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Tobey Maguire

HOORAY! They’re Making Tokyo Suckerpunch into a Movie!!!

I was just doing some background research on Tobey Maguire, and stumbled on a little gem on his IMDB page. He’s attached to the film version of Tokyo Suckerpunch, set to be released in 2008. Maguire will be playing the main character, Billy Chaka. If you’ve never read the Isaac Adamson novel about a young writer who finds himself smack in the middle of a murder mystery in modern-day Japan, I recommend you do so immediately. It is a fabulous, intriguing, hilarious novel — it’s one of my all-time faves — and I am so psyched that they’re going to make a movie with Tobey!!!

I Link, Therefore I Am

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Joley Richardson quits Nip/Tuck. She’s hoping to be cast in a show with more plausible plotlines, possibly something involving giant, mutant, hermaphoditic aphids who eat Koreans and occasionally find themselves in awkward love triangles including the wife of their college roommate. [HGW]

Beyonce and Eva Longoria will be getting all lesbo on the big screen. Where will you be, Paul Reuebens? [Bossip]

Someone asked me the other day how Kate Moss is still so employable, even after the whole cocaine scandal. This is a link to a black-and-white video of Kate Moss, wearing lingerie and saying quiet, mysterious things. More of you will click on this link than any other in this group, probably by a factor of three. And that, my friends, is how Kate Moss is still so employable, even after the whole cocaine scandal. [Agent Bedhead]

In a shocking twist to the Kevin Federline saga, he demands Grey Goose in his dressing room. Check out the rest of the hospitality rider. [CelebSlam]

If Brad Pitt smokes, it must be cool. [Teddy and Moo]

Actor Jack Palance dies. [Hollyweird Gazette]