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Travis Barker

2Travis Barker Too Traumatized To Tour

Travis Barker, drummer of Blink-182, is too traumatized after his plane crash to go on tour. I don’t think anyone blames him. In 2008, a Learjet taking Barker, Adam Goldstein AKA DJ AM, Barker’s assistant, and Barker’s security guard, crashed on the way back to California from South Carolina. Barker and Goldestein were the only surviors; the two pilots also died. Then in 2009, Goldstein died of what coroners determined to be “acute intoxication” (accidental drug overdose).

Since the crash, Barker has been traveling via other ways. When Blink-182 performed in Europe last year, he traveled by sea. However this time he will be unable to make the date in Australia.

From ABC News:

I still haven’t gotten over the horrific events that took place the last time I flew when my plane crashed and 4 people were killed, two being my best friends…I hope to come to Australia again some day perhaps by ship if need be. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a boat that worked with the schedule this time around. Once again I’m sorry to all the fans.

Brooks Wackerman of Bad Religion and Tenacious D will take Barker’s place.

February 18, 2013 at 5:30 am by Catherine St. Ives
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11Travis Barker Had Some Leaked Nudes, You Know

photo of travis barker pictures photos pics
Well who knew that Timmy Tattoos here was so well-hung? I, for one, sure didn’t. His exes definitely did, and that makes me wonder why they axed the relationship to begin with – unless it was because, yes, although Travis here is hung like a DONKEY, his shave job is positively pre-pubescent. Of course, I’m strictly talking preference here, and while I don’t like to search extensively through the nest in order to find the bird and the eggs, I’m also definitely not a fan of the thing looking so cold and bare and … I don’t know, generally lonely all of the time. All of that hair is supposed to give a brother some insulation, right? Is that how it’s designed to work?

But hey. I suppose it’s small potatoes to worry about Travis’s cue-ball(s) look – it’s not like I have to sleep with him, or even near him. I have no doubts that there are some women out there (and men, of course) in our audience who actually prefer the whole bare look over the mess-of-wires look, and if that’s the case, kudos to them for having preference one way or the other. One thing is certain, most bare men definitely appear to be a lot bigger when you don’t have to seek the entire tree through the forest.

The photo(s – yes, there a few of them) are after the cut, and I warn you – they are extremely NSFW, and no amount of “OMG quick, scroll up/down/left/right” will save you from the damning realization that your boss knows you’re looking at a very naked, very tattooed man who happens to be very, very hung. ON THE CLOCK. Move over, Chris Brown – your match has arrived.


January 19, 2012 at 10:30 am by Sarah
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2Travis Barker’s Sunday Breakfast Ended With Him Slashing Someone’s Tires

Travis Barker is the latest celebrity to fight with the paparazzi over his kids. The former Blink-182 drummer took his munchkins out to grab some breakfast yesterday in LA, but a couple persistent paps made it impossible for him to enjoy his meal. It got to the point where Travis was so pissed that he got up from his meal to throw some punches, except, uh… the offending photographer was gone and Travis just wound up going nuts on some other, more innocent photogs. Travis smashed a camera, spit on them and then proceeded to slash their tires. That’s when the police were called in and Travis started Tweeting (of course.)

When I’m out at breakfast at 8am in the morning the last thing i appreciate is some photographer threatening me 2 a fight while he’s 3 deep

When i defend myself/my kids that don’t make me a tough guy .I was outnumbered and threatened so i did what any man would.

Paparazzi cried like young girls when it was no longer 3 of them against me and my kids. Didn’t they remember threatening me an hr ago??

What happened to the tough guys with the cameras? It was gonna be a fair fight..3 against 3? I mean i weigh a buck 40, your 200lbs and 6’6

Bottom line, take photos at red carpets. Take pics of hungry hollywood starlets and douche bags that are out at clubs and bars that like it.

Bottom line I don’t . I’m not a socialite out begging for that kind of attention. I’m a family man out wit my kids. Don’t get the 2 twisted

And of course all the footage these lames released to the press is one sided cause they edited it.

I feel for Travis because he’s right. He’s not the kind of guy who seeks out that attention. But he’s also been in this game long enough to know that if he throws a punch a cameraman on a Sunday morning, it’s going to get spun the wrong way. Also? Photos of Travis Barker eating pancakes with his kids? Way less valuable than a shot of him winding up to clock the cameraman in the face.

February 22, 2010 at 11:08 am by Molls
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32Tonight I’d Like To Tell You About How I Pissed Off Travis Barker

Instead of telling you, since it’s late here and I’ve already written a full ten pieces, I’m going to let the pictures tell the story …

Needless to say, Travis Barker is way more focused on publicly insulting a woman he once loved enough to create humans with, and so not focused on what is best for his children.  What would be best is shutting the fuck up and calling his lawyer if he thinks his kids are in danger.  Because saying “My babies mom is a pile of shit” has nothing to do with the threat of child molestation.  It’s just an insult for the sake of insult.

Ugh, I guess I did have something to say about it after all.  And for the record, I will definitely still be following this short-sighted twit.  Oh, and he JUST deleted the “pile of shit” tweet.  Success!

My Tweet


His Direct Message to Me


My Tweet


His Direct Message to Me


August 24, 2009 at 5:57 pm by Wendie

11Today In Maturity


I wanted to share Travis Barker’s latest Tweet with you.  Sadly, it’s proof that not even a near-death experience can provide illumination for everyone.  You know, maybe Shanna Moakler — that’s who he’s referring to — is a pile of shit.  I don’t know — I don’t know her.  It doesn’t even matter.  She’s the mother of his children and putting these thoughts in print does no service to their children.

Sometimes a fuckwit is just always going to be a fuckwit.  Not even a narrow escape from death was enough to give Travis Barker perspective.

I guess these two are officially toast now, but between this incident and Shanna having enough balls to publicly blast Katie Holmes’ dancing skills, I’m going Team Shanna all the way!

August 24, 2009 at 3:12 pm by Wendie

9Shanna Moakler Speaks Out About Travis Split

Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker Pictures Photos

When news hit yesterday that Travis and Shanna Moakler had once again split up, sources said that Shanna was cheating on Travis with Gerard Butler while he was in the hospital. Now Shanna has hit the Internet to tell her side of the story on her MySpace blog, claiming that she found romantic emails from other women sent to Travis. Ladies, ladies, ladies. When will you learn? It is NEVER a good idea to go through your man’s email. You’ll never like what you find.

Travis and I were very much together in September when the horrific crashed happened, not only did I fly to Georgia I stayed by his side the entire stay and also for the bus ride home to LA, I think any human being with a heart and for the love of any good friend , never mind father of their children and lover would do the same, After arriving in LA and getting settled in the new hospital, I came across numerous romantic emails with MANY other woman, some famous , some I personally knew, all heart breaking. and the woman involved you know who you are and should be ashamed of yourself. I also came across emails where employees of my ex were writing comments on gossip networks like TMZ and Perez Hilton, attacking me as a woman and a mother. I Think those were more painful then the infidelities. As anyone can imagine, I was devastated, this is when I stopped going to the LA hospital, I knew and made sure even after what I learned he had a strong support system in place with friends and family, and I made it clear to them why I would be dismissing myself, at that point with the new information revealed to me I considered myself SINGLE and thou In my heart hoped we would remain friends and good parents had no intentions of getting back together. It was a painful time that no one unless they had lived it has the right to judge. Any actions I may or may have not done after this time, mean nothing.

I have been attacked by my Ex and his friends in the press for years at this point, my ability as a mother ( which to me is the cruelest thing you can do to any mother) my character and my integrity. I have never verbally bashed him as a father. I didn’t even bash him after the infamous blogs years ago, I have never went on different social networks and made campaigns of hate and slander, In fact MANY times I have had to bite my tongue and try to be the bigger person. I have tried to always put the lives and thoughts and feelings of my children first. I am by no means an angel, and I have made many mistakes, but a woman can only turn her cheek so many times.

Eh. Give it another month. They’ll be back together.

April 2, 2009 at 10:06 am by Evil Beet
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