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No Shit, Sherlock of the Day: Victoria Beckham Thinks Being A Working Mother is “Hard”

victoria beckham

Listen, it’s not easy spending 8 hours a day trying to freeze your facial muscles in place so that you never break a smile, so it’s no wonder Victoria Beckham is finding it “hard” to balance her work and motherhood. While she and husband David Beckham want their four children to grow up “normal” (as normal as the kid of millionaires can be), that means an extra juggling act between their professional endeavours and their parenting responsibilities.

From Metro:

‘Being a working mum you feel guilty every time you go out of the door when you have to work,’ Posh said about every time she has to wave goodbye to kids Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 10, Cruz, 8, and 21-month-old daughter Harper.

‘I try not to travel too much unless it’s during the school holidays as I don’t like to leave the kids. The children are my priority and always have been, and always will be’ the designer said at the Vogue Festival in London on Sunday.

‘It’s the same for any working mum out there. You just do your best, but constantly feel guilty. I enjoy being a mum. I love having kids more than anything and I would do anything for them.’

Well, how do I put this gently? DUH. Being torn between your children and your career is no new struggle, but imagine the women who do it a) without a second parent and b) without all the endless streams of money you’ve got, along with the staff of helpers and etc? How in the hell do you think they feel?

Sometimes I feel like celebrities say shit like this to try and sound “normal” and to make average joes who buy bullshit papers and magazines feel like they’re relatable and totally understand the struggle. Like hell you do, lady! Also, when’s someone going to come out and say that they DON’T feel bad about having a career as well as being a mother? Being fulfilled in one does not negate giving your all in the other.

Sorry, I was trying to be nice today.

David Beckham Vows That His Kids Will Grow Up “Normal”

beckham family

David and Victoria Beckham might be two of the richest people on God’s green earth, but that doesn’t mean that their kids have to grow up to be assholes. At least not according to David, who swears that regardless of the family’s status as close to English royalty, their three sons and daughter will have a “normal” life. Uh, okay, sure, let’s go with that.

From CNN:

“My eldest now is at the age where he wants to do things and he wants to go places and you have to hold him back, or we have to hold him back.”

“You have to explain it to him that there are certain things that he can’t do. But to be honest, with our children, we let them do 99% of the things they want to do because we want them to lead a normal life.”

What if one of the things they want to do is like, rent out a zoo for a day and ride on the back of a cheetah through a makeshift safari? That’s not particularly normal, but I figure money could probably buy something that ridiculous if it came down to it.

Listen, there’s no way these kids are ever going to have a “normal” life. Their mother is a narcissistic fashion icon who’s smiling muscles have been broken since 1997 and their father is a world famous footballer who makes more money in a day than I will this year and next put together, probably. But I guess it’s a nice thought.

The Beckhams Are In France, Everyone!

Wherever the Beckhams go, an entourage of admirers and photographers will follow. It’s pretty bizarre, actually. Victoria and David – the latter wearing more clothes than usual- took the kids to Paris on Monday, arriving at the Gare du Nord train station as if it was a red carpet premiere, complete with couture clothing, hateful side-eyes at the press and bewildered children.

Here’s what had to say about it:

Fresh off celebrating Cruz’s 8th birthday in London, David and Victoria and the rest of the Beckham brood arrived at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris on Monday (February 18).

The fashion designer matriarch looked chic in a blue and black short-sleeved top and navy skirt with her pointy heels while her dashing soccer star hubby held an adorable Harper in his arms.

Just two days earlier, the 38-year-old mother-of-four took part in London Fashion Week by helping to judge the Woolmark prize.

Along with fellow judges Diane von Furstenberg, Donatella Versace, and Natalie Massanet, she awarded the prize to an emerging international fashion talent. This year’s winner is Belgian designer Christian Wijnants.

No one can deny this is a very good looking family.

Aww, Look Who Was Completely Adorable in 1992!

A photo of Victoria Beckham

Do you recognize her? It’s little bitty Victoria Beckham, fresh out of high school! I recognized her immediately, but then my mind was like “no, stupid, quit being stupid,” but then I saw the name, and isn’t this just so strange? She just looks so different. Ok, here’s Victoria Beckham now:

A photo of Victoria Beckham

And Victoria Beckham then:

A photo of Victoria Beckham

I realize that it’s been 20 years, but dang, you guys. Dang. I just never remembered a time that Victoria Beckham didn’t look like a robot who was about two minutes away from needing recharged.

Victoria Beckham Will Be A Spice Girl Again If …

A photo of the Spice Girls

Did you hear that the Spice Girls are going to be performing at the closing ceremony of the Olympics? That’s a pretty big deal, right? For the entirety of 2012, we’ve been tantalized by rumors of a Spice Girls reunion, and last month all five of the girls were photographed together for the first time in years to promote that Viva Forever musical. This whole year has led up to this one moment, this one shining moment in time when all of the Spice Girls agreed to come together to spice up our lives through song once again.

And yes, Victoria Beckham has agreed to perform as well, but under one condition: this one reunion has to be the very last time that they perform, ever.

What a spoilsport, right? This is such a bitchy move that Geri Halliwell, our beloved Ginger Spice, spoke at length about it to a “source,” who told the Daily Mail:

“After the Olympics I can’t imagine even talking to her again, let alone being on a stage with her. Mel B. was right, she has lost the spirit of the band.”

Geri told pals: “None of us can understand why she won’t take advantage of these opportunities. Now is the time to be together again as a band and she and Mel B. can’t be in the same room together.”

Speaking about meeting up at the Viva Forever press launch she added: “After the stunt she pulled at the Viva Forever press conference she said she’d never perform with us again and then with David not being chosen for the team, she didn’t even want to discuss it.”

Can someone please sit Victoria Beckham down and explain to her why this is ridiculous? The whole entire reason that she’s famous today, that she’s able to be a fashion designer and have sex with David Beckham, is because of that little black dress and those awful platforms. It’s because the entire world knows that “easy V doesn’t come for free, she’s a real lady.” It’s not because of any true talent that she may or may not have. It’s because of the Spice Girls. God.

Regardless of Victoria’s snobbery, I absolutely cannot wait to see these girls perform together again. Anybody else?

Blind Items, Revealed!

Today is a magical day. Or, well, yesterday was a magical day, but Sarah and I were busy celebrating America’s birthday, so we’re just getting to the magic today. See, yesterday CDAN revealed tons and tons of blind items. Let’s stop with the preamble and get right to those, all right?

This A list celebrity and former singer who seems to always wear sunglasses was out over the weekend when she stopped to watch a woman on the street singing for money. The celebrity said, “You are better than I ever was. Honestly, so is everyone.” She then actually laughed and dropped $500 into the bucket.

Who could that be? Any guesses? You don’t have to guess, because we already know it was Victoria Beckham! See how fun this is? It’s only just beginning!

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Love It or Leave It: I’m All About Victoria Beckham Today

photo of victoria beckham fashion line pictures
Normally I don’t give a raw ass-worth about Victoria Beckham because … well, just because, but I saw these photos of V-Becks attending the debut of her Fall/Winter ’12 fashion line in Vancouver today and I was kind of blown away. At least, as blown away as I could possibly be over Victoria Beckham, which, on a scale from 1-10 is about a 2. It’s progress, guys. Never laugh in the face of progress even if progress has cantaloupe-like tits that are occasionally eaten as a poor substitute for birthday cake.

Girlfriend’s hair is the cutest, her dress thing isn’t all that awful, and the shoes—well, I’d both kill and die for the shoes, but I’m willing to bet in both cases that neither killing nor dying would help the shoes case. Who wants to be buried or in jail with such excellence? Oh. Right. Lots of people, I guess.

Anyway. She looks completely awesome, and I thought I’d share these here photos. Enjoy them as much as I have.

In related news, Victoria recently discussed some pretty fricking bizarre “beauty secrets” which I’m convinced were invented for Victoria’s sheer enjoyment in seeing people do weird things to their face and bodies just because Victoria Beckham has endorsed it:

To lock her charm forever she is applying facial made with sheep placenta and gold flakes.

According to a website, 38-year-old singer turned fashion designer, Posh regularly visits her dermatologist Dr.Harold Lancer to get this bizarre beauty treatment. This treatment cost her 500 USD. Animal stem cells and gold particles are used in this treatment.

According to sources, Victoria always uses new products and beauty tips to look younger and prettier. It’s not the first time that she is applying some bizarre tips; she applied stem cell facial many times.

Spice girl and style diva, Victoria used poop treatment also, in which she used rare Japanese bird’s (nightingale) shit as a facial

Ahem. Placenta and feces. Awesome.

Anyway, what do you think about Vic’s look?

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