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America Ferrera Got Married, Looked Stunning

A photo of America Ferrera

I’ve always thought that America Ferrera is outlandishly beautiful. I think she’s consistently gorgeous, and also that she’s way adorable. And that’s why I wanted to share this little wedding photo with you guys, because I thought you might want to see how majestic America looked on her wedding day.

Discussion on America’s loveliness and/or bridal fashion in general should commence in the comments!

Image courtesy of People

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Still Pretty, Also Has Great Taste in Dudes

A photo of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I still can’t get over how pretty Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is. Like, how is this girl real? It’s time for a confession though: I don’t know anything about her. At all. For instance, did you know she was British? No idea. Another thing I didn’t know is that apparently we have similar taste in hot looking dudes.

While Rosie was on Live with Regis and Kelly, she mentioned that she’s had herself a crush on my favorite man of the moment, Prince Harry, for the majority of her life. She even adorably added “I’m waiting for my proposal. Come on, Harry!”

Ok, I know this isn’t a big story. Nobody’s pregnant, nobody’s getting secret married. Some incredibly hot lady wants to get with an incredibly hot man, and I want to think about that, that’s all. Is that so horrible? Is that so wrong? If so, then, you guessed it, I just don’t want to be right.

If any artists would like to sketch what Rosie and Harry’s male, 18-year-old offspring would look like, my email’s on the sidebar over there. I’ll just leave that option open.

Lady Gaga Finally Got A Tumblr

A photo of Lady Gaga

Almost an entire year ago, our beloved Molls made one of the truest statements I’ve ever read: “Lady Gaga should just get a Tumblr or something.” Seriously, have you seen this girl’s Twitter? She just cannot shut up. And now, thankfully, Lady Gaga has found her way home. She’s found Tumblr.

If we’re being completely honest, it’s kind of boring so far. You know, if I wanted to see stupid pictures of Lady Gaga’s stupid clothes, which I sometimes do, I could just Google it. And if I wanted to see her inflated sense of self importance, which I never ever do, then I’m pretty sure you could still Google that too. But what I’m hoping comes from this is that Lady Gaga finds a place to express all her truest, deepest feelings with her fans. I hope she finds a place where she can vent all her coke rage and reveal all her cracked out dreams. From the depths of my heart, I hope those things.

Are you guys going to be reblogging any of Gaga’s nonsense?

Emma Watson Does Seventeen, Works It

A photo of Emma Watson

Why yes, I AM still in love with Emma Watson, thank you for noticing!  That love’s been getting stronger and stronger because she’s been doing so many interviews lately, and this here interview with Seventeen is no exception.

On celebrity crushes: “I’ve never understood having crushes on people who you don’t know in real life. I only crush on people I meet. I mean, I can appreciate that someone is good-looking, obviously, but I don’t intend to fantasize about people I don’t know!”

On art: “If I hadn’t done Harry Potter, I would have gone and done years of art. I really do love it, and I’d love to write.”

On Draco Malfoy: “For the first two movies, I had a huge crush on Tom Felton. He was my first crush. He totally knows. We talked about it – we still laugh about it. We are really good friends now, and that’s cool.”

Ugh, Hermione and Draco, sick!  To wash that disgusting taste out of our mouths, let’s check out Emma’s precious photo shoot.

Kate Gosselin Is Dead Inside

A photo of Kate Gosselin

I know, Kate Gosselin has always been dead inside, but this is new evidence.  See, for this upcoming episode of Kate Plus 8, Kate and her brood make some baked goods for their local dialysis center, and she told her seven-year-old kids (I think they’re seven, anyway) that “if you spill sugar you will get down and pick up every granular and you know I mean that.”  That seems a little silly, right?  I don’t know, I don’t have kids and that’s not the point.  The point is this hilarious video of Kate interacting with her children and the camera dudes and how completely and utterly soulless she looks.

The video is autoplay, tragically, and apparently not embeddable, so just trust me and do yourself a favor and check it out.  We’ll meet back here in ten to discuss.

Emma Stone: Gorgeous and Hilarious for Vanity Fair

A photo of Emma Stone

Seriously, look at this girl.  I have been admiring and lusting after Emma Stone for a hot minute now, but damn.  Clearly, Emma just did Vanity Fair, and she did it hard.  She’s looking absolutely flawless on this cover, but to get the full effect, go ahead and check out her interview.  Here are some highlights:

On her habits and personality: “I micro-manage,” Emma Stone tells Vanity Fairwriter Alexandra Wolfe. “I think I’m a Type A personality who’s trying to convince herself she’s Type B,” the actress says, admitting that she still lays out her clothes and sets her coffee-maker for the morning the night before. Stone, who confesses she was nervous for her V.F. bikini cover shot, saying, “I usually wear a one-piece,” jokes that her only vices are sugar, wine, and black-tar heroin. “That’s pretty much it, the heroin, the sugar, and the wine—nothing too crazy.”

On paparazzi: “He stands up while I’m walking to my car and is like, ‘Hey, Emma! Listen, I’m going to delete these pics. Here’s my card,” Stone recalls of a recent encounter with a paparazzo. “‘If you ever go to the beach with your friends or walk out of your house in your pajamas, call me.’” Stone, confused, refused his card. “He’s like, ‘But I’m deleting these pictures, see?’ … These guys try to strike up a deal with you so you feel like they’re your friend. I didn’t even know that was a thing—that people would call them.”

On dieting: “That diet, have you seen it?” Stone asks of the popular trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson’s recommended diet. “It’s like: Eat this diet, which is a palm-size piece of chicken and some beans, and work out two hours a day for the rest of your life.” The actress, who rock-climbs at Chelsea Piers in New York City, even admits that weight training and Pilates with Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield “brings out anger in me.”

On dropping out of high school: “I did Superbad in what would’ve been my senior year,” she says. “I was playing a senior, and had I graduated I would’ve missed that opportunity, and had I missed that opportunity I wouldn’t be here right now.”

On auditioning for Heroes: “I could hear that, in the other room, a girl had just gone in and they were saying, ‘You are our pick … On a scale of 1 to 10 you’re an 11,’” Stone recalls, before Hayden Panettiere—who ended up with the role of Claire Bennet—walked out of the room. “I went home and just had this meltdown,” Stone says, calling the experience “rock bottom.”

I didn’t know that bit about how she dropped out of high school, that seems a little sad.  But honestly, if I were given the choice of a high school diploma and doing my dream job with Michael Cera, I couldn’t tell you which way I’d go.  But still, charming girl, right?  I hope there are bright things ahead for this girl, I really do.

Julie Benz Is Engaged!

A photo of Julie Benz

The always adorable Julie Benz just got engaged to her boyfriend of four years, Rich Orosco, this past Sunday.  She called the proposal “absolutely perfect,” and her surprise engagement party sounds even better:

“The proposal was simple and beautiful – and then I was shocked by the pop-up surprise Mexican fiesta engagement party,” she says, adding, “What girl doesn’t want to be serenaded by a Mariachi band surrounded by close friends and family?”

Now, you might be thinking to yourself “who even is Julie Benz and why should I care about her happiness?”  And the answer is that you should care because you should care about your fellow human beings, goddamnit, and also because she’s been in almost all of my favorite shows. She played the adorable Rita on Dexter, she was badass Darla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and she even had a guest spot on Supernatural. So it’s almost like, you know, how could you NOT care about her happiness?