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Tish Cyrus

Want to See Miley Cyrus Mouthing Off To Her Mother?

This fun video of Miley Cyrus behind the scenes at one of her shows has surfaced today. It starts off with her talking to the camera while checking herself out in the mirror. She asks us (the audience, of course), if we want to hear her crack her knuckles and before we can even answer, she does it. Her mother Tish, who is essentially a joke and just there to pick up her paycheck, immediately scolds her and swats her on the hand. Miley responds to this by telling her mom she’s going to call Child Protective Services. Then her mom slaps her on the butt and says she’ll keep disciplining Miley as long as she needs to. Miley responds to this by freak dancing with one of her dancers in the mirror and sloppily rapping about her love of singing. Seriously. Her mom hits her, and then she starts grinding her ass into some dude and rapping. It’s like a cartoon version of the Miley we imagine her to be.

The girl’s almost 18. Her disrespect isn’t really interesting anymore. She’s too old for me to be fascinated by how rude she is to her parents. At this point I just feel kind of sad for her. She’s almost an adult, it’s pretty pathetic that she still hasn’t learned what a turn-off her bossy attitude is to fans and spectators alike.

So I Got To See The Real Thing In Person Last Night…

Miley Kills It At The House of Blues

My girl Wynter hooked me up last night and took me to the Miley Cyrus concert at the House of Blues where she was celebrating the release of her new album, Can’t Be Tamed. Her performance at Sunday night’s MMAs was quite the topic of conversation over here yesterday, so while I’ve never been a huge fan of Miley’s music (I mean, who doesn’t love “Party in the U.S.A.”?), I knew that I was in for one hell of a show… and yo, that girl did not disappoint.

Let me tell you something about this Miley Cyrus: She’s not a normal kid. While she was introducing the second song of the evening, she said to the audience, “I wrote this song for my mom, who’s not here tonight. She’s sick. I mean, I would have been here, but I understand.” Woah, right!? She sold her mom out on stage… and then dove into a pretty decent song that sampled the Poison song, “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”. As a person over the age of 15, I obviously found her use of an 80s ballad to be a bit silly, but she sang the hell out of it.

For me, that’s the anecdote that summed up the night. I don’t know a 17-year old that would have the guts to mouth off about their parents in front of a room of fans, family and industry folk, but I also don’t know a 17-year old that would be able to capture the attention of a few hundred people just by jerking around on stage and singing her heart out. I mean, it’s no freakin’ wonder she’s comes off as bratty. She can afford it! Whether or not that will hold up a few years from now I’m not sure of, but for right now it’s obviously working for her.

If you’re a parent who is thinking of taking your kid to this tour but is worried that it might scar them, don’t worry about it. Seriously. None of the kids in the room had a clue that what Miley was doing with her pelvis on stage is normally only done by naked adults and the parents in the room seemed to get a kick out of it. I actually saw a mother with a gaggle of little girls smiling her face off as her daughters cluelessly watched Miley simulate sex on stage. It’s like a Disney movie that’s aimed at kids but winks at the parents. I don’t see kids winding up in therapy after seeing this, and if anything, it is probably empowering to see another young girl rock out on stage like that… but I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them were a little mouthier than usual on the car ride home to Anaheim.

Noah Cyrus Has Once Again Been Allowed To Dress Like an Underage Skank

Noah Cryus' Halloween Costume

Noah Cryus wore what looks like a cut-down version of a Fredericks Of Hollywood teddy, some knee-high boots and bright red lipstick to a Halloween party over the weekend. This isn’t the first time the nine year old girl has been dressed wayyyyy too sexy for her age. She and her BFF cousin Emily also walked a red carpet in swimsuits earlier this year. It doesn’t help that the girls make over-sexualized, flirty eyes at the camera. Whatever innocence could be used to defend these trashy costumes is immediately made irrelevant when you see how very aware these girls are of what they are “supposed” to be imitating.

If I were to imagine how this came about, I would think that, like most children, Noah put in a costume request to her mom and they went shopping together and picked this out. Well, probably more like mom put in a call to a stylist who brought over several options and the two of them agreed upon this one. That right there is the problem. At least four more inches of fabric need to be on that costume, and Tish Cryus should not only recognize, but demand that her daughter pick something more suitable. That’s the way these things work. That’s how you ensure that your daughter doesn’t dress like this every day by the time she’s 14. Not to mention the absolutely miserable message this sends to girls who are fans of Miley and see that her sister dresses like this, allowing to think that on any planet, anywhere that this is an appropriate way for a young girl to dress.