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Liv Tyler welcomes second child

liv tyler

We only found out in September that Liv Tyler was pregnant with her second child, and now that child is here!

Liv’s rep confirmed the news to US Weekly, who reports that the baby is a boy and he arrived 6 weeks early. However, both mom and baby are said to be doing well.

There’s not much else to report on this right now, but congrats to Liv and partner Dave Gardner. Liv also has an 11-year-old son named Milo.

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Emile Hirsch charged with assault after choking a Paramount studio exec

emile hirsch

Whoa, who knew Emile Hirsch was such a raging asshole? I mean, who knew much of anything about Emile Hirsch, I know, but this violent streak sorta came out of nowhere. The Into the Wild actor was charged with third degree felony assault after an incident at the Sundance Film Festival last month in Utah in which he got way too drunk, started harassing a female Paramount film exec and eventually attacked her rather severely. He faces up to 5 years in prison.

Here’s the scoop from TMZ:

Law enforcement tells us … around 3:52 AM on January 25th, cops responded to an assault call at Tao nightclub in Park City.

According to police, “Hirsch appeared intoxicated and asked [movie exec Daniele Bernfeld] why she looked ‘so tough’ and said she was a ‘rich kid’ who should not be at Sundance.”

Bernfeld told police … she moved away from Hirsch to go sit with a friend at a table — and moments later, Hirsch came up from behind her and “put her in a chokehold.”

Then, Bernfeld claims Hirsch “pulled her across the table and onto the floor” and landed on top of her.

While on top, he allegedly wrapped his hands around her neck and began to choke her. She said she felt as though “the front and back of her throat were touching and she remembers things going dark.”

Bernfeld says 2 bystanders eventually pulled Hirsch off of her.

When cops arrived, they spoke with Hirsch who claimed he was in a “verbal confrontation” with Bernfeld and admitted to having 3 or 4 drinks that night. Cops say he appeared wasted — glossy eyes, slurred speech, poor balance, etc.

When cops spoke with Bernfeld, they noticed redness on her neck and upper chest — which appeared to corroborate her story.

Apparently Hirsch’s lawyer has since issued a statement on the allegations, but his defense is what you’d expect from such a violent dickhead:

Hirsch’s spokesperson, Robert Offer, tells TMZ, “Emile consumed an enormous amount of alcohol on the evening in question and he has no memory of what happened.”  Law enforcement confirms Emile and the witnesses were highly intoxicated and Emile has been cooperative.

Offer adds, “Emile takes these allegations very seriously, and is devastated that any of this has occurred. A few days after the incident, Emile sought help and checked himself into an alcohol rehabilitation facility, where he remains today, to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.”

Send him down, please and thanks. Being a drunk doesn’t give you the right to harass other people and then attack them for not rising to your bullshit. Get out of here.

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Taylor Swift releases ‘Style’ video and it’s great!

taylor swift style

I have no shame in saying that I absolutely love Taylor Swift‘s latest album, 1989, and think it’s brilliant. I’ve always loved ‘Style’ – it was one of my favs of the album. And it seems Taylor’s team agreed, because it’s the latest single!

The video for ‘Style’ wasn’t supposed to come out until tomorrow, but MuchMusic released it early and I ganked their embed code so you can see it, too. Enjoy!

P.S. I absolutely love that pretty much this entire album is about Harry Styles. Cracks me up.

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Kanye West makes his debut at New York Fashion Week

kanye west yeezy adidas bow

Kanye West considers himself a jack – er, a genius – of all trades, so it’s only natural that he would be part of New York Fashion Week, right? Yesterday, Yeezy put on his first runway show for his Yeezy x ADIDAS collaboration, which I think is all about footwear but I couldn’t really tell because I was so distracted by the whole Hunger Games chic situation he had going on.

I mean, look at this bullshit. I’m all about high fashion and I get that art is art, but seriously? Someone call Jennifer Lawrence and tell her to bring her Katniss outfit – she’ll fit right in. Oh, and Kylie Jenner got to be a model, too.

kanye west adidas yeezy

kanye west yeezy adidas

kim kardashian yeezy

kylie jenner yeezy adidas

A video posted by XXL Magazine (@xxl) on

Oh, and he dragged Kim Kardashian and his 18-month-old daughter North with them, and Nori wasn’t too pleased.

nori yeezy

nori yeezy 2

Who brings an 18-month-old to a fashion show and sits them in the front row? Who does it? These idiots. Notice Bey and Jay left Blue Ivy with a sitter. Have some dignity – that child wants no part of this fuckery. Even Anna Wintour was moving away.

No thanks to this whole thing.

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Uma Thurman’s makeup artist speaks!

uma thurman

After Uma Thurman hit the red carpet the other night, everyone was bugging out over whatever the hell she did or didn’t do to her face. Turns out, it was just a makeup trick, according to her longtime makeup artist Troy Surratt, who felt the need to talk to the press and set the record straight.

From Refinery29:

“We did a much stronger brow and a bold lip for a French sort of feel,” Surratt tells us. “I applied a creamy foundation for all-over glow, and then contoured the hairline and her cheekbones, adding warmth. I applied the lip — my color in Mégalomane mixed with Peccadille — and then we just kept the eyes really, really light.”

The eyes were, of course, the primary source of speculation. Surratt wanted to do something unexpected with them, insisting that nothing lifts the eyes like the perfect brows. “The way I shaded her eyebrows with the pencil, I created an uplifting effect,” he says. “Then, I finished with a shimmering, silky-beige shadow on her lids, and went with no mascara at all…sort of a reaction against all the fake lashes we’ve been seeing on the red carpet.”

Yeah, I have to say, I’m not really a fan of the no mascara look (on anyone, not Uma in particular), but to each her own.

There you have it, anyway. Record set straight. Deal with it.

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Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama promote Demi’s new skincare line

demi lovato

I’m not necessarily sure that Demi Lovato is the first person I think of when I think of skincare products, but she does have nice skin and she has lots of teenage fans who don’t really need to worry about hardcore serums and creams and whatnot, so I think her new skincare line, Devonne, will do well for her.

To be honest, I didn’t even know Demi was planning to release a skincare range until I came across the video promo for the line, which is pretty adorable and features her testing the products on a miserable-looking (on purpose! [?]) Wilmer Valderrama.

Apparently Devonne was created by Demi along with chemists she’s known for years and the line only includes 3 products at the moment – a Deep Facial Cleanser, a Hydrating Radiance Mist and a 3-in-1 Moisturizing Primer. The best part of the brand (I looked at the website!) is that apparently a portion of the proceeds go to the Lovato Treatment Scholarship for those struggling with mental illness. That’s a pretty good cause, you have to admit.

I’m not going to use any of this stuff because I’m not 16, but here’s the Devonne website if you know any pre-teens/teens that you want to get into skincare and give a cute little gift to for a birthday or whatever.

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Helena Bonham Carter poses naked with a giant tuna for a good cause

helena bonham carter

Helena Bonham Carter apparently has a major phobia of fish, but that didn’t stop her posing naked with a giant tuna for a good cause. The photo shoot is in support of the Blue Marine Foundation, which aims to create marine preserves to protect endangered species of marine life around the world.

Here’s what Helena had to say about the effort:

‘There is a new movement, spearheaded by the Blue Marine Foundation and others, encouraging the Government to invest in creating marine reserves — fish refuges really — where they are safe from the ravages of industrial-scale fishing and where they can regenerate,’ Helena says.

‘We all have a responsibility to try and return our world to the next generation in the state we inherited it in, not worse.

‘It would be a sad thing if in our dotage we’d be describing a tuna fish to our grandchildren like we do a dodo today.’

Well, that sounds like a pretty good campaign to me – not that I understand how posing nude with a giant tuna between your legs is going to further that cause… but what do I know? Pictures behind the cut – they’re a bit NSFW, obviously, so here ya go…

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