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Terry Richardson

James Franco Does ‘Vogue Hommes International’

James Franco just did Vogue Hommes International and his spread was shot by the creepy-but-fabulous Terry Richardson. It is, predictably, about as delicious as eating a cheeseburger in bed. No half-baked Oscars hosting gig or gender-bending photo shoot will ever get me over this guy. He’s the closest thing we have to a James Dean, you know.

I’m just going to leave these here.

James Franco in Drag – Do You Need More Words?

A photo of James Franco

Ok, I’ll give you a couple more words, but really, just look at the picture for a minute.  Doesn’t James Franco make such a dramatic-looking woman?  Like if you gave him some finger waves, he could totally be banging Humphrey Bogart?

This is definitely what looks like another awesome photo shoot by Terry Richardson, and it’s for Candy, a newish magazine that refers to itself as “the first fashion magazine ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations.”  In related news, I am incredibly excited for the future.

A photo of James Franco and Terry Richardson

Do You Think These Photos Of a Plus-Sized Model Chowing Down Are Insulting?

Crystal Renn is one of those models that used to be a size 00 and then she realized that her lifestyle was killing her literally and otherwise so she gave up on the whole starvation thing and returned to the modeling game as a plus-sized model. She’s a size 10 now, when she first returned to the scene she was a size 12. Average.

For the October issue of Vogue Paris, Crystal shot this spread with photographer Terry Richardson. Both Terry and Crystal have a history of doing somewhat scandalous and highly sexual photographs, so the two of them together were bound to come up with something we haven’t seen before.

But the binge-eating theme they dreamed up, while oddly sexy, is causing a lot of controversy. Some are saying that Crystal is encouraging either binge eating or trying to show people how ugly it can look. Personally, I think they’re awesome photos and I was so distracted by how interesting they were to look at that I didn’t think of what statement they were trying to make. And honestly? Homegirl’s not a fatty or something. She still looks like a model binging on pasta to me, and I don’t think that that’s something really worth blowing out of proportion.

What about you guys? Do you see why concerns are being raised, or do you think that this is just another series of odd photos from Terry Richardson?

Matthew Gray Gubler Gets Shot By Terry Richardson

Matthew Gubler by Terry Richardson

The scandalous Terry Richardson has once again done an amazing photoshoot with a celebrity I hardly know of. You probably know Matthew as a model or an actor (he was in The Life Aquatic and (500) Days of Summer), but as of right now, I know him as the adorable guy who’s blowing up my Tumblr dashboard via Terry’s Diary. They’re some fun pics… and the Mary Kate & Ashley photo? I have one of me just like it. Uh, except it was taken by my ex-boyfriend or some other nobody.

Lindsay Lohan Looks Great in Absolutely Nothing Purple Magazine

The #1 rule of photographing Lindsay Lohan is this: She must be smoking a cigarette. It’s in her standard contract. Honestly, Lindsay, if you’re trying to reform your party-girl image and convince the world that you’re no longer a nose-candied wastoid passed out on the late-night choo-choo train to Heath Ledgerville, stop glamorizing your cigarettes.

That said — and I know you guys will disagree — I love it when Lindsay does these photo spreads. I think she’s a fantastic model. She’s so magnetic and engaging in photos, and I’m always interested to see how she’s posed and what face she’s making and what she is (or isn’t) wearing. This is what she truly does best. (She used to be a half-decent actress back when she could stay sober for long enough to film a movie. That was a good six years ago at this point, though.)

Here’s some shots from her session with Terry Richardson for Purple.

Terry Richardson Knows All About The Dirty Jerz

The guys from Jersey Shore were recently treated to a photo session with the eccentric and wild Terry Richardson (that’s his blog, BTW. You should follow it if you don’t already.) The photos are priceless because, as usual, Terry manages to get a little extra something special out of his subjects. My favorite from the set? A close up of the magic that is Pauly D’s hair.