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Victoria Beckham

Late-Night Links

We’re Kids Incorporated, K-I-D-S! Yeah! [Buzznet]

I don’t know much about Robin Thicke, but he looks like Russell Crowe and Justin Timberlake’s secret love child, and — perhaps not surprisingly — his new music video is creating quite a bit of buzz. [Allie is Wired]

Antonella Barba in Playboy? Hef says it’s a “very real possibility.” [Rumorficial]

Jared Leto is physically injured. The celebratory potluck will be held this evening at Perez Hilton’s house. [Ninja Dude]

I swear, the only people who have any right to be hospitalized for “dehydration” live in countries where the nearest hospital is 500 miles away and is also a tent. But Nicole Richie hits up an L.A. ER with this ubiquitous A-list ailment. [dlisted]

Avril Lavigne, you are soooo badass. [The Blemish]

Victoria Beckham is chased by pot-bellied pigs. ‘Nuff said. [Agent Bedhead]

Posh & Becks Can’t Bring Their Security Team to the U.S.

Victoria and David Beckham are upset that U.S. authorities have decided to bar eight of their longtime security guards from immigrating to the States with them. These employees do not qualify for U.S. work permits, because authorities believe U.S. citizens could reasonably do their jobs.

The Beckhams are upset about this, because their security team has been with them for years, and their sons reportedly look at them as uncles. Says a source, “It’s proving to be a massive headache because David and Victoria are comfortable and so happy with their current team.”

Certainly not a headache that $250 million can’t fix.

Late-Night Links…They’re Baaack!

Memo to Pam Anderson: asking Heidi Fleiss to be your matchmaker is like — well — asking Kid Rock to be your husband. [A Socialite’s Life]

Fantasia is looking a little hot and bothered. [IBBB]

Hooray! Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker are sucking face again. I bet now she feels really bad for not inviting him to her divorce party. [Pop on the Pop]

If you are currently running a major Britney-focused fansite, and you’d like to expand your Internet empire to cover the whole celeb gossip kingdom, now would really be the perfect time to shut down your Britney site, blame it on Britney’s loss of “identity and credibility,” and let gossip bloggers worldwide write about it, creating priceless hype for the project you hope to launch in the new year. Oh, someone already thought to do that? Damn. [The Blemish, World of Britney]

70% of Victoria Beckham’s weight is nipples. That’s nearly 35 pounds of nipples! [Agent Bedhead]

You know how, sometimes, you can be, like, a 100% heterosexual woman, and yet there are totally a handful of chicks you would probably have sex with? Yeah. Dita Von Teese. [Celebrity Smack]

Hey, Meg Ryan, your breasts are kind of like your career: they’re not just going to hold themselves up forever. [Cele|bitchy]