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brandi glanville

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0Hugh Grant Has Fathered Another Baby

hugh grant

I’m sure we can all remember 2011, when Hugh Grant fathered a baby with Tinglan Hong, a side piece he had no intention of having a relationship with – but did enough to have a second child with her in December 2012. That was all fine and well – I’m sure she’s cashing the child support checks monthly and there’s no harm done there (or whatever). Well, now it seems Hugh’s super sperm has made another child, this time with Swedish TV producer Anna Elisabet Eberstein.

Elisabet’s child was born in September 2012, and while the baby’s birth certificate remained blank on the father field, it was filled in this past December with Hugh Grant’s full name, which is actually Hugh John Mungo Grant. So… he had two babies within a few months of each other to two different women. Way not to know about condoms, Hugh! (Or way not to know about birth control, women!)

From The Daily Mail:

The source told the paper: ‘Anna is being supported by Hugh all the way. She lives in a very comfortable property in West London and knows that Hugh is there for her.

‘Anna’s parents in Sweden know all about the relationship and she has their blessing.’

LOL, I bet she has her parents’ blessing when she’s likely receiving like, $50,000 a month in child support. But uh, right on!

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January 29, 2014 at 1:30 pm by Jennifer
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11The 18-Year-Old Racist Kid Kanye West Assaulted Got Paid $250,000

kanye west

If you remember, Kanye West kicked off 2014 in style by punching an 18-year-old kid that called Kim Kardashian a “n****r lover” at a California clinic earlier this month. Of course charges were pressed and while the racist dickhead of a kid probably deserved a nice smack in the face, it wasn’t Kanye’s place to be delivering blows and it’s cost him bigtime – more than $250,000, in fact!

From TMZ:

Sources familiar with the negotiations tell us … the young man who allegedly hurled racial epithets at Kim earlier this month has agreed to the civil settlement and now feels satisfied enough that he does NOT want to go forward with a criminal prosecution.

Law enforcement sources tell us … the D.A. has not decided whether to charge Kanye with battery. The reality is … there’s almost no chance of that happening.  First, the D.A. now has an uncooperative victim.  Second, the victim’s alleged racial epithets will not sit well with the jury.  And there are probably lots of Kanye fans in the jury pool.

We’re told during the settlement negotiations the victim’s demand soared to the upper 6 figures, so $250K is just a fraction.

It just goes to show: be an absolute asshole so that you infuriate someone to the point where they assault you, then cash in bigtime. Well done, asshole. Kanye needs to learn to keep his hands to himself, however, or he’s going to be working just to pay these people off.

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1Prince Is No Longer Suing Bloggers For $22 Million


If there’s one group of people on Prince‘s shit list, it’s bloggers – 22 of them to be exact. Earlier this month, he filed a $22 million lawsuit against them for apparently illegally publishing his music online. We’re not talking early leaks or anything, but rather it was bootlegs from live concerts that got his panties in a twist.

Somehow, over the past couple of weeks, Prince has changed his tune and has dropped his lawsuit – though he can refile at any time.

From TMZ:

Prince has only filed the original lawsuit less than 2 weeks ago … going after 22  anonymous bloggers (for $1 mil-a-piece) who posted concert footage on Facebook and other websites without Prince’s permission.

But after news of the lawsuit went public … it only took a few days before Prince decided to end his crusade on the bootleggers.

TMZ has obtained legal documents filed in federal court in California to dismiss his lawsuit … but it’s without prejudice, which means he could refile the suit if he feels like it.

Listen, unless the quality of the footage was something you’d find on an officially released DVD, Prince needs to take a fucking seat. Bootlegging is a pastime of stans dating back decades, bro, and no one else is filing lawsuits about it. You should be grateful that people like your shows enough to want to have a memory of them/be able to listen to them again any time they want. Where’s the harm?

At least he seems to have realised there is no harm, for now…

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January 29, 2014 at 8:30 am by Jennifer
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9Macklemore Knows He Won the Grammy Because He’s White

macklemore kendrick lamar

Macklemore is kinda a dickhead. Sure, everyone thinks he’s super great because he sang a song about gay rights and got all the credit even though a) tons of other gay/lesbian artist from all genres have been singing the same messages for years and b) the crux of the song is actually Mary Lambert’s, who’s a real live lesbian but is relegated to the background throughout all this Macklemore hoopla.

The thing is, he knows this and he banks on it. In fact, he pretty much predicted that he would win Album of the Year at the Grammys over Kendrick Lamar (who actually deserved it) because he’s White and the world loves white people.

From Hot 97:

“Knowing how the Grammys usually go, I knew that there would be a great chance that we’d win that award and, in essence, rob Kendrick. That’s what happened. It kind of sucks. I think we made a great album. I think that Kendrick made a better rap album.”

“In terms of the people voting on those ballots, filling out those bubbles, we have an unfair advantage due to race, due to the fact we had huge radio success, due to the fact that our name was circulating more in a pocket in the industry of people filling out that ballot.”

*Groan* Oh, brother. Also, he doesn’t ACTUALLY care about how he “robbed” Kendrick; he’s more worried about patting himself on the back for publicly acknowledging that Kendrick deserved the Grammy (even though he couldn’t do it on stage during his acceptance speech, WHEN IT MATTERED) than he is about being sincere. No one who means that shit feels the need to post a text on Instagram that he sent Kendrick saying he recognises him as the true winner. GIVE ME A BREAK!


Go away!

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January 29, 2014 at 6:50 am by Jennifer