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Halle Berry Taking Gabriel Aubry To Child Support Court

halle berry gabriel aubry

Halle Berry has been pissed off with her former partner Gabriel Aubry being a deadbeat that lives off child support she pays for their daughter Nahla for a long time. Now, she’s so fed up with it that she’s taking him to court to lower the amount she has to pay, since it’s an exorbitant amount of money that he’s using to avoid getting a job, like the wonderful, upstanding man he is.

From TMZ:

Berry’s child support trial begins this morning. TMZ broke the story … Halle wants the judge to reduce the child support she’s paying Gabriel from $16,000 a month to somewhere closer to the neighborhood of $3,000 a month.

Berry has groused Gabriel needs to get a job and pay his own freight. She says she’s happy to pay him to properly care for 7-year-old Nahla when he has physical custody, but she says he’s using the money to avoid work.

Aubry has been a successful model, but says he lost a lot of work after Halle’s then-fiance/now hubby, Olivier Martinez, beat his face in.

Oh God, is that seriously his excuse? That he can no longer model which means he can’t earn his own money? GET A REAL JOB, ASSHOLE. Let’s hope the judge sides with Halle on this one, because this is absolutely ridiculous. Nahla isn’t even living with him full time, and even if she WAS, no one needs $16,000 a month for a 7-year-old.

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Cara Delevingne’s Bisexuality Is Not A Phase

cara delevingne

To be honest, I kinda hoped that Cara Delevingne would stop being a thing by now, but here we are giving her movie roles and still putting her on magazine covers, so it doesn’t look like we’re going to be free anytime soon. One of the most annoying things about Cara is her continued insistence on addressing her sexuality but being weird about it, saying she’s bisexual but she still thinks dudes are ToTeS hOt!!!~*~* so don’t thinks she’s SUPER gay or anything! But also, her bisexuality isn’t just a phase, guys!

From The New York Times:

A recent Vogue cover article led to an online petition protesting the suggestion that her bisexuality might be a phase. Ms. Delevingne, who said she found the protest flattering, though she saw “nothing malicious” in the article itself, said: “My sexuality is not a phase. I am who I am.”

Ugh, whatever. If she is who she is, why does she have to CONTINUALLY TALK ABOUT IT? I know she’s famous and likely gets asked about it from time to time, but celebrities also get to say what questions can and can’t be asked, so if she wanted to just get on with her life, she’d shut up about it and live it.

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’19 Kids and Counting’ Canceled By TLC

19 kids and counting

Well, it’s official. While TLC had put the Duggar cult’s bafflingly popular show, 19 Kids and Counting, on immediate hiatus once the molestation allegations against Josh Duggar came to light. Well, now it’s official: the network has officially canceled the series and it’s never coming back. Yeehaw!

From CNN:

“Together, we believe we can help families that have been affected by this terrible crime and make sure that parents and others have the knowledge and tools they need to help keep kids safe,” RAINN said in a statement on Thursday.

Marjorie Kaplan, the Discovery executive who oversees TLC, told the Associated Press that “we have a real obligation and an opportunity” to educate people about the prevalence of child sexual abuse.

“The goal is to take what has been a difficult and painful experience, and focus that attention on the really critical issue of child protection and child sexual abuse,” Kaplan said.

No loss there. The fewer messed up religious cults on our TV screens, the better. Bye bye, Duggar family! Hope to see you never!

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Chris Brown’s Mom Says His Friend Is Responsible For Home Invasion

chris brown mom

We all know Chris Brown has a history of pretending he’s a thug and trying to join gangs despite being rich and in zero way “street”, but it seems all his posturing has wrought him one thing: having his mom’s house broken into. Thankfully, his mom, Joyce Hawkins, wasn’t hurt and it’s unclear what all was stolen, but Joyce is certain that it’s one of Chris’s shitty “friends” that’s behind the crime.

Chris Brown knows exactly who’s behind the home invasion robbery because it was one of his homies – at least according to Chris’ mother.

Sources close to Chris tell us his mom, Joyce Hawkins, has been warning him for years about people she calls “no good-ass friends” — grown men who make their living as professional hangers-on to Chris.

We’re told the “friends” issue is part of the reason Chris and his mother have been beefing for years. Hours after the home invasion … Joyce tweeted, “Watch who you standing beside.”

Our sources say Joyce thinks Chris’ buddies keep putting him in bad situations — kind of a stereotypical Mom thing to say … but maybe appropriate in this situation.

Lovely. You know, you would think that someone’s first instinct would be to protect and care for the person who birthed him and gave him the life he now throws away on a daily basis, but I’m not quite sure why I”m surprised…

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Kris Jenner Is “Furious” At Scott Disick

kris jenner scott disick kourtney kardashian

Unsurprisingly, Scott Disick‘s latest antics – which, thank god, finally led to Kourtney Kardashian kicking his ass to the curb – haven’t gone over very well with Kris Jenner. You see, Kris’ bank account stays padded based on the carefully curated lives of her family, and Scott was allowed to be a part of that for a while. Now that he’s messing things up, Kris’ hackles have been raised and she’s been so “furious” about it, she’ll likely schedule a few extra Botox appointments this week to work that furrow out of her brow.

“Kris is furious at Scott,” says a friend of Disick. “He’s just not seeing things clearly.”

It’s no secret that Jenner, 59, and Disick, 32, have had a bumpy relationship since he began dating Kardashian, 36. (Even in the 2007 premiere episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner was visibly displeased with Disick as a match for her eldest daughter.)

Jenner stood by as Disick struggled with alcohol abuse, rehab stays and several hospitalizations, but it appears this time, she’s had enough.

“First and foremost, Kris just wants to protect her family,” says an insider. “Seeing her kids happy is the most important thing.”

Oh, Kris. Please teach us your talents. How do you manage to turn every single situation that has literally zero to do with you into one in which you’re somehow relevant? It’s mind-boggling. The thirst levels of Kris Jenner are just… unprecedented.

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Diane Keaton Thought Lena Dunham Was A Lesbian

diane keaton lena dunham

Admittedly, this isn’t “news” so much as it is just pure hilariousness. Basically, Diane Keaton ran into Lena Dunham at one of Jennifer Aniston‘s parties (which, that alone…) and when she saw her, she assumed Lena was a lesbian. I mean, I guess I can see why Diane would assume that, though I’m vaguely offended, because we certainly don’t want her on the team.

At a Trainwreck panel Monday night, Lena recounted (per Vulture) how she’d attended the fête with Judd Apatow. At first, Diane wanted to know if Lena and the 47-year-old producer were on a date. Judd, who is happily married to actress Leslie Mann, clarified Lena was just a pal who happens to be “significantly younger than me.”

Diane wanted to know Lena’s deal, though! So, as Lena recalled it, she looked at her, “and she said, ‘Do you even like men? Are you interested in men?’”

“It was the best thing,” Lena gushed. “So Diane Keaton was just straight up like, ‘There is a lesbian and I am Diane Keaton so I don’t even need to beat around the proverbial bush. I can just let her know.’”

I love that Diane Keaton doesn’t give a shit and just straight up came out and asked Lena what was up. I swear, people get less and less tactful every year over 50, and I can’t wait, to be honest. No one gets a pass at being reckless with their words like older people, so I’m totally into it.

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Martha Stewart Interviews Justin Bieber & It’s So Boring

justin bieber interview

You would think Martha Stewart interviewing Justin Bieber would be even moderately interesting, but I’m sorry to inform you that you’d be wrong in that thinking. In the new issue of Interview, Martha managed to ask the most bland questions, while Justin’s answers to those questions were so snooze-worthy that I literally had to keep my eyes from fluttering closed as I tried to read them. Instead of tackling any hard-hitting questions, instead we got to hear about how Justin graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA (RECEIPTS???), how much “fun” he had at the Met Ball, and how he met his manager with the idiot name, Scooter Braun. YAWN.

On his Comedy Central roast:

STEWART: Did you feel uncomfortable at any point during the roast?

BIEBER: Oh, of course. But, overall, it was fun because I knew a lot of the people on the panel. It was all in good fun.

On his career:

STEWART: When did you know it was music that was going to be your thing?

BIEBER: Honestly, it was never something that I was going to do for a living. At 13 you’re not even thinking about that, you know? I was just playing for fun and uploading videos on YouTube because I wanted to show my family. That’s when Scooter found me.

On Scooter being a stalker:

STEWART: And how did Scooter contact you?

BIEBER: He kind of stalked me, basically. He got in touch with a lot of people in Stratford because he couldn’t get in touch with me. My mom’s last name is Mallette, and my last name is Bieber, so he contacted my great aunt, who I’d never met before. He contacted the school board. My mom was getting all these messages saying, “This guy named Scooter is trying to get in touch with you.” After a while, it got kind of creepy to my mom, so she finally gave him a call to tell him to stop calling. She ended up talking to him for about two hours. They kept in touch, and we eventually made a trip out to Atlanta to see what he’s about and to see what kind of connections he could get.

I mean, have you ever been MORE bored by Justin Bieber? No, right? And that’s saying something. I can’t say the whole thing is worth reading, but if you’re a bit of a masochist, have at it. Even stranger are the photos that went with this shoot, because they don’t match the tone of the interview AT ALL. Like, what? They also kinda make me want to vomit, but here ya go.

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