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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift will not be in porn, thank you

taylor swift

Taylor Swift is one smart lady. She knows there are some sickos out there in the world, and she’s beating them to the punch. Our Lady of the $40 Million Legs is ten steps ahead of anyone who might try to make a porn parody of her or Photoshop her body on a naked woman giving a rim job by purchasing up some porno domains before anyone could get to them.

report from CNN Money suggests that the musician has purchased some X-rated domains involving her name so that no one else on the internet can use them for more nefarious purposes.

Stuart Lawley, the CEO of ICM registry, reportedly told CNN Money that Swift’s management team has purchased and, as the company is in charge of .porn and .adult domains.

According to CNN, ICM is allowing a certain group of individuals and companies to jump on these domains before they’re open to the public for purchase on June 1. This move would allow those groups to protect their image before a random teenager on the internet locks them down and charges a premium for those groups to buy them back.

Smart move, I suppose – but it’s not like some asshole can’t buy, I dunno, or whatever, right? I mean, it’s good that she’s got a hold of these url extensions, but there are literally limitless combos people can make up if they really wanted to, so… I don’t know how successful this whole plan is.

I wonder what other celebs have gotten in on this to try and prevent issues later? I bet you Kim and Kanye have bought some to actually use for their nude “art”.

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Taylor Swifts $40 million legs have been ruined by a cat

taylor swift

Thank goodness Taylor Swift took out $40 million worth of insurance on her infamous legs, because they were very nearly RUINED by one of her cats this weekend. Taylor has 2 little furry friends, foldy-eared cats (yep, that’s an official name, lolz) called Olivia and Meredith. It was Meredith who shredded poor Taylor to smithereens this weekend, and Taylor took to Instagram to poke fun at the insurance rumours, proving she’s in on the joke and has a pretty good sense of humor, too.


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Touche, Taylor. Touche. Luckily, it seems like she’ll make a full recovery.

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Are Taylor Swift’s legs worth $40 million?

taylor swift legs
If there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s that Taylor Swift has pretty amazing legs. She shows them off at every available opportunity and now, she’s taking things to the next level since she’s apparently decided to insure those legs for an insane $40 million.

From The Daily Mail:

A source shared that the Blank Space singer was ‘embarrassed’ once she realized how much her legs were actually worth.

The 1989 hitmaker took out the insurance plan because she didn’t want to be at risk of losing everything if she was unable to dance on stage.

A source shared: ‘It seems like a ludicrous sum, but if something was to happen to her legs, Taylor wouldn’t be able to give her signature stage performances. Her $200 million career would be in big trouble.’

I have to be honest – I don’t understand what any of this means. I mean, I know it’s from DM so it’s absolute bullshit, but how on earth would she “lose everything” because… she couldn’t dance on stage? She just… wouldn’t go on tour, one would imagine. And she wouldn’t make any MORE money, but she’s already fucking loaded with more money than she’ll reasonably need for the rest of her life, so… yeah, don’t get it.

Also, why would she be “embarrassed” about how much her legs are worth, and who in the hell appraised them to begin with? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

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Taylor Swift gets creative to avoid paprazzi

taylor swift

Taylor Swift is a world famous superstar, and she’s hounded by paparazzi pretty much everywhere she goes. Most of the time she puts up with it, but like any human being, sometimes she just doesn’t want to be bothered and can’t be dealing with cameras in her face. Her solution? Walk backwards all the way to her car!

She did just that while leaving a friend’s house in LA yesterday. Frankly, I wanna know who tipped off the paps to where she was, for one, and also whether it’s actually legal for them to be all up in her friend’s garage like that. Isn’t it considered private property???

Anyway, kudos to you for this, Taylor. You did it all with ~style~ and in high heeled boots, no less!

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Noel Gallagher isn’t a Taylor Swift fan, then?

noel gallagher taylor swift

Oasis was great back in the day, sure, but now Liam and Noel Gallagher are washed up has-beens who are better known for being total dickheads who talk shit about pretty much everyone on earth (including each other) than they are for their once-great music. Noel has a special brand of asshole-ness, though, and his latest rant was against Taylor Swift and her songwriting abilities.

From Rolling Stone:

What about Taylor Swift? She’s a pop star, but many people praise her talent as a songwriter.
[Laughs] Who says that? Her parents?

Lots of people.
Who’s “people”? Name these people. You’re fucking lying. She seems like a nice girl, but no one has ever said those words, and you fucking know it.

Haha, well, okay, fair enough. Taylor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You know who IS golden is Noel’s book? One Direction, of course – more particularly, Harry Styles.

What about One Direction, do you like them?
I know Harry Styles. We’ve hung out a couple of times. They’re lovely lads. But I’ve got to say, I have difficulties with people who don’t write their own songs, who’ve got a team of songwriters who work for your record label.

And there you have it. Noel Gallagher’s thoughts on the world of pop. But wait – I’ll leave you with one bonus quote:

Do you listen to much pop?
No. It’s fucking awful. Modern pop music is bland nonsense. There isn’t even a word yet that’s capable of describing it. If it was a color, it would be beige. Do you know what color beige is?

I do, yeah.
It’s like a milky brown. Not for me.

Cool beans.

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Taylor Swift on being single: ‘No one’s going to sign up for this’

taylor swift

Taylor Swift has a great  life – she’s a worldwide superstar, she’s got tons of friends and a close family – what’s not to love? The one thing missing from her existence these days, as everyone in the press keeps pointing out, is a romantic partner. Sure, she’s done her share of dating, but she’s sworn men off in recent months because they just don’t fit into her grand plans. In fact, she doesn’t know when she’ll be in a relationship again, as she explained in a new interview with The Telegraph.

Ask her what the tape looks like if you fast-forward five years and she seems less certain. ‘I’ll be 30,’ she gasps. ‘I’ll probably still be single, let’s be honest. No one’s going to sign up for this and everything that goes with it. Like, “Hi, nice to meet you, want a date? Do you love camera flashes? I hope you do!” I don’t know what’s going to happen if I’m ever content in a relationship – no idea how that’s going to work,’ she continues, still smiling. ‘I don’t even know if that’s possible with the life I have.

‘“In five years’ time she’ll be so afraid of everything, she doesn’t leave her house,”’ she says, laughing self-mockingly. ‘“She’s just surrounded by cats. So many cats, they’ve divided themselves up into armies and she wanders around lint-rolling the couch that no one’s going to sit on because she’s afraid to have people over…”’

Aw, that’s… sweet? Sad? I can’t really decide. I know she’s being lighthearted and self-deprecating here, and I also know that fame is her choice and she could leave it behind if she really wanted to. She’s certainly made enough money to live the rest of her life rather comfortably without having to be in the spotlight. But fame just seems so isolating – I couldn’t do it. I don’t think you need romance to make your life complete, so that’s not what saddens me, but it’s not knowing who can handle that life alongside you – even down to friends. You never know who you can trust. Shame.

Anyhow, Taylor also spoke about the perception of her as a serial kill-and-tell-er:

‘My point is not to be sexy, my point is not to turn masses of people on.’ And she made a determined attempt to cause a ‘change in the narrative’ that had portrayed her as some sort of serial-dating bunny-boiler (an idea her song Blank Space skewers deliciously, by writing from the perspective of that character). ‘There was a bit of a reputation for having a lot of boy-bashing songs,’ she says, referring to the likes of I Knew You Were Trouble and Should’ve Said No. ‘Which is a sexist way of saying heartbreak songs. To trivialise someone who’s heartbroken is really cruel. But people have to simplify things,’ she says. ‘Everybody’s got busy lives, they don’t have time to form a complex opinion of me and my music. I’m in a different place in my life, where love isn’t really a priority. I haven’t dated anyone in years so there’s less chatter about the serial dater thing. I’m just really excited at an awards show when they don’t make some weird joke about my dating life.’

And about her refusal to ever discuss her feud with Katy Perry publicly:

‘I’m not giving them anything to write about,’ she says, smiling steelily. ‘I’m not walking up the street with boys, I’m not stumbling out of clubs drunk. But I’m never going to talk about her in my interview. It’s not going to happen.’

Well, that’s that. More deep thoughts from Taylor Swift. Sure, I get why some people find certain things about her to be somewhat obnoxious, but I can’t help but find her really likeable.

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Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss cover Vogue

taylor swift karlie kloss spread

It’s here! It’s here! It’s Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss on the cover of Vogue, just like you never knew you always wanted! If you ‘ship Taylor and Karlie as that secret couple everyone thought they were or just as BFFs, you’ll be happy to see them doing their road trippin’, BFF-in’ thing in the pages and on the cover of the new issue of Vogue.

Here are some cool facts you’ll learn in the interview:

—They first met backstage at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Lily Aldridge introduced the pair and upon meeting Swift said, “You. My friend. Now.” Swift has a Polaroid picture of the two hugging on her photo wall and the caption reads “Best Friends Forever VS2013” in Sharpie.

– Swift started spending so much time with her female friends because of the way she was being portrayed in the media as a man-eater. “I was really irritated by the whole serial-dater play that people tried to make about me.”

– Taylor Swift’s philosophy for making friends is “basically, wear ‘em down till they like you.”

– Swift follows the five-second rule.

Lena Dunham, another member of this particular girl posse, says Swift is just, like, the bestest friend ever: “Even if she’s in Hong Kong on tour and I’m going through something, if I text her, I get an answer in two seconds. If something good happens to me—say, I get a nomination, or it’s my birthday, or the day before my birthday, or my book comes out—I get a text from Taylor way before I get a text from my mom.”

That all sounds very exciting, now doesn’t it? Here are all the fancy pics that went along with the shoot – and there are TONS.

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