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Whitney Port

Ooh, Whitney Port Had a Nipslip!

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Wait. Do you remember who Whitney Port is? Oh, no. Do I remember who Whitney Port is? Let’s see – here’s a few things that should jog our memories. She looks pretty good without makeup. She’s got questionable fashion sense. She used to be super thin (now she’s just thin). She did some stuff with some magazines. She had a spin-off of … oh dear God, that’s right: The Hills.

So what’s girlfriend done since those days? Well, she apparently cooks her own breakfast. She’s going to be on The Price is Right soon, if she hasn’t been already, she’s got a cameo in this year’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and she’s … wait, what the f-ck? She’s got eight-hundred and some-odd thousand Twitter followers? Can someone maybe explain that to me, or is there something that she’s done that could possibly be construed as important enough to warrant that kind of following in 2012? Does she offer free oral sex with each follow? Does she answer each and every direct message sent her way? Is there maybe some obscure international politician by the same name or something whose Twitter feed is sort of boring and who I might be confusing her with? No? Damn.

Unfortunately, that’s really all I’ve got about Whitney Port. She did that stuff up there, and she had a double nipslip in the picture after the jump. Which is obviously NSFW, unless you work for that creepy, seedy Joe Francis. Or, you know, if you happen to work for Evil Beet. Because we just thrive on candid nudie shots of celebrities, no matter what their star status happens to be, you know?

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Stars Without Makeup: Whitney Port Gets a Manicure

picture of whitney port no makeup getting a manicure photos

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about seeing celebrities without makeup, without Photoshop, without all of the glitz and the glam that goes along with walking the red carpet for whatever event or hitting up the walk outside of David Letterman’s studio. It means a bunch to know that many of these celebrities are normal-looking people that just happen to have the benefit of possessing some of the finest makeup artists and stylists in the world to make them look almost supernatural - and it’s wicked encouraging for the quite-average-looking person like myself.

So here’s Whitney Port getting a manicure. And guys? She looks like my next-door neighbor. … If, you know, my next-door neighbor wasn’t a sixty-six year-old man that walked with a limp and a leer and shook his fist every time I went outside.

Without makeup.