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Is Nick Carter Getting a Cut of These Sales? Debra LaFave’s Ex Has a Tell-All

The timing of this is a little too close for me not to become suspicious. Less than a week after Nick Carter dragged Debra LaFave’s name out of obscurity — admitting he lost his virginity to the Florida schoolteacher who was, years later, charged with having sex with her 14-year-old-student — LaFave’s ex-husband, Owen, begins his publicity tour for Gorgeous Disaster: The Shocking Story of Debra LaFave.

In the book, Owen says, “In hindsight, I made bad decisions. There were red flags. I put up with her emotional issues. She was pretty. I felt I had to save her . . . I guess I should have walked away.”

You have to admit it’s strange. Two weeks ago, no one remembered who Debra LaFave was, but last week she rode Nick Carter full-force into the blogosphere, priming us all for Owen’s book. Curious.

Okay So Here’s the Problem with Studio 60

It’s the same as the problem with Saturday Night Live.

The sketches aren’t funny.

Aaron Sorkin, we learn, has a weakness — other than crack cocaine, of course — and it’s sketch comedy. What makes the Sorkin thing work — fast-paced, pedantic, clipped dialogue — for whatever reason just doesn’t translate in the sketches on S60. I can’t quite pinpoint the problem, but I have a feeling Sorkin relies too heavily on an audience’s relationship with and empathy towards his characters, and you don’t get to build that in a sketch. Or maybe Sorkin himself relies too heavily on his own relationship with and empathy towards his characters, and he can’t write solid one-liners for two-dimensional characters he’ll never see again.

I gave him a pass last week on that Pirates of Penzance unfunniness, thinking he just had to get his feet under him, but it happened this week, again. I really, really like everything else about the show, but if the sketch comedy doesn’t actually become funny at some point, I’m going to have a lot of trouble tuning in each week to suspend my disbelief. Maybe time to change up your own writing staff, Aaron?

Update: America agrees with me. S60‘s ratings are down 30% from its premiere, 17% from last week.