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Elton John falls off a chair, world laughs

elton john

Is there anything better than a video of a celebrity falling down? I mean, granted the person isn’t hurt and isn’t, like, 90, then I’m all for it. It’s too good! This one of Elton John taking a tumble off his chair at a charity tennis match at Royal Albert Hall in London this weekend is probably the best I’ve seen in a long time.

However, while Sir Elton busting his ass is enough of a gift on its own, but perhaps the best part of this video is the reporter, who literally can’t stop herself from making various “Ooh!” and “Aah!” sounds and laughing rather than, you know, helping. I’m sure he has people for that, clearly, but I just think that brings this clip up an extra notch or 10.

Anyhow, happy Monday!

Ha! So, so good!

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Leonardo DiCaprio may have had sex with 20 women in one night at Art Basel

I’m not quite sure what an “Art Basel” is, only that it’s an event being held in Miami at the moment which is apparently all about art (??) and has welcomed quite a few celebrities. (Also yes, I’m kidding. I know it’s an art festival.) One of those celebrities is known lady killer Leonardo DiCaprio, who may or may not have had sex with 20 women in a single night as part of the festivities.

From the New York Daily News:

After Confidenti@l spotted the “Wolf of Wall Street” star partying with a large group, including Brandon Davis and Joe Jonas, at the popup version of 1 Oak at Rec Room in South Beach, Leo left the club with every single girl partying in his VIP section, a spy tells us.

“He left with 20 girls. Leo and 20 girls. He is my hero,” our awestruck snitch says. “He was overflowing with models everywhere. The Jonas brother looked scared, like he was going to drown and suffocate in the women. His face was hilarious.”

LOL. Well, I guess his sorta-girlfriend Toni Garnn wasn’t there (or maybe she was one of the 20 and they’re just into some freaky shit). Either way, seems like someone had a good time. Also LOL at Joe Jonas. Of course he looked scared – it’d probably be the first time he was near a vagina. Zoinks!

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The Daily Links

freddie prinze jr

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It seems Terminator is back and there’s a brand new trailer [PopBytes]

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Sad news: Coldplay is going to be retiring after their next album [Lainey Gossip]

Straight Taylor Lautner goes to West Hollywood gay club

taylor lautner

Look, I’m not here to out anyone, and I don’t agree with those in the media who do it. Sure, I wish people felt comfortable enough with themselves that they could be honest about their sexuality, but how someone chooses to live his/her life and when they’re ready to share that with the world – if ever – is none of my business. That being said, we can all pretty much agree that Taylor Lautner is probably gay, right?

This weekend, he visited the Abbey, a noted gay club in West Hollywood, where he met up with model Murray Swanby, who has a pretty major crush on him. He posted the above photo with the following caption:

Ugh @official_taylorlautner #taylorlautner.. I’ve never been more #attracted to someone in my life.. #husbands??! Hahaha half kidding #hotstraightguy #twilight #hotguys #fuck #TouchhimThursdays

Huh. Now, I’m not saying that straight people can’t go to gay clubs, or hang out with gay people – duh, clearly not – but rumours have been flying for years and frankly, I think these two would make a great couple! They totally look like they belong together, don’t they? COME ON!

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Amanda Bynes posted a new selfie on Twitter

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes has been keeping it pretty low key lately (or at least the past few weeks), it seems – at least as far as the media attention goes – and hopefully that’s a sign that she’s doing better. Unfortunately, with mental illness, it’s a life-long struggle that you don’t just wake up one day completely recovered from – it doesn’t work like that. However, now she’s posted a new selfie in which she is looking lucid (and fashionable?) and hopefully it’s a sign that she’s on her meds and doing well.

Here’s the big part of this story, though, for me. US Weekly posted this photo with the caption, “Get it, girl! Amanda Bynes appears healthy, slim in new photo!” Uh… yes, she does appear slim, as she has battled with a severe eating disorder for many years. Who in the hell thinks that’s in good taste? This kind of publicity is exactly what reenforces this disordered behaviour. Like, what?

Anyway, I hope Amanda IS feeling healthier and on the path to a bit more normalcy, to say the least.

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Kourtney Kardashian is having a boy!

kourtney kardashian

I’m sure you’ve all been holding your breath for the last several months, ever since Kourtney Kardashian announced her third pregnancy, wondering what she would have. Will Mason and Penelope welcome a little brother or a sister? The excitement is all too much to handle!!!

I mean, it’s not, but whatever. Spoiler alert: She’s having another boy! She revealed the news during Sunday night’s episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons, because life doesn’t really happen for this family if it’s not documented on a camera and aired on E!.

“I’m so happy we’re having a boy. It’s going to be perfect for our family.”

Well… cool? But I’m sure it would have been perfect for your family if it was a girl, too. Either way, congrats and all that. Another Kardashian in the world can never be a bad thing. LOL.

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Chris Brown on ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran: “F**k that bitch!”

chris brown karrueche tran

Once again, Chris Brown has proven that he truly knows how to treat women. Take his girlfriend – well, once again ex-girlfriend – Karrueche Tran. Only a month ago, she was rumoured to be pregnant with his child, an idea which clearly he was into, but now they’re finished and Chris has one thing to say about the relationship: “Fuck that bitch!”

From TMZ:

It all went down at Power 106′s annual Cali Christmas … when halfway through Brown’s set the singer asked the crowd if there were any single women in the house.

After a brief pause, you hear Chris say, “I’m single too!” … he then throws a heaping pile of shade at his now ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, saying, “F*** that b****!”

Well, what a lovely sentiment. He also posted a photo of himself with Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner sitting on his lap and hanging all over him. Of course they’re into him.

Anyhoo, you have to wonder – what went wrong?! How could this blessed union between Chris and Karrueche have gone awry? Well, here’s what Chris said on Instagram, though he later deleted the post:

chris brown instagram

Huh. Well, okay. So it took him nearly 6 months after getting out of prison to get mad about the fact that she didn’t visit him more than once while he was in there? I mean, obviously this is all a hot ass mess, but whatever. What’s Karrueche got to say about it all?

karrueche tran instagram

Oh, whatever with all of this. I’m sure they’ll be back together in a few weeks, anyway.

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