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Victoria Beckham

Harper Seven Beckham Is the Star of New York Fashion Week

harper seven david beckham

I’m sorry, but Harper Seven Beckham is just too cute. She doesn’t half look like her father, too, doesn’t she? Because her mummy – Victoria Beckham, of course – has got a show for her own clothing range at New York Fashion Week, Harper has been making the rounds and winning everyone’s hearts – even stone cold Anna Wintour, who could rival Victoria herself for Most Miserable Face. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

harper seven

Adorable! I mean, all the kids are good looking and all, but I think Harper might take the cake for cutest celebrity kid. Sorry, Suri, time to hand over the crown.

Victoria Beckham Belongs In America

victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham makes me laugh. She would probably disapprove of laughter, since smiling is daft, but that’s okay. She comes out with such golden nuggets of bullshit that I just can’t help myself. Her most recent work of verbal art is her insistence that she’s better suited to life in America because she’s a working mother. Because, you know, Britain has no working mothers who are very career-minded.

The Beckhams – Victoria, David and their four kids – have lived in Los Angeles for quite a few years but moved back to the UK recently when David went to play for some French football team, but they’re all thinking of moving back to LA because they feel homesick for it.

From her interview with The New York Times:

The house is a rental, and Beckham said she missed Los Angeles, where the family lived most recently — the climate, the openness, the work ethic. “I am very career minded, and I think my personality is more suited to America,” she said. “I am a working mum.”

LOL. I don’t understand the connection at all, but fair enough. My personality is more suited to the UK because I really like Gregg’s sausage rolls and Jeremy Kyle. How’s that?

Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Smile Because Smiling Is “Daft”

victoria beckham

It’s a serious event when Victoria Beckham is caught smiling. After all, this is a woman whose entire career has been spent in a state of scowling disapproval. I definitely don’t subscribe to the idea that women always need to be grinning ear to ear (I hate when random dudes – and this has happened on several occasion – stop me on the street and tell me to smile. Like, what? Fuck off!) in order to convince the world that they’re happy, but Victoria sometimes looks downright miserable.

In any case, she’s now opened up on the issue and called it like it is, saying pretty much that it looks stupid as hell to just walk around with a blank smile on your face 24/7.  From The New York Times:

“I smile in family pictures. When you’re in a position to be paparazzi-ed just walking down the street, you’d look a little daft if you were smiling all the time.”

Fair enough! Kristen Stewart gets a lot of shit for this, as well, and I actually like that she’s such a misanthrope. Do your thing, girl.