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Tegan And Sara

Reasons to Talk About Tegan and Sara

It has been an emotional couple of days here at Evil Beet with Sarah and Emily flying south and all, but today I want us to dry our tears and take a deep breath, because despite of the momentary bewilderment brought by the changes, I can promise you that things are looking up!  So shall we begin this new adventure with some light music?

Tegan and Sara are not new to the music world; they have been quite industrious ever since 1999, yet they are just breaking into the mainstream now, and how!  I came up with a few reasons why we should talk about – or better, listen – to Tegan and Sara:

1. They are identical twins.

2. They are from Canada (which, in case it needs clarifying, is Rachel McAdams and Ellen Page kind-of-cool).

3. They are openly gay and advocate for LGBT equality.

4. They make music that will not make you wish you didn’t live on this planet anymore.

5. They just released their new album, Heartthrob, and it is blowing up all over the place.

6. They were included in this year’s Coachella line-up.

7. They are pretty cute for, you know, hipsters.

8. The girl’s name is Tegan, for God’s sake.

9. Even though I knew nothing about them until last month, Tegan and Sara already have a cult following of super devoted fans.

10. We should expect to see a lot of them being interviewed by other famous people and in high fashion photoshoots for various magazines, where they would look rather great in a reserved, androgynous kind of way.

You can easily say that Tegan and Sara are the next big thing.  Because when Katy Perry is tweeting about you, you definitely know you’ve made it.

This is For All My Ladies

Reflections – Episode 1 from Tegan and Sara on Vimeo.

My favorite lesbians, Tegan and Sara have just launched their own web show called “Reflections” and this first episode picks up when the band has just arrived in Sweden. Even if you’re not a fan of the band, take a gander. Backstage life of a touring rock band is always interesting, but in when you factor in that these ladies are bilingual, gorgeous and spunky, well then you might just have found yourself a favorite new band and/or time killer.