar is married to husband Ben Seewald, she’s free to let her freak flag fly and get DIRRRTY… so long as it’s in a chaste and Christianly way. Still, her faith and adherence to modesty doesn’t mean that she’s above posting a shot of her “passionately” kissing her new spouse on Instagram yesterday, as you can see above.

Alright, a few issues that we need to talk about, here:

1. Why people feel the need to post kissing pictures on social media is beyond me. We get it, you’re in love. I feel that. However, just as they kept their first kiss private, they need to keep ALL kisses private. If you’re walking down the street or wanna share a peck over dinner, do your thing. But Instagram does not need to see this…

2. … Particularly because this kiss seems forced/fake as hell. Why is Ben’s mouth closed so tightly like that? Not like you’re gonna start frenching on Instagram or whatever, but if you’re gonna post a kissing picture, at least make it one that looks like you’re BOTH into it. Jessa looks like she’s trying to GET HERS, while Ben looks like he’s thinking, “If I just keep my eyes closed a bit longer, this will all be over quickly…”

This whole thing is so weird, and yet so weirdly fascinating.

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Kelly Rowland had a baby!

kelly rowland

Kelly Rowland recently unveiled the obligatory “naked and pregnant” photoshoot that all famous women seem to do, and now she’s ready to be a mom! Good thing, because she gave birth to a baby boy – her first child with husband Tim Witherspoon – on Tuesday, November 4th.

Their son, named Titan Jewell Witherspoon (whatever, man), was born at 1:30pm PST yesterday. Here’s the couple’s statement on his arrival:

“We are thrilled to announce that today we are the proud parents of our first son. We are blessed to report everyone is healthy and happy!”

Well, that’s good – congrats to them. There’s only one question that remains to be answered: will Beyoncé be named godmother?

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Kirk Cameron wants his daughters to be like Jessa Duggar

kirk cameron jessa duggar

One of the eight bajillion Duggar kids, 22-year-old Jessa Duggar, got married to her boyfriend Ben Seewald last weekend in a massive Arkansas ceremony that had over 1,000 guests. One of those guests was born again lunatic Christian Kirk Cameron, who thinks it’s super sweet that Jessa and Ben didn’t even hold hands until their engagement and wouldn’t even kiss when they said “I do” because they thought it was more chaste to save that moment for the privacy of their own homes. In fact, Kirk hopes his own daughters take a page from Jessa’s book and follow in her footsteps.

Here’s what Kirk shared (along with the above photo) on his Facebook page:

Aren’t they adorable? My daughters and I were invited to Jessa and Ben’s wedding and we took this photo during the rehearsal dinner the night before. They were bursting with anticipation! We flew to the Duggar hometown, not only to be part of the fun and excitement of honoring this precious couple, but as a father, I want my daughters to see what it looks like when a couple reserves their “first kiss” for at the altar. Wow! This kind of moral excellence and purity is rare today, but our sons and daughters are priceless. This dad has only a few years to etch these meaningful images on the minds of his children. I wish I could tell you details of the wedding, but I am sworn to absolute secrecy by the Duggars! What I can say, is that it was beautiful, meaningful, and … surprising! We were also invited to the Duggars house after for volleyball, campfire singing, and dessert till 1:30 am. We even got to worship together at church the next morning and Jim Bob and Michelle were excited to share with family and friends about Saving Christmas (! Be sure to watch the wedding episode of 19 and Counting on TLC!!

Oh, brother. I’m all for people doing whatever the hell they want in life so long as it’s not hurting anyone. And I suppose it isn’t hurting anyone (but themselves) for two people to get married without ever having done more than holding hands. However, the fact that there are sects of people who think this is the one true “right” way to live are bonkers. I do think kids rush into sex way too early and intimacy should be taken seriously, but I also think Jessa is probably shitting herself because she was entirely unprepared for what sex and everything that comes with it is like.

She’ll probably end up knocked up in a couple of weeks just like her older sister Jill.

Looks like Kris Jenner really does have a new boyfriend!

kris jenner corey

If I was Kris Jenner, I’m not sure how I’d feel about my new boyfriend, Corey Gamble, denying that he was with me and claiming that I set him up by taking a picture with him in a restaurant when in reality, we were actually together. That’s what’s happened here, though. Cory denied it, but he and Kris are clearly a couple, as you can see in the photo above, and in this one:

kris jenner corey 2

The laughable thing here isn’t the fact that she’s got a new boyfriend, it’s how she’s dressed like she’s Kendall’s age instead of a grown ass woman. Not that a grown woman can’t wear Nikes, but this whole ensemble just seems so try-hard on Kris, who is so desperate to morph into Kim that she’d sell her soul to the devil to make it so (if she hasn’t already). I guess she’s happy, at least?

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