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Lindsay Lohan and her DUIs are selling you car insurance

lindsay lohan

Unsurprisingly, Lindsay Lohan‘s commercial for car insurance company Esurance is in fucking TERRIBLE taste. Lest we forget, LiLo has a history of DUI arrests and hardcore drug and alcohol issues, and most people would think that those are very serious things that you don’t joke about. Not her! In fact, wouldn’t knowing that Lindsay Lohan is out there on the roads driving drunk make you want to get the best car insurance there is? That seems to be the premise of her upcoming Super Bowl commercial, according to a teaser she posted on Facebook last night.

Yikes. Well, that’s… something else. Sorry, but I don’t find that amusing in the least – it’s not even like she’s got a good sense of humour and is making fun of herself. She’s just completely clueless about the seriousness of her actions, as per usual. And Esurance is co-signing that bullshit! Ugh, whatever.

In related news, you know how we thought Lindsay might have to go back to jail since she never finished the community service that was part of her probation? Don’t worry – she’s JUST getting it done, just in time for her court appointment today.

From TMZ:

As we reported … Lindsay waited until the last minute to get it done, and she put in her time at a breakneck pace beginning late last week.

There’s one thing that’s unclear … whether she completed her hours on Tuesday or whether she has a few left that she’ll do Wednesday before the court hearing. Since London is 8 hours ahead of L.A. she has the full day to finish if she hasn’t already.

We’re told CSV is prepared to send a letter of completion before her court hearing Wednesday morning. Lindsay was supposed to complete her hours November 6, but she had only performed 102 hours of the 240.  Lindsay will not be in court. Her lawyer, Shawn Holley, will hand the sacred doc to the judge.

I mean, I’ve never thought about this before, but how is Lindsay even allowed to leave LA County while on probation, let alone leave the country and be living in London? Also, how is it that when it’s a PROBATION HEARING, she doesn’t have to show up to court? The judicial system is an absolute joke.

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