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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Has Something Not Boring Happen to Her

I kid, I kid. Taylor swift is a good girl. She’s well-rounded and mannerly and down to earth. She’s a good role model for young women, as opposed to the likes of, you know, Lindsay Lohan or something.

However, it looks like she’s in a little bit of a legal pickle right now, as her former manager is suing her for possible royalty rights and unpaid wages.

Swift’s former manager Dan Dymtrow says that he’s suing her for millions, because he was solely responsible for her discovery, and he was also the one who helped skyrocket her career to its current superstar fame.

After Dymtrow officially began the lawsuit process, legal reps for Taylor came forward and claimed that Dymtrow’s wants are out of the question:

“For him to claim that her success and her major contracts were procured by him is ludicrous. And even if there were some merit to his claims, paying him on the contract would defeat the whole purpose of the law in New York, which is to protect minors who sign contracts.”

So, really, this leaves me kind of baffled. I get what Taylor’s reps are saying in that this guy might not be responsible for her current contracts with major recording labels and advertisers and what not, but what’s this ‘protecting minors’ clause in the referenced contract? Is Taylor (or her parents) trying to screw this guy and hide behind ‘I was a minor!’ in order to avoid paying him his dues? Thoughts?

Taylor Swift is Still Pissed at Kanye, BTW

Taylor Swift and Kanye West at the Video Music Awards

Speaking of Kanye, he’s continued to make strides toward making nice with Taylor Swift after he crashed her VMA acceptance speech last year, but they’re not exactly having the desired effect.

Kanye said he wanted to work on a song with Taylor and that he’d actually already written something for her to perform, which he obviously considers to be extremely generous offer. Kanye has the biggest ego in the game.

Thing is, homegirl writes her own music and considers his offer to be an insult. A friend of Taylor was reported as saying, “It’s just another insult that this fool thinks she would sing a song he wrote. His ego is out of control. If anything, Kanye should be singing a song that Taylor wrote, not the other way around. As far as Taylor is concerned, he can take his song and shove it.”

It doesn’t seem likely that Kanye will “shove” anything any time soon (prostitutes into a jacuzzi maybe, but certainly not the “it” that Taylor’s friend speaks of), but if his head wasn’t submerged so deep inside of his own ass, he would have remembered that Taylor’s obviously a songwriter. No doi, bro. She can’t even sing, Kanye. Sounding familiar?

So, yeah. I wouldn’t count on any epic “Taylor Swift and Kanye West ‘We’re Totally Cool Now’” performances at the VMAs tomorrow.

Taylor Swift Continues To Do Mundane Shit

These photos of Taylor Swift filming her new music video in Maine over the weekend have surfaced and look, guys! It’s more of that sappy all-American cheeseball romance bullshit that she always does. I just want to point something out here: This girl is like, 20 years old. On no planet is there a 20 year old woman who is internationally successful who also got married in a chapel to her high school sweetheart. There just isn’t. Taylor Swift, you cannot have the kind of love you sing about and be as successful as you are at the age of 20. Grow the fuck up!

Another Overrated Celebrity Is Down With Milk

Taylor Swift Loves Milk

photo via JustJared

Taylor Swift’s milk mustache ad came out today and boy oh boy, is it just as boring as the rest of them! When these ads first came out, they were weird in a good way and seemed kind of innovative, but now it’s just like, a standard. Everyone in Hollywood does the cover of Entertainment Weekly, then they get a milk mustache ad, then they get a star on the Walk of Fame. If they’re unlucky, there’s a sex tape and comeback tour sandwiched somewhere in between the milk ad and the star. Yawn-status.

Lady Gaga is Just Like You

Lady Gaga Loves Taylor Swift

Lady Gaga has a guilty pleasure, and no, it’s not eating chocolate-covered midgets in a bath of milk like you’d think. Lady Gaga is actually somewhat obsessed with a little Taylor Swift song you might have heard on your radio dials a time or two.

Gaga told

I don’t want to hurt her feelings, because she’s lovely. That Taylor Swift song? You Belong with Me? Oh my God! When it comes on the radio, I sing it so loud and I’m so embarrassed! Because I so freely sing it so loud! You can’t help it! The song, it’s not a bad song. It’s a great song! I think it’s just because it’s very whimsical in a way that I’m not necessarily whimsical every day. When it comes on, I just get this… I wanna sing it! Every woman feels that way. So I didn’t mean that in a bad way, Taylor. I think you’re lovely and beautiful, and I think you’re a great songwriter.

Blah, OK, I think Taylor Swift is totally bullshit (never have I seen “the Industry” gather around to suck someone’s dick harder. “No one can say anything mean about Taylor Swift!” Fuck yourselves, she’s a snooze) and I can’t stand her music, but HEY! We’ve all got songs like that. For me, it’s “Heard It All Before” by Sunshine Anderson. That’s my personal “You Belong With Me”. And you know, it’s kind of nice to imagine Lady Gaga singing along to her radio like a normal person.

Taylor Swift Gets a Gay Makeover

There’s a formula to making what will be a successful YouTube video. Take something everybody loves and add something else that everybody loves. You know, like babies saying adult things or gay guys romping around to a Miley Cyrus hit. Rinse and repeat, it works almost every time.

And that’s exactly why this video of a group of gay college boys knew exactly what they were doing when they made this fabulous remake of the most popular Taylor Swift song. These guys have been doing their homework and the video’s pretty well-made. Check it out.

Cleanse Your Brain of Taylor Swift’s Sissy Mantras

So I came across this parody of Taylor Swift songs this morning and I think I like it a lot better than anything the actual artist has ever done. After this article came out essentially putting Taylor in her place as a bad role model for young girls (I completely agree), this video showed up on YouTube. The songwriter’s message in this video is that Taylor’s “I’m so broken hearted that the cool guy doesn’t like me because I’m not a whore”-message is not only completely immature, but it’s pathetic.

I grew up listening to Fiona and Alanis and other strong females who would fuck you, drink your blood and then hang your carcass from their front porch and I still need reminders from time to time that I can do bad all by myself. What’s going to happen to a generation of teen girls who grow up thinking that the cheer captain leaves anything to be desired?

Anyway, I think this video makes a nice little point.