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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel welcome a baby boy

justin timberlake jessica biel

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake only confirmed that they were expecting their first child together in February, months after media outlets started reporting the news. And fair enough – maybe they just weren’t ready to share it before then. But here’s something they have shared: the baby is here! Jessica welcomed their baby boy, named Silas Randall Timberlake, this week! Yay!

From People:

Reps say mom and baby are doing well and dad is “ecstatic.” Further details are being kept private at this time.

Well, that’s that! I like the name – it’s creative without being too “out there” like many celebs choose. As for its significance, I’m not really sure about Silas. The only connection, according to Google, is that some A&R guy who helped Justin go solo and put out Justified is named Silas White, but I doubt they named the kid after that.

Randall, however, is a family name. It’s his dad’s first name and Justin’s middle name, so it’s cute that they’re passing it down.

Mazel tov to these two – I think they’re a cute couple and the baby will probably be adorable, too.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show Is Coming To TV

rocky horror picture show

Show of hands: who else went through a Rocky Horror Picture Show phase? The film, starring Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry, wasn’t even my era, and I wasn’t even alive when it came out, and yet, I went through a major Rocky Horror phase. How does that happen? I guess some films just endure.

So much so that The Rocky Horror Picture Show is coming to FOX, as a special event. (For a moment, I thought it was coming back as a series and though, huh, that’ll be interesting, but no.) Here’s some more info, from Rolling Stone:

[...] Kenny Ortega (High School MusicalHocus Pocus) has been tapped to direct and choreograph the project, which is currently in development with Fox.

According to Deadline, the two-hour The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event, as it is tentatively titled, will be a “reimagining” of the feature where book and score will remain untouched, but the visuals will be reworked. Lou Adler, who produced the original film, will produce the remake alongside executive producer Gail Berman, who has been working on bringing the project forward since 2002.

I don’t know about this. I might watch? It’s not that I think RHPS is too “sacred” to be remade, or anything like that; rather, this “reimagining” doesn’t sound very interesting to me. But who knows? Maybe they’ll have a really inspired cast.

(Side note: I know there’s been a lot of TV news lately, and I for one, am excited about this. We are truly in a golden age of television, and I feel that TV has gotten waaaay more interesting than film at this point. I know, I know, “SAY ‘INTERESTING’ ONE MORE TIME!” Sorry.)

Would you guys watch this? Why or why not?

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Grace & Frankie is about to be your new favorite show

grace & frankie

Yeah, yeah, there are a lot of TV trailers today – deal with it, they’re all coming out these past few days. This one is a bit different, however, since it’s not for an established show but rather a new one. Netflix has released a preview of their upcoming original series Grace & Frankie, which has an amazing cast but is probably aimed more towards the 50+ age group than the youngins’. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, though – retirees gotta watch TV too, and frankly, I’ll probably check out at least the first episode myself.

Grace & Frankie stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as friends whose husbands, played by Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson, leave the women… to marry each other. The series follows the lives of the four after this fact, and it looks pretty funny. Also, it’s nice to see a show like this involving people in an atypical age group, frankly.

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The Rock eats 36 ounces of cod a day

the rock

I’ll basically take any opportunity I can get to write about The Rock, because I think he’s awesome. Don’t even bother disagreeing, because it’s pretty much fact. Anyway, here’s something that’s hilarious but probably not all that surprising: he has to eat a lot to stay as buff as he is. Duh, right? But if you want to know something more specific, here’s a little factoid for ya: The Rock eats 36 ounces of cod every day.

In a piece for Muscle & Fitness magazine, The Rock broke down his 4,000 calorie per day diet, and holy shit, does he eat a lot. Obviously he needs to with the amount he works out, but I was vaguely shocked at the breakdown! You ready?

Meal 1

  • 10 oz cod
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 2 cups oatmeal

Meal 2

  • 8 oz cod
  • 12 oz sweet potato
  • 1 cup veggies

Meal 3

  • 8 oz chicken
  • 2 cups white rice
  • 1 cup veggies

Meal 4

  • 8 oz cod
  • 2 cups rice
  • 1 cup veggies
  • 1 tbsp fish oil

Meal 5

  • 8 oz steak
  • 12 oz baked potato
  • spinach salad

Meal 6

  • 10 oz cod
  • 2 cups rice
  • salad

Meal 7

  • 30 grams casein protein
  • 10 egg-white omelet
  • 1 cup veggies (onions, peppers, mushrooms)
  • 1 tbsp omega-3 fish oil

Seems pretty intense… and yet, delicious. Plenty of protein, no sugar or processed shit and some nice veggies. We should all be eating like The Rock… only maybe like, 1/4th the amount.

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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week


Kristen Stewart really…going for it.

So, I know I say this a lot, but goddamn, are the weeks just flying the  by for anyone else?! Every time I sit down to do this column I think, holy f*ckballs, how is it the end of the week already? Time, how does it work?

Anyway, last week we ragged on Rihanna. This week I’ve got a whole new batch of celeb outfits to keep you (hopefully) entertained. It’s Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week!

Just go through the photos and make your picks for who has the BESTWORST, and most WTF look of the week! 



Mischa Barton! When’s the last time we saw her? I’m really rooting for her. That being said, that hair washes her out and that dress is kind of diabolical. Still love you though, Mischa!

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The first ‘True Detective’ season 2 trailer is here

rachel mcadams

I have to admit, I really couldn’t get into True Detective’s first season. I like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson alright, but I just found it so slow, and not in a slow burn type of way, but just a ‘boring as hell’ one. Apparently it got way better if you were able to hang on for the first six episodes, but sorry, I’m not willing to give anything more than half its run just to get good.

That being said, I’m definitely on board for season 2. Rachel McAdams is the lead this time around, with Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn and Taylor Kitsch also starring. The first teaser trailer was released on Thursday, but it doesn’t really give us too much of a hint of what to expect, other than guns, police, crime and a shit ton of violence.

Will you be tuning in for the second season of True Detective? Do you think it’ll be as boring as the first (or did you think the first was great)?

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North West is adorable, end of story

north west smile

The Kardashian family is currently over in Armenia, where they actually met with the Armenian president and… I’m not sure what else. Kanye is there with Kim, and they actually brought their daughter North West along, and I have to say, she looks like she’s having a pretty great time.

There’s no real story here, other than that North is absolutely adorable. Regardless of what you think of Kim and Kanye, that child is so cute – and innocent/unaware of her parents’ fuckery, on top of that. Let’s let her enjoy her cuteness while it lasts, shall we?

north west

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