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Vanessa Hudgens

Will We Be Seeing Some Scarlett Johansson Nudes Soon?

photo of hot scarlett johansson at vanity fair pictures

If there’s a God in heaven, and I surely believe there is, then yes, we will.

Vanessa Hudgens, who was recent victim of a photo hacking job that resulted in a bunch of nude and lesbian-themed photos to leak, according to law enforcement, was not the only one who had pictures stolen. Sources at TMZ claim that over 50 celebrities had photos hacked from their cell phones and computers, (fuck, that’s a whole WEBSITE IN ITSELF, could you imagine the revenue?!) and someone who claims to have seen some of the photos says that Scarlett Johansson is one of those who had the nudes pilfered.

Now first of all, if you take nude pictures with your cell phone, what do you EXPECT to happen. Seriously. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but there’s a ton of them out there who will insist that anything transmitted electronically via telephone interface is seen by a lot of people, even though you think it’s private. I’m not going to endorse that, but I’m not going to disagree with it entirely, either.

I didn’t run the Vanessa Hudgens photos for fear of being thrown in jail – there’s a rumor going around that girlfriend was under eighteen when they were taken – but I can definitely tell you: any of-age celebrity that’s got naked photos floating about? You WILL more than likely see them run here. It’s the nature of the beast, you guys – you get caught with your pants down (um, quite literally), then don’t whine about people seeing your junk.

Vanessa Hudgens and Alexa Nicolas Kissing: The Photo

A photo of Vanessa Hudgens making out with former Zooey 101 star Alexa Nicolas has been leaked and it’s raising questions about her sexuality. Normally I’d put my foot down about this kinda talk for a couple reasons (1) Who the fuck cares if she’s gay and 2) I’m pretty sure 20-something girls and teens everywhere dip into the whole ‘making out with other ladies for fun’ thing at some point,) but I’m kind of fascinated by the idea now.

If Vanessa Hudgens is an undercover lesbian, that would explain her entire relationship with Zac Efron. They were acting as EACH OTHER’S beards! It wasn’t just her covering for him! They were covering for each other! Now I feel like kind of an idiot for not coming up with this theory on my own and quite a long time ago. It almost seems obvious now.

What do you think? Are Vanessa and Alexa lip-locking for the hell of it, or is it something more?

Vanessa Hudgens is the New Britney Spears

photo of vanessa hudgens of candies pictures

And no, we didn’t catch her smoking cigarettes and swilling Starbucks – she’s the new face of Candie’s.

It’s about time Candie’s did an image overhaul – Britney’s been over for ages, and Bristol Palin’s done nothing but bring the brand known for its ugly shoes to its knees, but Vanessa Hudgens? Did they get this right, you guys, or is this just the death rattle of Hudgens’ career as it was for Britney’s ‘modeling’ and ‘sponsorship’ ‘career’?