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The Entire Season 4 OC Premiere

I keep hearing awesome things about this season. Watch the entire premiere here, a full week before it airs on television. I never really followed the show, so I haven’t watched it, so I can’t really tell you how it is. But if you watch it and you have an opinion, please let us know in the comments. I think we’re all interested to see how a dead-Mischa OC will shape up…

I Need Your Help!

This is a link to a ridiculously addictive game, sponsored by M&Ms. It’s a big Halloween-style picture, and you have to find the 50 movie titles represented in the picture. Some are pretty obvious, and some are impossible. My coworker and I dedicated a great deal of the workday to this today (I mean, come on, you have to take breaks from blogging every now and then), and, with our powers combined, we got 40 out of 50. But there’s no answer key! So I am stumped on the last 10! Help me, readers! Here’s what I need:

  • The woman carrying the two children (Thanks Tina!)
  • The three children dancing in a circle (Thanks to — no shit — my mom!)
  • The giant baby lying on his back (Thanks to Oliver/my early-morning vision)
  • Both items on the stairs (the green M&M and the two men) (Thanks to Miss Dee Chester!)
  • The snapped branch (I’m retarded — this wasn’t even a clue — the other clue is the steps themselves, which I got thanks to Miss Dee!)
  • The grim reaper inside the circular fence (Thanks to Miss Dee!)
  • The hunched-over man with the lantern (Thanks to Miss Dee!)
  • The man with baskets on his head and feet (Thanks to Oliver!)
  • The planets (Thanks to Miss Dee Chester and the anonymous commenter!)

Leave the answers in the comments or email me. If you’re stumped on any of the others, I’ve got answers! I’m willing to trade!

Update: Got ‘em all! Thanks guys!!! YOU ROCK!!!

Sorry Everything’s Links Today. I Have a Day Job, You Know.

Two celeb apologies in one day! Isaiah Washington’s very sorry his homophobic, violent nature continues to leak to the press, while Paris Hilton sincerely regrets getting caught driving drunk. [Hollyscoop and PopSugar]

Every. Single. Episode. Of The Office. Online. Right now. [TVLinks]

An (undergraduate) degree from Wharton and a boob job? Ivanka Trump is totally her father’s fantasy woman. [MollyGood]

ANTM winner Eva Pigford prepares to host My Model Looks Better than Your Model, a new fashion-centric show on BET. It premieres November 1. [Vibe and Bossip]

Jason Priestley signs on to star in a pilot for Lifetime. As sad as that is, Luke Perry’s got The Sandlot 3 on his agenda for next year. Ian Ziering? Voice work for Biker Mice from Mars. So, um, way to go, Jason! [I'm Not Obsessed]

If you haven’t really been following the epic battle of Rush Limbaugh vs. Michael J. Fox (Limbaugh thinks Fox is faking the symptoms of Parkinsons disease to promote a political candidate, Fox is, um, promoting a political candidate), let Gawker catch you up. [Gawker]

If Kate Moss is really pregnant, she may want to stop guzzling champagne. Unless a thin coat of alcohol could actually help shield the baby from the cocaine. [BWE]

Josh Hartnett’s really peeved about having to bang the Sexiest Woman Alive. [Star]