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Whitney Port

Ooh, Whitney Port Had a Nipslip!

Wait. Do you remember who Whitney Port is? Oh, no. Do I remember who Whitney Port is? Let’s see – here’s a few things that should jog our memories. She looks pretty good without makeup. She’s got questionable fashion sense. She used to be super thin (now she’s just thin). She did some stuff with some magazines. She...

Stars Without Makeup: Whitney Port Gets a Manicure

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about seeing celebrities without makeup, without Photoshop, without all of the glitz and the glam that goes along with walking the red carpet for whatever event or hitting up the walk outside of David Letterman’s studio. It means a bunch to know that many of these celebrities are...

Super Thin!

Is the pressure of having her own show starting to get to her? Whitney Port’s always been a slender girl, but she looks super skinny in these new shots of her shopping in NYC. Oh, Whitney. We loved you because you seemed normal and sane. Please don’t do this. Please.

It’s Official: Whitney Port Gets a Spin-Off!

Congratulations to Whitney Port, the only marginally sane cast member of The Hills, whose spinoff has just been picked up by MTV. “They will start shooting immediately,” says a show source, who confirms the pickup just happened within the last two weeks—though the network has yet to respond to a call for comment. The series, set...