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Victoria Prince

I Guess Britney Got the Kids for the Holiday


Kevin Federline and his girlfriend, Victoria Prince, were spotted at an Ed Hardy promotional event in Brisbane, Australia. I think it’s phenomenally strange that Kevin Federline is still famous anywhere, let alone all the way over in Australia. But I guess if you’re an American celebrity and you’re looking to be photographed this week, the place to be is anywhere outside the U.S.. Because no one in the U.S. is working this week, the photo agencies are making everybody crazy trying to push photos of foreign people you’ve never heard of at, like, a red carpet event in some random Italian city. (Where the hell is this Rome place? Is it near Turin?)

This is the closest thing I have to a photo of an American celebrity today. Enjoy. Here’s hoping Stephanie Pratt goes a little overboard with the “tryptophan” tonight and gives us some news to report tomorrow.


Victoria Price, Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline and his girlfriend, Victoria Prince, play a round of golf in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Is Everyone Pumped for Kevin Federline’s New Reality TV Show?


He’s a back-up dancer! He’s a rapper! He’s an actor! No, no, none of those worked out, so K-Fed’s falling back on every famewhore’s favorite fall-back plan: He’s doing a reality TV show. His second reality TV show, the first of course being the perma-stoned Chaos with Britney Spears.

Kevin’s currently filming the VH1 show in Vegas with his entourage — including girlfriend Victoria Prince — and thus far he’s not making a lot of new friends with the locals.

Last night, he hit up Wasted Space at the Hard Rock Hotel, where he was comped two bottles of Grey Goose, proceeded to get completely wasted, and then left without leaving a tip. CLASSY! In fairness, it probably wasn’t an intentional slight: Based on reports from the club, he was likely too drunk to even consider tipping. The stay-at-home-dad/party-boy lifestyle isn’t doing Kevin any favors. Everyone who’s seen him in Vegas seems to comment on how much weight he’s put on. Better be careful, Kevin, or the next VH1 show you’re gonna do is Celebrity Fit Club. (Is that mess even still on?)