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Vin Diesel singing Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ is everything

vin diesel stay with me

If there’s one thing we know about Vin Diesel, it’s that he loves a bit of karaoke. He’s actually not a bad singer – albeit a hilarious one, since you’d never expect to see him singing half the shit he does. His latest foray into the music world is a cover of Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ that will seriously kick your Friday off right.

During an interview with UK radio station Capital FM, Vin was handed a laptop and given a backing track, and off he went. What a good sport… and perhaps someone who should avoid falsettos! HA.

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Vin Diesel Is A Pretty Big Rihanna Fan, Apparently

Valentine’s Day is a pretty romantic holiday, and no man knows romance like Vin Diesel (or something). So how does he celebrate? He covers Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ and puts it on YouTube, apparently. The clip went viral last week, leading people to wonder… well, simply, why? Here’s why: It was a gift for his girlfriend Paloma Jimenez in lieu of a traditional Valentine’s Day card. That and he really likes Rihanna.

From People:

With the help of his daughter, Diesel obtained a mic and an amp while Jimenez was on a flight and “the rest is history,” he tells PEOPLE.

And the response his romantic video has been getting has been even better.

“People say ‘I didn’t know you were a Rihanna fan?’ ” he says. “How could you not be a fan of her voice, her gift.”

But while the actor says he’s been putting out fun singing videos “for years” – and sang in Strays and The Pacifier – he adds that “no one ever took it this [seriously].”

Bless his heart. I’m a Rihanna fan – not that I’d ever talk about her “gift”, per se, but whatever. After this, I’m definitely a Vin fan, as well.