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TMZ Is Pissed Off That Anne Hathaway Ignored Them

tmz anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway didn’t feel like talking to TMZ’s paparazzi and cameramen, and TMZ is pissed off about it. Apparently Hathaway was at LAX when TMZ people came up to her. Rather than deal with them, she made a beeline towards what she thought was her SUV waiting for her — but as she opened the door, she realized she had the wrong car. However, she asked if she could get in and wait until her car got there, because that’s how badly she didn’t want to talk to TMZ.

TMZ then posted the video with “Anne Hathaway’s parents didn’t raise her right — because she hopped into the car of a TOTAL STRANGER … rather than have to talk to one of our photogs.”

I am no fan of Anne Hathaway (and I am in no way alone) but even I’m on her side on this one. Let her leave the f-cking airport.

On the other hand…if one wants to look on the other hand, you could argue that celebs and tabloids help each other out and now that Hathaway’s a super A-list Oscar winner, she feels she shouldn’t have to deal with this because she doesn’t need the publicity anymore, whereas long ago I’m sure she had to fight to get paparazzi attention. Circle of life, yo.

Meanwhile you have people like Courtney Stodden who would do anything to have that kind of paparazzi action. I wonder what she’s up to right now?

Shawn Johnson Breaks Down In Court

Shawn Johnson Faces Her Stalker in Court

Gymnast and Dancing With The Stars contestant Shawn Johnson appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom today to testify against her alleged stalker, Robert O’Ryan. Shawn was in the courtroom for a mere 23 minutes, but the experience was intense and emotional for her and she even broke down in tears when shown the knife that was found in Robert’s vehicle.

From TMZ:

Johnson said she was nervous about appearing today and repeatedly testified she was afraid of O’Ryan. She said she considered quitting “Dancing With the Stars” — which she was participating in when O’Ryan was arrested — but stayed on the show and went on to win.

O’Ryan pled not guilty by reason of insanity on Monday to charges of felony stalking, felony commercial burglary and two misdemeanor counts of carrying a loaded firearm in his car.

TMZ also reported that if Robert is convicted, he will serve a maximum sentence of six years. Six years for what would have been a murder if he was smart enough not to get caught. Yeah, that seems like justice… not. Considering we’re seeing so many examples of stalking these days (and with most of them just pleading insanity), it might be time for those laws to be updated. Nothing’s worse than a creeper.

Kelly Kapowski is Ready to Pop

photo of a very pregnant tiffani thiessen on her cell phone walking around a golf course

Tiffani Thiessen, whose pregnancy I mentioned earlier in the week, was finally captured on camera after all of these weeks, showing off her gorgeous baby bump. TMZ got the exclusive photo of Tiffani toddling around a golf course, cell phone in hand, and wearing all black.

She looks fabulous. This is, you know, her eighty-fifth week of pregnancy or something. Ever see a spider egg right before it opens? A big, thick, white pulsating cocoon of eenie-weenie baby spiders just scratching at the chance to get out? That’s what I think of when I look at this picture. That Tiffani Thiessen is going to turn the wrong way and she’s just going to rip and explode with thousands of tiny, adorable, wailing babies, all looking to suckle and feed, and get fashion advice.

Congratulations on the pregnancy, Tiff, and good luck with the delivery! I can’t wait to see the photos of what’s sure to be one of Hollywood’s cutest babies … and who’d think otherwise? Kelly Kapowski used to be the fiercest bitch on the block, ‘til Valerie Malone came along, anyway.

Image courtesy of TMZ