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1Casper Smart Pulled A Justin Theroux

A photo of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

You remember how Justin Theroux was dating that one woman, Heidi Bivens, for 14 years when he started seeing Jennifer Aniston? They were living together, but poor Heidi found out that Justin had a new lady in his life the same time that we did. There was also a lot of talk that Justin was trying hard to achieve more fame, and he believed that a much more famous girlfriend was the way to do that. Do you remember that? Because that’s what Casper Smart did.

Or, ok, Casper did something similar. I’m pretty sure that Casper wasn’t in a relationship with his previous girlfriend for 14 years though, because I doubt his parents would have allowed him to go steady at the tender age of 11. But he did date a woman before he dated Jennifer Lopez, and that relationship did have a similar ending and similar motives.

From In Touch via Celebitchy:

“Casper is a snake,” Josh Ayers, 26, exclusively tells In Touch.

Josh, who has known 25 year-old Casper since they both worked as dancers at LA’s Boulevard3 in 2007, claims that J.Lo’s new man walked out on his then-girlfriend of two years, choreographer Aisha Francis, after she landed him a dream job dancing backup for Jennifer.

After Aisha let Casper move into her San Fernando Valley home, the pair went through a brief rough patch. But Aisha had no idea what was transpiring right under her nose until she turned on the TV one day last November and watched in shock as she learned that Caper had moved on with J.Lo. “Aisha was really good to Casper,” notes Josh. “But he used her to get what he wanted, then left her for J.Lo.”

Inset: Casper lived with Aisha, drove her car and mooched off her – before dumping her for Jennifer.

While Josh and Casper, who co-starred in 2010?s Step Up 3D, remained close until recently, Josh says their friendship soured when Casper began blogging about his new lifestyle. “Casper is a great self-promoter, but his talent is questionable,” says Josh. “He just got lucky.”

Now seven months into his relationship with J.Lo, Casper seems to be up to his old tricks…

“Before he met J.Lo, Casper always said he was never having kids. It’s fishy that now all of a sudden he does. If I was J.Lo’s friend, I would be concerned.”

Ok, this source, this Josh Ayers fellow, is the same guy who started the rumor that Casper is gay. I guess both of these stories could be true – Casper is gay and has secret boyfriends on the side, but maintains relationships with successful women to further his own career – but it does seem a little fishy. I’m sure there’s a chance that Casper’s former friend is pissed and airing out all his secrets, but I think it’s always good to be a little wary in situations like this.

Then again, we all know that Casper probably isn’t the most genuine fish in the sea. I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see who he starts dating after Jennifer. My money’s on Steven Tyler.

June 24, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Emily
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5Quotables: Kris Jenner Discusses Kim’s Marriage

A photo of Kris Jenner

“What’s a measly little 72 days?”

Well, I think that pretty much proves that Kris Jenner is everything that’s wrong with the Kardashian family. “What’s a measly little 72 days,” really? That doesn’t even make sense. Is she trying to say that the marriage was no big deal because it only lasted the 72 days? Because I believe it’s a big deal because it only lasted 72 days.

I mean, obviously this woman is out of her mind, so it probably won’t do much good to try to really analyze what she says. It’s probably much better to just sit back and shake our heads, huh?

On a different note, am I the only one who thinks her dress here is absolutely adorable?

June 24, 2012 at 10:00 am by Emily
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2Rihanna Wears Chris Brown’s Jewelry, Is “Obsessed” with Him

A photo of Rihanna

Do you see that awful, gaudy necklace that Rihanna is wearing? It was a gift from Chris Brown. She posted it on Instagram, along with the caption “where have u been?” Get it, like her song but also towards Chris? Because they’re still seeing each other? But here’s the kicker: Chris Brown “liked” the photo on Instagram. Oh my god, can you imagine? The scandal!

And here’s more scandalous news, if you consider the same shit we’ve been hearing about for two years now scandalous:

Rihanna may be one of the hottest stars on the planet but the ‘Rude Boy’ star just can’t forget about ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and is said to be “obsessed” with her former beau.

The couple split after the rapper assaulted Rihanna in 2009 but despite almost three years is seems the 24 year-old beauty can’t move on.

“Rihanna has always been obsessed with Chris,” an insider told Grazia magazine.

“She’s yet to have a proper relationship with anyone since they broke up. She just can’t let go of the idea that they’re meant to be together. It’s like he has some sort of hold over her.”

Although the ‘Run It’ star is currently dating model Karrueche Tran he is said to be “mesmerised” by his former love and can’t seem to stay away from her. The couple have been seen partying at the same clubs in New York and even collaborated on two tracks together earlier this year, but the ‘Run It’ star doesn’t know what to do about his torn feelings.

“Chris is in two minds over what to do,” the source added.

“He does have feelings for Karrueche but it’s almost like there is some sort of massive pull between him and Rihanna. They have a toxic bond that neither of them seems to be about to let go. He’s absolutely mesmerised every time he sees her.”

Rihanna has been reportedly warned by her record label to stay away from Brown for fear of what it could do to her career and that she is even considering delaying her next album in case of a backlash if Chris does decide to get back with her.

So, let’s see, blah blah, reconciliation, blah blah blah, ridiculous, blah blah, poor Karreuche, blah. Does that about cover it?

June 24, 2012 at 7:00 am by Emily
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2Katy Perry Will Never Learn

A photo of Katy Perry

From Star via Celebitchy:

Is Katy Perry about to make the same mistake twice? Sources tell Star the fast-moving pop star, 27, is already house hunting in London with her new beau, guitarist Robert Ackroyd, just three months after meeting him. “Rob has been staying with Katy in L.A., but now he needs to be in England because he’s playing in all the summer festivals. He begged her to go with him,” says the source. “At first Katy wasn’t sure because he’s got such a ladies’ man reputation [sound familiar?] and only recently split from his ex.” But he insisted he’d put his bad-boy ways behind him to be with her.

Rob, 29, even went so far as to take out his iPhone and delete the numbers of every single ex-girlfriend in front of Katy. “He told her he just really wanted to be with her all the time and that it would be all fun and no drama,” says the source. “She was so taken with the gesture that she agreed to do it.”

There’s just one bump in the road to their happiness — her ex, Russell Brand. “Russell lives in the U.K., and both Katy and he have agreed that they can’t live in the same town anymore,” says the insider.

The amazing thing is, Russell, 37, who Katy says was “unbearably petty” during their 14-month marriage, has actually agreed to give up his home turf in the U.K. and move to L.A. for the summer. Katy is surprised and delighted that he’s being so accommodating.

“She has definitely moved on from Russell,” the sources says. “She’s telling friends she’s madly in love with Rob and has never felt this way about anyone before,” the sources says. “Katy really feels inspired by England, and she just can’t wait to put this horrible year behind her and go forward with this amazing guy by her side.”

I don’t even know where to begin with this. History repeats itself, I guess, and in this case, the history is that a couple of years ago, Katy met a different man who had a similar reputation for being promiscuous. They dated for three months, then they got engaged. The wedding was several months later, and the divorce was filed several months after that. So obviously, in the meantime while she’s waiting for the divorce to finalize, a great idea would be to do the exact same thing all over again.

And if I was concerned about moving in with my boyfriend because I was worried he was a player, then he probably just wouldn’t be my boyfriend anymore. Deleting ex-girlfriends’ numbers from your phone doesn’t exactly sound like an amazing promise of commitment to me. And call me cautious, but if a guy tried to convince me to move in with him because it would be “all fun and no drama,” then again, that would be a no for me.

But hey, I guess if you’re Katy Perry, then getting a house with someone isn’t such a huge deal. It wouldn’t be exactly the same as, say, a lovable gossip blogger buying a house* with her fiancé. There’s a lot more money involved, and a whole lot more travel. I guess for Katy Perry, buying a house in England isn’t really a big deal at all. At least I hope it isn’t, because I really don’t want to write all the engagement, wedding, and divorce stories all over again.

* IT’S ME, YOU GUYS. I’m buying a house! Expect questions about buying carpet and putting down kitchen tiles and gardening within the next few weeks.

June 23, 2012 at 2:00 pm by Emily
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1New BFF Alert: Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, For Real This Time

A photo of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian

Nearly a month ago, I told you guys about how Kim Kardashian went to a Beyonce concert, and about how she went backstage afterwards where they were seen “greeting each other with an embrace and dancing together.” I suggested that they were going to become total besties, but nooo. You guys were all “it’s not true, Beyonce would never!” and “show me the pictures then!”


A photo of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce

There’s Kim and Bey in Birmingham last night, watching their men, Kanye and Jay-Z, put on a show. But hey, you can’t really see their faces all that clearly, right?


A photo of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce

I’ll throw a couple more pictures in the gallery, but here’s a video! It’s really terrible quality, and I’d suggest turning your speakers way down, but you can see Kim and Beyonce in the mosh pit in the very beginning with a bodyguard ordering someone to turn their camera off:

It’s not much, but it’ll hold us over until Beyonce makes her debut on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

June 23, 2012 at 1:00 pm by Emily
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2Liz and Dick Is Going to Be An Amazing Film

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

From The National Enquirer via Celebitchy:

Lindsay Lohan has been a nightmare on the set of ‘Liz & Dick’ and everyone is working round-the-clock to finish the film before she self-destructs, sources say. Lohan is often late, can’t concentrate and flubs her lines, insiders say.

“Most days she shows up two hours late and she rarely knows her lines. A production assistant has to feed them to her,” said a set insider. “She’s completely unfocused and she keeps running over to the director, but he doesn’t have a clue how to handle her. The footage so far has been just awful.”

Meanwhile, the film’s producer Larry A. Thompson is trying to keep his concerns in check, said the insider.

“He had a hell of a time obtaining insurance for the shoot and is on tenterhooks every day that something is going to happen to Lindsay,” explained the insider. “If that’s the case, they’ll have to shut down the production!”

The producer said he was forced to buy pricey insurance for Lindsay since she’s done five different stints in drug rehab. Filmmakers cringed when Lindsay slammed her Porsche into a truck on June 8, and the accident is being investigated and it could lead to her probation being revoked.

Said the insider: “If the judge rules that she violated her parole and sends her to jail, Lifetime is looking at a $5 to $6 million washout.”

Stop. Ol’ Flop Lip is being unprofessional? I don’t believe it for a minute! Except I definitely believe it, because I’ve been in high school plays that were more professional than this. I don’t care who you are, if you can’t even learn your lines, then you shouldn’t get acting jobs, and if you have to go through this much trouble to have an actress in your film, she better know all of her lines verbatim and be able to deliver them beautifully. Of course, we all know that’s not the way that Hollywood works, but wouldn’t it be great if it was?

June 23, 2012 at 11:00 am by Emily
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