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Vanity Fair releases their best-dressed list, and you don’t know anyone on it. [Cele|bitchy]

Pete Doherty claims he left Kate Moss, not the other way around. [Agent Bedhead]

Britney Spears asked the dentist to whiten her toddlers’ teeth. Maybe if you stopped putting Coca-Cola in their bottles, Britney, these problems would resolve themselves. [IBBB]

Vanessa Minnillo’s still a Bongo girl. So at least she has one job. [Gabby Babble]

Jennifer Lopez and her crypt-keeper husband attend the El Cantante premiere. [Glitterati]

Hee. Star magazine still hates Angelina Jolie. [popbytes]

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17Yes We Know the Site Looks Weird Right Now

We’re making some changes to the layout. We’re not good at this stuff. Hang on tight — if it’s not all better by morning, we’ll put the old layout back up.

: Okay, we’re done changing the layout. You should now feel free to use this space to tell us why and in what amount you dislike the new layout.

Update again: If you’re still having trouble viewing the new layout, try doing Ctrl-F5. If it still looks off, let me know what browser you’re using.

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3Afternoon Links

More photos of little Jayden James Federline. [cityrag]

Hayden Panettiere’s 17, so we can’t yet be running photos of her nip slips and crotch shots. But her wedgie-picking? Yeah, we can do that. [Drunken Stepfather]

Looks like Usher called off his wedding because his mom wasn’t going to be there. [The Bosh]

Star Jones finally fesses up to the gastric bypass. [Daily Stab]

AmIdol alum Corey Clark gets arrested yet again. Although I’m starting to believe that he did hook up with Paula Abdul. [SOW]

Not that you really needed someone to tell you this, but Coreys Feldman and Haim have a new reality show, and you probably shouldn’t watch it. [Pajiba]

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6Blind Item!

Which unlikely sports celebrity will soon be gracing a fitness magazine cover as part of a back-room deal to keep certain damaging hooker allegations out of a different publication?


July 31, 2007 at 11:36 am by Evil Beet
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0Morning Links

If you can believe it, Isaiah Washington had a little credit trouble before he landed that role on Grey’s. [Cele|bitchy]

Heh. I own this t-shirt, too. [popbytes]

Cindy Crawford’s boobies! [Yeeeah!]

Paris Hilton’s grandfather may be pulling her inheritance because of all the trouble she’s caused. Not that she needs it at this point. [Derek Hail]

Colin Farrell may have a tiny penis (God, I’m so happy to have a reason to link back to that post), but he sure does have a big heart. [Celebslam]

July 31, 2007 at 9:12 am by Evil Beet
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0Afternoon Links

Did Jessica Alba dump her boyfriend because he wouldn’t marry her? [Derek Hail]

Jamie Pressley goes for “Pirate slut chic” on her birthday. [Drunken Stepfather]

Check out Lindsay Lohan’s Jill Stuart ads. [POTP]

Heidi Klum sluts it up for Arena magazine. [Fatback & Collards]

Faith Hill doesn’t want anyone else grabbing her husband’s balls. [Jordan]

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