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James Franco doesn’t smoke pot, apparently

james franco seth rogen

If James Franco isn’t the highest motherfucker alive 95% of the time (his BFF Seth Rogen excluded), then the sky isn’t blue and the grass isn’t green. What else could explain half the shit he does? His Smiths-inspired album?  A Lindsay Lohan-inspired short story? I mean, the list goes on and on.

But yeah, apparently James Franco doesn’t smoke weed – or so he says. In an interview with Seth on Howard Stern‘s Sirius XM radio show yesterday, James swears he never smokes, at all, and hasn’t in a long, long time because “there’s just no need”. Why, because his brain functions like a terminally stoned person’s anyway?

James also said that if he were to smoke, he likely “couldn’t function” and instead, he just lets Seth get him high by proxy, which… whatever. How much BS is this story, do we think?

If you’d like to listen to the whole thing, here ya go:

P.S. Franco’s performance as the crazy stoner in Pineapple Express was also apparently just acting, but if that’s the case, this dude deserves an Oscar, like, 8 years ago.

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Britney Spears brings her abs to the cover of ‘Women’s Health’

britney spears women's health

Britney Spears is the cover star of the January issue of Women’s Health, and she brought abs for days. Of course, the hateration is rife on this one and people are saying her abs are fake and she’s been Photoshopped to high heaven. I mean, of course she has – everyone ever in the history of magazine cover stars has been – but I still think she looks fantastic.

In the accompanying interview, Brit Brit talks a bit about her diet and exercise regimen. What does she eat? How does she work out? Tell us all!

Via US Weekly:

“Dancing is a great cardio workout,” the superstar told Women’s Health. “Tough and fun at the same time.”

“I like my workouts to be effective in a short amount of time,” she explained. “I start with 20 minutes of intense cardio—usually running— move on to light free weights, body-weight exercises such as pushups, squats, and situps, then finish it off with a stretch.”

“I’m really into raw food — sushi basically,” Spears noted, adding that she indulges in Nut Thins and “any kind of fruit” to help keep her body fueled. There is one weakness, however, that the southern superstar cannot shake off: “I love sweet tea!”

Kewl story. I wonder which member of her team was responsible for sending over the copy for this shit, because this is NOT how Britney Spears talks, sorry. I’ve heard her. I’ve seen her. Just… no. That being said, I’m sure she does do all of that shit – she HAS to work out in order to be able to do her Vegas shows and whatnot, so yeah. I can’t believe she doesn’t eat her Cheetos anymore, though :(

Here are some more photos from the shoot – like I said, she’s looking amazing!

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Kim Kardashian cropped North West out of her selfie and the internet went crazy

kim kardashian north west

I don’t know why anyone on God’s green earth would be surprised that Kim Kardashian is vain and self-centered enough to crop her own child out of her selfie because it was harshing her duck lips vibe, but apparently they were because that’s exactly what happened yesterday.

Kim posted the above photo on Instagram yesterday, where you can clearly see a little sliver of North West. Her followers went INSANE, calling her selfish, saying how this is a sign that Kim has lost her last grip on reality, etc. I mean, she is and she has, but are any of us HONESTLY, seriously shocked that a woman who’s dumb enough to think it’s totally fine to sit on your phone taking pictures of yourself all night when you’re supposed to be on a date wouldn’t crop her kid out of her pictures to preserve her ~sexiness~? COME ON.

Here’s Kim’s response to the drama:

kim kardashian twitter

Well, that says it all – we can’t have accessory children get in the way of our vanity when we’re really feeling ourselves!

I mean, look, I don’t think it’s some cardinal sin or anything that her kid isn’t in a selfie, but I just think her total indignation over this thing is laughable. She honestly has no idea why people would think there’s an issue with it – which, let’s be honest, is more an issue in principal than in reality, but whatever – and it’s yet another display of her utter cluelessness.

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Justin Bieber is “super single” and ready to mingle, I assume

justin bieber

Step right up, ladies! Justin Bieber may have been rumoured to be dating Hailey Baldwin, but apparently that’s a load of bologna. In fact, he’s “super single” and ready to mingle with whatever lady lacks enough self-respect to go anywhere near him! Hurrah!

“People are crazy. I’m super single and this is my good friend u would know otherwise.”

I’m not quite sure that’s a sentence that makes any sense in the English language, but what the hell, let’s go with it. “This is my good friend u would know otherwise” it is.

For the record, Hailey also denies that they’re a couple, telling E! News:

“I’ve known him since I was so young – since I was like 13 – and we’ve just been good friends over the years. We have just stayed close and there’s nothing more to it than that.”

I love when celebs claim they’ve been friends since they were kids when it’s clearly they totally weren’t, but whatever. Live your lives, kids. I’m sure Selena Gomez is weeping over her greatest hits album as we speak.

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Kim Kardashian reveals Kanye West’s rules for dating

kim kardashian kanye west

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s marriage has lasted far longer than anyone ever thought (and longer than her made-for-TV marriage to the oafish football player guy whose name I can’t even remember), so they must be in a great position to share their secrets to a healthy and happy relationship, right? It all goes back to their dating days, when Kanye set some serious rules for their time together.

“When we first started dating it was rude if we brought our phones with us out, so I learned from him not to bring my phone.”

“We have rules at the table. If we are eating at a restaurant, we’ll wait to do it (take pictures) when we are done eating.” She even praised Yeezus for the rule. “He’s taught me to take a little time for myself and I’ve taught him stop a little more to take time and take pictures and stuff.”

Question – and a serious one: Is Kim Kardashian really that stupid that she honestly had no idea that it was rude to sit staring at your phone all night when you’re out with someone you’re in a relationship with? Is she that self-absorbed that she WANTED to be staring at her phone all night when she was out with someone she was supposedly falling in love with? I’m almost afraid to know the answer (though I think I already do).

Anyhow, here’s video of Kim talking about this, and performing the infamous “Meep meep, get out of me car” Vine, which she’s apparently obsessed with:

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Bill Cosby thinks rape accusers are just racists

bill cosby

I’m not sure if I can even dignify this fuckery with any serious commentary, so let me just present this as it is: Bill Cosby claims that all the media covering the story about the ENDLESS amount of rapes and sexual assaults he’s been accused of are just racist and that it’s only black people who can truly see him for the innocent man he is and report the facts. Uh…

From Page Six:

Reached at his Massachusetts home, the star declined to address the rape and sex abuse allegations from an ever-growing list of women that now includes supermodel Beverly Johnson.

Instead, Cosby, 77, said that the African-American media — for which this reporter often writes — should be impartial.

“Let me say this. I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind,” Cosby said.

Cosby sounded upbeat on the phone, but said he couldn’t address the specific allegations.

He did, however, wax poetic when asked how his wife of more than a half-century, Camille Cosby, was holding up under the strain of the allegations.

“Love and the strength of womanhood,” he said. “Let me say it again, love and the strength of womanhood. And, you could reverse it, the strength of womanhood and love.”

Then Cosby cut off the conversation. “They don’t want me talking to the media,” he said.

I mean… REALLY? So… if you’re white you’re automatically going to want to crucify Bill Cosby for being a rapist because he’s black? And only black people can see that a fellow black man isn’t really guilty of the DOZENS of cases against him – including one BY A BLACK WOMAN? And let’s be clear here: Beverly Johnson is NOT Bill Cosby’s only black victim – she’s just the first black victim to come forward and speak out against him (and I’d recommend reading her op-ed in Vanity Fair on the subject as she goes into how race plays into this whole matter).

Frankly, there are Bill Cosby apologists of every race and background. People who are so attached to his Dr. Huxtable persona that they’re unable to see the ugly man behind the character. By using race when it’s convenient for him, Bill Cosby is trying to make the media afraid of reporting on this case lest they come off as “racist”. He knows what he’s doing here, believe me. (And lest we forget how many times Bill has looked down his nose at many of the same black people he’s calling to action now for being uneducated and basically the scum under his shoe.) But race has NOTHING to do with the horrendous acts he’s committed. White, black, any ethnicity – rape and sexual assault are disgusting crimes that should be persecuted and Bill Cosby deserves to lose absolutely every single showbiz thing he’s built.

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