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Yogi Bear

It’s Never Too Early in the Day to Have Your Mind Blown

Good morning! What are you having for breakfast? Personally, I’m thinking yogurt.

In this totally ’80s commercial, Müller Rice rescues a house from from certain demolition. Müller’s dairy truck saves Knight Rider‘s K.I.T.T. from a parking ticket (is that really William Daniels’ voice?). And thanks to the power of Müller Yogurt, all the corporate zombies turn into “Mr. Men” characters. Seriously.

I’ve already said too much! I’ll just leave this here, then.

Watch This Yogi Bear Alternate Ending Before It’s Taken Down!

[Warning: This may be disturbing for children/adults with the brains of children.]

Animator Edmund Earle spent his free time while working on Yogi Bear creating another, more creepy Yogi Bear project: This fake “alternate ending” in which Booboo kills his old pal Yogi. The animation is flawless (it’s hard to believe that Earle made this just for the thrill of it) and it’s totally compelling to watch. Not to mention seriously disturbing.

Don’t you kind of wish the movie really did end this way?