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Poor Miley Cyrus: Billy Ray and Tish Are Getting a Divorce

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I think it’s pretty clear that Miley Cyrus has been… shall we say, “going through some shit” lately, which is manifesting in her love of twerking and her insistence on writing shitty songs about doing drugs and being in the club. You know, standard early 20-something nonsense that we love her for regardless, I suppose. Anyhow, if the album’s not done and dusted, expect a few heartfelt emotional ballads about the difficulty of life as you know it changing forever, because Billy Ray and Tish – her parents, that is – are getting a divorce.

From TMZ:

Billy Ray’s wife, Tish Cyrus, is citing “irreconcilable differences” in her filing.  Her decision to pull the plug on the marriage comes 3 years after Billy Ray filed for divorce but dropped it in an attempt to work things out.

Billy Ray and Tish have been married for 19 years and have 5 children, including, of course, Miley.  There’s only one minor child left, Noah Cyrus, who is 13.  Tish is asking for full physical and legal custody, with visitation to Billy Ray.

Tish is also asking for spousal support, and she wants him to pay her attorney’s fees.  The date of separation is listed as TBD.

Tish tells TMZ, “This is a personal matter and we are working to find a resolution that is in the best interest of our family. We ask that you respect our privacy at this time.”

A few hours ago, Miley tweeted @billyraycyrus, “since your texts and email obviously aren’t working would you like to talk like this?”

Interesting … when Billy Ray filed the first time he had said Miley’s fame compromised their family.

LOL Damn, how’s Billy Ray gonna ignore Miley’s texts like that? He acts like he’s got any other kind of meal ticket. Don’t even fool yourself in thinking that there is any royalty money left in ‘Achy Breaky Heart’, because there just isn’t, and Noah’s early attempts at pole dancing her way to fame as a 9-year-old clearly didn’t pan out, so he’d better hang on for dear life. (And yes, I’m being sarcastic, for those of you unaware of the concept.)

At the end of the day, shit happens, people get divorced, yada yada. Let’s just hope this doesn’t spiral Miley into a whole new level of insanity.

I Guess Tish Cyrus Was Always a Floozy

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Right? Right? Miley posted this photo to her Twitter account earlier today with the caption “Awkward family photos. @billyraycyrus always giving face!” and yeah, I know that’s true, but Tish Cyrus, yes? Total hooch, isn’t she? I realize the big, Aqua-Net hair and brown lipstick was A Thing back in 1990 or whatever, but come on. This is supposed to be a loving, heartfelt family photo, not a glamour shot for a hair salon magazine. What’s she wearing underneath that black wool and fake-sherpa coat? Nothing? Yeah, probably. In fact, the photo would be so much better if Tish wasn’t even in it – and it’s an easy photo to pretend that about, too. All you have to do is close your right eye, turn your head, and squint a little bit and she’s almost not even there.

Then again, that trick’s definitely old news. I hear Billy Ray‘s been doing that for two over two decades now and he’s got it on lockdown.

Either way, nice photo, Miley. It sure beats awkward photos of you eating a big, fat penis cake with Demi Moore! I mean, Demi was, what, thirty when this picture was taken? It really kind of puts things in perspective, now, doesn’t it.

Moral of the story? Watch who you eat penis cake with. Or something.

Love It or Leave It: Miley And Her Mom on The Beach!

A photo of Miley Cyrus

Usually when we play the Love It or Leave It game around here, it’s to criticize some poor celebrity’s questionable fashion or tragic makeup.  But not this time.  This time, we’re going to examine this ridiculous picture of Miley and Tish Cyrus, their beachwear, their tattoos, and their weird relationship.  So really, I guess the title of this piece should be “Love It or Leave It: Miley And Her Mom And Their Whole Life.”

I’ll toss out a couple of statements to get the conversation started, and you guys just run with whatever feels right, ok?

- Have you ever met a well-adjusted adult with a full back tattoo of angel wings?  I’m not saying it can’t be done, I’m just saying that I’ve never seen it.

- I feel like I’ve seen mother-daughter duos just like Miley and Tish (or maybe Miley and Tish themselves) get into fights over who got to ride the patriotic bald eagle on the carousel at Dollywood, and I don’t trust people that get into fights at Dollywood.

- Miley’s dreamcatcher looks kind of like a sea creature here, doesn’t it?

And now you go!


photo of billy ray cyrus and tish cyrus pictures

“Big thanks to all of our family, friends, and fans who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers. I feel so blessed to have so much support from all of you. Our family weathered a huge storm and I feel we are stronger than we have ever been. Much love to all of you guys! You’re the BEST!”

Tish Cyrus on being thankful that Billy Ray’s no longer leaving with his Achy Breaky money and leaving her to grovel at Bret Michael’s feet. (Because, of course, she’d do much, much better at the feet of someone like Charlie Sheen – good old Charlie doesn’t seem to discriminate all that much these days.)

In case you guys didn’t know, the Cyrus clan is no longer a broken family: Billy Ray called off the divorce early last week, and to celebrate, the family’s going to have a good, old-fashioned hoe-down this weekend, where Tish will be forcibly held down and formally exorcised of her evil, cheating spirits (don’t worry, I hear they’re almost gone, you guys).

The Cyrus Clan Called Off That Dee-vorce, Y’all!

photo of billy ray cyrus and tish finley together pictures

All of you Billy Ray Cyrus/Tish Finley fans can heave a giant, toothy sigh of relief: Billy Ray has announced that he’s retracted his bid for divorce.

Billy Ray, who’s going to be on The View this week, tells his supporters that he ‘finally fixed his family,’ and wants to move on with life:

“I’ve dropped the divorce. I want to put my family back together … Things are the best they’ve ever been. I feel like I got my Miley back in a way. I feel like we are the daddy and daughter that we were before Hannah Montana happened.”

But even though he said in previous interviews that Hannah Montana ruined his family, he’s taking those words back too:

“I don’t think Hannah Montana ruined my family … Now fame, fame is a different animal. You’ve got to be careful with that thing.”

Call me crazy, or call me country or whatever, but I get what he’s saying, and you know what? I am IN this FAMILY’S corner. I’m glad to hear that another family that was almost destroyed by Disney is back on the mend, because fuck. I think Disney’s helped enough families along the path to destruction, haven’t they?

Divorce Watch: Tish Finley-Cyrus Had An Affair With Bret Michaels

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After reading this story and relating it to you guys, I’m going to head to the kitchen to soak my eyes in a nice, tall, acidic glass of orange juice, and throw a giant dollop of vodka in there for good measure. Then I’m going to swish the eyes around in the glass (carefully, mind you; hard to do this shit with, you know, no eyes), suck the entire thing back – eyes and all – and let the whole mess digest in my stomach. Because the eyes? They’re so much better off down there, closer to my own bowels, than of the bowels of this story, which are sure to get blacker and stinkier before things get better.

Apparently Billy Ray Cyrus was the one who filed for divorce against his wife of a few decades, Tish Finley-Cyrus, because she couldn’t keep it in her pants, and had a long-standing affair with Bret Michaels, who Miley Cyrus has an odd musical affinity for. Or maybe … aw, fuck no, I’m not going down that road. But I will say, who knows – maybe these crazy sumbitches really do keep it all in the family. So, yeah. Gross. From Us Weekly:

Michaels, 47, “became close to the entire family” this past February when he and Miley released the racy duet “Nothing to Lose,” an insider tells Us Weekly.

He and Tish, 43, soon began carrying on an on-the-sly romance, sources tell Us Weekly. Tish was seen at Michaels’ Feb. 28 show at the Key Club in L.A., and he had once asked her production company’s help to adapt his book, Roses & Thorns, into a movie.

“Billy Ray was completely unaware of what was going on,” the source says of the “Achy Breaky Heart” crooner, who is seeking joint custody of their three minor children, Miley (who turns 18 Nov. 23), Braison, 16, and Noah, 10. (They have three older children from previous relationships.)

Though a rep for Michaels refutes the allegations, telling Us Weekly, “There has never been an affair or a fling,” and a rep for Tish also denies the dalliance, the Cyrus source insists, “It was a professional relationship that turned into something more.”

So there you have it guys. They’re clearly sleeping together. Like, as we speak. While listening to “Achy, Breaky Heart.” On a zebra-print rug in front of Bret’s heart-shaped, rose-adorned bed.

… Git your glasses ready, Shep … I’m on my way out the kitch’n and I’ma headin’ for that big ol’ bottle!

Miley Cyrus’s Mom and Dad Are Splitting

photo of billy ray cyrus tish finley miley cyrus family pictures

Yup, the Hollywood couple that you thought for sure would last the strains of time and Botox, shitty country songs, many pointless name changes, and teenage girls with identity crises who wear skimpy costumes and influence their toddler sisters to debut lingerie lines — it’s official:  Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Finley are gittin’ a dee-vorce!

The couple, who cited irreconcilable differences, filed for the legality late yesterday afternoon in Tennessee, and released this joint statement to their ‘fans’:

“As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for our family. We are trying to work through some personal matters. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.”

This, after seventeen years of marriage and forty kids. Well hell. Sorry to hear that your marriage didn’t work out, guys, but hey. There’s always Dollywood. And the profits from that horrendous Walmart clothing line.