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DRAMA!!!! Eric "McSteamy" Dane is Married to Dylan’s Dead Wife!!!!

Oh, this is so sad. This post was supposed to be much, much funnier. I heard a little rumor that there was a scuffle on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, between Dempsey and Isaiah Washington, so I checked out Grey’s Anatomy Insider for more information. For those of you who actually cared about this — they fought because they’re incredibly vain (and prolly jealous that hottie Eric Dane officially joined the cast), and then they made up, and said incredibly vain and vaguely homoerotic things to the press. Good? Good.

Because it’s all downhill from there.

I figured while I was on the GA Insider, I’d check around and see if there was anything else of interest to me. And was there ever! If by “interesting” you mean “emotionally crippling,” of course.

Look at this:

Dane is married to actress Rebecca Gayheart, who fans may remember from Noxzema commercials, a stint on Beverly Hills: 90210 and other roles.

Damn you, Noxzema Girl! First you take Dylan McKay, and then, when we think you’re good and dead at the hands of his father’s ruthless enemies, you swoop back in and take McSteamy. I hate you.

You Can Please Some of the Browsers Some of the Time…

We’re getting a make-over here at The Beet, and we hear murmurings that it’s not working out so hot for all of your browsers. If you’re having a problem viewing posts in the new format, shoot us an email. If you could let us know what browser you’re using and what version, and explain the problem, we’ll love you forever. If you attach a screen shot of the problem, too, you are so getting laid.

MTV So Ready to Infect You

MTV comes out with a Room Raiders for the born-after-1995 set — Meet or Delete is a dating show in which contestants are allowed to rummage through one another’s computers. The premise itself isn’t terrible, and allows for all the interacting-with-ex-girlfriend-via-IM drama that Room Raiders lacked, but, as Gawker points out, the show’s current viral marketing is retarded.

Firstly, they’ve located their viral video at the following URL:

And it looks more like unused footage from The Ring than a plug for a dating show.

On the other hand, though, I’m writing about it.

Tim Allen Gets Married

I’ll admit I have a strange fondness for Tim Allen. I feel I have to explain this.

Long, long ago, I started a fledgling, vaguely celebrity-focused blog, which I would call The Evil Beet. I wasn’t entirely clear on the scope or the voice, and I’d grabbed a pre-fab pink and purple template from Blogger (in retrospect, it was awful, and I apologize to those of you who were readers back then), and I sat for hours deciding what my first entry would be.

Earlier in the day, a friend of mine, a writer for Nickelodeon, was scripting a show that had Tim Allen lined up as a guest that week. He was frantically scouring the Internet for information on Allen, trying to come up with fun, kid-friendly questions.

Out of a sheer desire to be helpful (read: utter boredom), I offered to help. In my own research, I stumbled upon the inimitable Tim Allen blog, and, specifically, his thoughts on capitalism. I also came across the little-known fact that Allen had been arrested in the 70s for — what else? — being so damn funny it was a crime! Nah, I’m just kidding, it was drug trafficking. My friend reluctantly informed me that neither of these finds would be of much use to him in the process of scripting a kid’s show, but they formed the basis for the very first entry in the Evil Beet blog.

So, thanks, Tim Allen, and best of luck in your marriage.

Google Purchases YouTube for $1.65B

If you have a strange sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach about this, rest assured it’s warranted. Now that corporations have someone with assets to sue for the illegal duplication and distribution of their content, YouTube is going to be a lot less fun.

So enjoy the leaked clips of Kevin Federline on CSI while you still can.

Saturday Night Fever

  • Jamie Lee Curtis decides she’s “not an actor anymore,” about 10 years after the rest of the country made up their minds on the issue.

  • Gee, Pete Doherty, you really don’t figure touring with your band is the best way to stay sober straight out of rehab? Really?

  • Candy Spelling wants you to think she has feelings just like normal people, acts like she’s excited Tori’s pregnant.

  • Am I the only one totally bothered by the fact that one of Shannon Doherty’s eyes is much, much higher up on her face than the other? You can tell even when she’s wearing sunglasses!

  • So I haven’t really been linking to these pics all week, because they truly sadden me, and creep me out in a way I don’t really have words for. But I guess I have to be a true journalist and get the story to my audience. So check out the pictures of the Zombie Formerly Known as Katie Holmes, and her new BFF/cryptmate Posh Spice.