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Here’s Justin Bieber’s Acoustic Remix of ‘How to Love’

And it’s bad, friends. It’s BAD. Coming from a non-Lil-Wayne fan and a non-Bieber-fan (both of those are me, just in case you were wondering), this is almost nightmarish. And when little Justin starts rapping at 1:15, I have to laugh at his clipped North American accent combined with his over-enunciation of t’s and n’s, and yet how he predictably dropped all r’s (ever, never = eva, neva).

I’m not loving it, guys, I can’t lie. Even Lil Wayne’s version was way, way better and provoked more thought than what Beebs did.

Mandy Moore Has an O

This is a snippet of Mandy‘s latest film, Swinging With the Finkels. Sounds interesting, right? According to IMDB:

A suburban couple decide to shake up their marriage by “swinging” with another couple.

Um, boring. But as for the video, it started off pretty hot. Especially when she got the cucumber (? vegetable-like vibrator?) out. But it was completely unrealistic. What woman plans a single-sex sesh fully clothed, and then laughs like they’re at their family reunion and Aunt Tilly is just sooo funny? I mean, who guffaws during an orgasm? How is that shit funny? Am I the only one here that likes it half- or fully-undressed and more sensual, rather than comical? Oh Mandy.

Morning Wood

photo of demi moore pictures photos pics 2011 recent photo

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Love It or Leave It: Juliette Lewis’s Bikini Body

photo of juliette lewis bikini 2011 nicole richie's birthday party pics
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I think Juliette Lewis is kind of fabulous. I mean, she’s definitely a little on the thin side for my personal tastes, but I think she’s beautiful anyway, and she’s got that fiery personality that only adds to her appeal, in my opinion.

The above photo is from Nicole Richie‘s 30th birthday weekend, which was celebrated in Mexico. Juliette is only 39, and it completely amazes me that these two girls are only nine years apart. I mean, I remember vividly when Brad Pitt and Lewis dated, and I felt all of six years old during that time, but that might be because I, you know, was.

Looking good, girl!

Quotables: Nancy Grace Says It Wasn’t Her Nipple

photo of nancy grace nipslip twitter pictures wardrobe malfunction photo

“Evidence re my alleged ‘wardrobe malfunction’ which I vehemently deny: Breast Petals & industrial strength bra.”

She later said to Radar Online:

“I am in full nip denial. Breast petals and an industrial strength bra…plus a sewn-in corset. The fabulous DWTS wardrobe crew is extremely proactive and would never let an accident happen!”

Right, Nancy. Jeez, it’s just a nipple. And anyone who’s seen the photos (don’t worry, they’re here if you haven’t seen them already) KNOWS it’s a nipple, too. Don’t get so bent out of shape. It was a nipple. And a nice nipple at that. Way to spice up Dancing With the Stars, girl.

Decide for yourself: nipslip or nipple petals?

Jump below for the up-close shot of Nancy’s nip.

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