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The Runaways


“She was 15, and I wasn’t allowed to grope her. I’m actually not kidding, there are major restrictions that I don’t remember from when I was younger.”

-Kristen Stewart, talking about her kissing scene with Dakota Fanning in The Runaways.

(Sorry for three Kristen Stewart posts in a row. I guess she’s just that fascinating.)

Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart Are As Good At Singing As You’d Expect

Meaning, of course, that they are somewhat awful. A track from the the Joan Jett biopic that the girls star in, The Runaways, has been released and doesn’t do much to make you want to see the movie. In fact, I’d say that this track makes me much less excited to check out the film. I wrongly assumed that they wouldn’t actually be singing much like they’re not actually playing instruments. Bummer.

Really Good Job, Kristen

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were promoting The Runaways all week at Sundance and if this press conference is any indication of how Kristen handled herself throughout the week, then I’m sure the publicists at River Road Entertainment want to kill her. Where this video picks up, we see Dakota describing what it was like to sing The Runaways’ songs and do them justice. Then Kristen takes the mic and… well, she sounds like an awkward moron. I can barely hear anything she says, except the word “whatever”, which she uses about one hundred times. The poor girl knows she can’t hack it either, and looks embarrassed and apologetic as Dakota confidently steps back to the mic, giggling at her co-star’s inability to deliver.
I actually don’t dislike Kristen Stewart at all. I think she’s a bit boring and she’s wayyyy out of her league when speaking next to a seasoned pro like Dakota, but in her words, “whatever”.