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Letters! We get letters! We get lots and lots of letters! We are excited to bring you some of our favorites here. Want to tell us how much you adore The Evil Beet and all it stands for? Email us!

If you are so tired of this why are you using it to get hits on your web site. I am sick of people using Anna to make money. The woman is dead, her life is over, she cannot defend herself. Let her rest in peace. I feel so awful for her and Dannilynn. People are making life extremely hard for Dannilynn because they are only thinking of the money. Well I think any childs life is worth more than any amount of money. You should be ashamed of yourself for the coment you made about Anna going down hill since 1998. I bet Annna woud look better, on her very worst day, than you on your best day.” (Mar 05, 2007)

“You guys are ass holes for even printing some s***
like that should go in the worlds largest lie box.” (Mar 03, 2007, Subject Line: “dumb dicks”)

Your not funny and evil doesnt flatter you.” (Mar 02, 2007)

“what a nasty little piece of work you are. Are you proud that you
spread dark energy with your acidic commentary?
Remember what goes around comes around. You attract to yourself that
which you project – no one, no matter
how cavalier and full of themselves they may be, can escape the
inevitability of the Law of Attraction. What you put out comes back to
you in kind.

Interesting name you have, I’ve always hated beets..” (Mar 04, 2007)

“You must be one pitiful individual … Your mother must be proud of you and is glad she dressed you funny when you were growing up and she finally kicked you out of her bed when you turned sixteen. At least her sheets were dry then.” (Mar 03, 2007)

YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



THROUGHT DOG SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “(Mar 03, 2007)

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  • I’d love to rub olive oil all over Martha Stewart, strip all the sheets off a waterbed and sip makersmark before &after seriously fucking her pink private parts!!?!!!

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