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Tony Danza

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tony Danza Talk About Porn

Remember how Joseph Gordon-Levitt pulled out of ‘Django Unchained’ to direct, star, and produce or whatever his own film called ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’? Because it’s still on its way, and it still looks kind of ridiculous, despite having a stellar cast like Tony Danza, Julianne Moore, and Scarlett Johansson. Guess it pays to have good friends in the right places, because honestly? I can’t imagine Julianne or Scarlett signing onto something this silly-sounding if there weren’t feelings involved. Tony, sure—he’ll take what he can get these days and this was probably a pretty big break for him, but come on. ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’ is certainly not going to be any Tarantino, and that’s for damn sure.

Check out the gallery for a bunch of ridiculous photos of Tony Danza and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, because LOL.

Can a Musical “Jump The Shark?”

I was just taking a lovely walk through Times Square and I saw a billboard for Tony Danza in “The Producers.” I remember hearing about this but I never thought it would ever happen. You know when a musical has “jumped the shark” when they put in Tony Danza…of the failed and tepid “Tony Danza Show.”

Danza is big on self promotion. I guess when he was in “View From The Bridge” on Bway he used to go personally hustle people to buy tickets to his show. I guess the producers are banking on tourists that really were into “Who’s The Boss.” I can’t say if I think he is good in this part but if you are in NYC and want to check out Tony he will be in the part until March 11th.