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Blind Item! A New Lip-Syncing Scandal???


The lawyer who writes the Crazy Days and Nights blog posted a sort of blind item today, implying that someone big in the music industry has been using an unknown singer’s vocals on, well, all her albums. The real singer, who he refers to as “S,” has not been getting her usual hush money, and now wants to come forward with her story. The famous singer, who he refers to as “MV” (for Milli Vanilli), has been “recording” since 2001, has had several hit songs and at least one gold record. The kids at Idolator have narrowed it down to four top guesses: Alicia Keys, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore and Christina Millian. They’re going with Mandy Moore.

What do you think?

Network Televison is Like High School

Today I was in a cab going to work (usually T does take the good ole subway but the foot is still on the mend) and I saw these HUGE NBC billboards up procliaming that they are the #1 network for morning and evening news shows. I didn’t really put two and two together until I was reading PageSix. They were up right in front of ABC studios on West 67th St. Evidently, NBC, sad that they are getting wacked in the ratings from shows such as Lost and Grey’s Anatomy decided to pull the network equivalent of a “na nanny boo boo.” They are nice billboards but a bit of an overkill. Why not try to get more viewers to the shows that aren’t doing so well like “Friday Night Lights” and “Studio 60″ rather than pat themselves on the back for not sucking it up a couple of hours in the day. ABC, of course took the “high road” stating, “Maybe if they spent that money on the staff they’ve been firing as opposed to some sophomoric stunt, they’d be in better shape. We didn’t realize that layoffs of 700 people and billboards were part of their strategy.” Snap ABC. Hopefully this bitchfight continues. Maybe Meredith Viera can go slap Kelly Ripa in the face.

Would You Buy Cosmetics From Jackie Chan?

Via CNN this afternoon, “Jackie Chan has launched a cosmetics line, his Web site said Monday, adding to the action star’s diverse range of businesses that include fitness clubs, restaurants, a clothing label and cookies.”

I understand the fitness clubs and I could get used to some hot Jackie Chan active wear but…cosmetics? How is Jackie Chan really in a position to sell womens cosmetics?

Evidently, “Chan’s skin care products, packaged with recycled materials, use natural ingredients that don’t pollute.” That’s all fine and good but if I use this will I be able to kick some serious ass? Does his blush give me Kung Fu powers? Otherwise I’m sticking to NARS y’all.

T Links Off for the Night

Before the T signs off for the night from the East Coast. Here are some links…

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I kick myself that I didn’t guy Google stock back in the day. [Brietbart]

What should you watch tonight on TV? They agree with me that “Friday Night Lights” is awesome and you really should give it a chance. [Pajiba]

Robert Altman Dies, World Continues Per Normal

It’s been on a hundred sites already but I like the guy who runs the site linked to below so if you’ve got to read serious news about Robert Altman passing away do so here.

Now we return to normal haterade speak, Robert Altman was never my guy, but if I had a dime for every time someone said some random movie was “Altman-Esque” I’d be living on Goddamn planet dime. Truly he hasn’t had a worthy film in a long time, I mean you’re looking at MASH (1970) or The Player (1992) if you wanted to be hurtful and break it down.

Worst of all, Prairie Home Companion was his last film and it was so average that critics couldn’t even work up a good lather about it. It was kind of like “eh.”

Some say a little part of him died on set during that shoot because Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t bang him. For any director that’s got to be the beginning of the end.

We’ll miss you Mr. Altman. And we’ll keep “Altman-Esque” going strong here in the movie community.

Man, I just read that back for editing purposes and it’s mean even for me. I’m going to go bathe and think about what I’ve done.

Oscars, why do you hate me?

Every year I get sucked into the Oscar debate and every year I end up bitter. It’s not so much the idea of the Oscars that bothers me, it’s the execution. The awards are based solely on appearance and buzz, they have nothing to do with actually watching movies. Why? Because, by and large, the voters don’t watch the movies. Why not? Because they aren’t movie reviewers, they’re actors, writers, and directors, and they are busy pursuing their careers. Asking them to look at the 50 movies nominated would be like asking them to carve out a month of their time. It’s silly talk. So I don’t even blame the voters. Who do I blame? The system. There’s got to be a better way than this. Someone call Public Enemy.

Along comes this article in which USAToday takes an early look at the competition. I’m happy we’re taking an early look, I like looks, the only problem is that of the eleven films listed five of them don’t even merit a rental. Here are some quick hit thoughts for venting purposes:

Little Children: Not a good film. It’s a film that’s made for snobs, long and boring with no real point. It’s like they put it in an entertainment sucker-outer. No noms for you!

Flags of Our Fathers: Very poor. Long, boring, pointless, cliched, hackneyed, silly, infuriating. A good example of how to make a classically poor over sentimental monstrosity. I liked it otherwise.

Babel: Probably the worst film of the decade. This isn’t even a joke.

Volver: This film isn’t horrible, but it is being graded on a huge curve because it’s from Spain and in Spanish. Oscar will slot it into the best Foreign Film category and then quickly forget it.

Stranger Than Fiction: A very average effort. It’s a failed romantic comedy and a failed drama. Let’s not call it one of the five best in anything other than “Will Ferrell’s 2006 movies” (where it would rank 3rd).

Reading this back I’m not even sure why I’m so mad. I guess I just want my people to see good cinema. The good news is that article mentioned Dreamgirls too so there is officially a groundswell.

Rant over.

American Idol Oscar Talk?

In my alternate life I am a really big-time movie reviewer, think Ebert without an alarming predilection towards a coronary. Anyway, in this lofty position I get to screen movies before the general public and I recently caught Dreamgirls. I won’t really get into the movie other than to say it’s really, really good, and this is coming from a guy who would rather not see movies that fall anywhere near the “musical” category.

What I do want to mention is that there is now officially a buzz around former Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson, she plays one the main characters in Dreamgirls. This is buzz (and it’s now industry buzz, not just “me” buzz) in the sense that she’s locked and loaded for at least an Oscar nomination and most likely will enter the award show season as the prohibitive favorite. Normally I would make some snarky comment here but she’s deserving in this case. So deserving in fact that after I was reminded she’d been on American Idol I did one of those cartoon like shaking of head, eye bulging moves. She was so effective that I completely blanked on her Idol performance, those two performances had about as much in common as the Dalai Lama and an actual llama (the llama in this case being American Idol).

And I now return you to snarkiness as I point out that the fact that Justin “don’t call me pepperoncini” Guarini didn’t get the first Idol Oscar nomination is shocking, absolutely shocking.

Curses. After that I feel so guilty that I’m compelled to put in a link to Justin’s official site.