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Surprise, Surprise: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles “Weren’t Romantic At All”

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were only together for a hot minute, but that doesn’t mean stories about them in the press have to stop. Both parties have kept mum about one another since the break-up, but oh well! We’ll still milk this one for all it’s worth, this time by talking to… Harry Styles’ tattoo artist in the US. (First of all, why does he have a US-based tattoo artist and a UK one? Second of all, what’s with all the tattoo talk lately?)

From The Daily Star:

Harry’s LA tattooist and confidant Freddy Negrete has a very different take on the doomed relationship, however. He believes they were never in love.

Freddy, 56, who has spent hours tattooing the One Direction star, 19, in his Hollywood studio, even hints their fling could have been a publicity stunt.

In an exclusive interview he said: “Harry and Taylor didn’t seem in love at all. There wasn’t a sparkle in Harry’s eye.

They were kind and respectful to each other but didn’t have stars in their eyes.

“They seemed more like friends. Harry wasn’t in love and it wasn’t serious for him. They weren’t romantic at all. He was just casual – they weren’t staring into each other’s eyes. Taylor came towards the end of his ship tattoo and sat with him but there was nothing magical going on.”

Well, generally if “magic” is happening, you don’t break up like, two months after you start dating, so this isn’t surprising. Also, way to lose business for yourself, bro. Harry’s never coming back to you since he knows you run your mouth to the press about your clientele. Though I suppose he can relive their memories by tattooing Harry’s face on all the One Direction fans that are going to start pouring in, now. Ugh, enough!

Taylor Swift Might Have a Thing For Gingers

Taylor Swift and fellow musician Ed Sheeran became, er, swift friends when they met while working on TSwift’s album Red last year, and sort of maybe had a little fling then, though Ed insisted to reporters at the time that they would never have a relationship because he wasn’t her time. Aw, Ed! Even gingers need love.

Anyway, since her break up with Harry Styles in December, Taylor is said to have become closer with Ed again – especially since he’ll be opening for her world tour later this year – and now they’re giving it a proper go. Hmm.

From The Sun:

Ed told The Sun last night: “We’re good friends.”

A source said: “Taylor has always loved Ed to bits. He’s just an adorably sweet guy who makes her laugh and feel really confident.

“Harry had that irresistible bad boy thing but Taylor has realised she would rather give it a go with a guy who can make her happy on a different level.”

Taylor and Ed spent the night together before last month’s Brits awards, according to reports in the US. They stayed up talking and putting the world to rights until 4am at Taylor’s London hotel.

Ed was spotted doing “the walk of shame” the next day, leaving the hotel in the same clothes he had been wearing the night before.

A source added: “Taylor made it clear when they go off on tour she wants Ed to be her boyfriend.

“He’s thrilled as he has always thought she’s amazing. When they split last year he always hoped they would get back together.

“They’ve both vowed not to have a nasty break-up no matter what happens.”

I mean, I sort of can’t really see it – it’s an odd coupling if ever there was one. Still, sometimes it’s the odd couplings that work the best. What do you think?

Harry Styles Has Nothing Bad to Say About Taylor Swift

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift only dated for like, the hottest of minutes before they were dunzo because TSwift wasn’t peen crazy or something, so it seems pretty stupid that we’re still talking about them like their relationship meant anything ever. But alas, here we are and Harry continues to be a shining beacon of gentlemanhood by refusing to talk shit about Taylor, even if she did probably diss him at the Grammys by doing an awful English accent during her opening performance.

From an interview with Capital FM (via Digital Spy):

“Oh it’s fine,” he told Capital FM. “She’s a great performer and she’s always good on the stage… she’s done it for a long time.

“She knows what she’s doing on stage. It was just another good Taylor Swift performance. It was good.”

And from Grazia:

“I’m not worried about seeing her at all. She’s a sweet girl, you know, I don’t have a bad word to say about her.”

Well, that’s nice, though I’m guessing that Taylor would have a lot worse to say about him if he did decide to open his mouth.  I think his reticence is most likely a British thing or a man thing or a combination of the two, but either way, sometimes silence really is golden. If only we could silence any talk of these two being together for the forseeable future…

Carrie Underwood Never Got the Memo That She’s Feuding With Taylor Swift

Sigh. Another day, another ‘girls can’t get along’ story debunked. Because the Kardashians must’ve stayed home that day, the press filled the pages with a story last week that claimed something’s rotten at the Grand Ole Opry and banjo strings were flying between Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, who are supposedly embroiled in a serious feud.  There’s only one problem with that: Carrie has no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

Appearing on CBS This Morning, the ‘Blown Away’ singer (that song is so good, guys) was asked whether there’s any bad blood between herself and Swift:

“No! Not that I know of at least!” she replied.

“In every magazine, in pretty much every newspaper, or on gossip TV shows, they can just get away with [saying there's a feud] by saying, ‘a source said’ or, ‘a friend said’ or, ‘an insider said’. I read the most ridiculous things about myself when people do that.”

Well, only one word seems fitting here: DUH. Newsflash to anyone with a brain since the last one seemed to have gone missing: women in the same industry can not only work together without scratching one another’s eyes out, they can also respect each other and realise that there’s enough room for more than one person to succeed.

Taylor Swift Doesn’t Chase Boys, Okay?

Taylor Swift gets a pretty bad rap when it comes to her dating life. Sure, she goes through relationships at what might seem like rapidfire pace, but she’s also in her early 20s, in the public eye and probably has no idea what she wants in life, hence all the dating to figure that out. Are some of her choices questionable? Sure, but are they any more questionable than half the men she’s involved with or any of her peers? Not hardly.

Anyway, since journalists can’t seem to think of anything more interesting to ask her about during interviews, TSwift tried to set the record straight on her approach to romance in a new interview with Elle (via Gossip Cop):

“I’m sure if I looked up the latest Google Alerts rumor it would say I’m chasing somebody who doesn’t like me as much as I like him – people love that angle on me,” says the singer.

Swift continues, “They’re like ‘Oh Taylor, coming on too strong again, chasing boys.’ I never chase boys. They don’t like it!”

The songstress does concede, however, that her relationships do provide excellent musical fodder – but to her, that’s nothing new.

“To me it’s just writing songs the way I always have. It’s me sitting on my bed feeling pain I didn’t understand, writing a song and understanding it better,” says Swift.

Okay, a few things here. Are her songs shitty? Eh, that’s debatable. I personally think she writes some serious ear worms that – while they don’t offer much in the way of deep philosophy – seem honest to her own experience and view of the world. They’re fun to listen to – if I wanted class, I’d put on Beethoven. But the fact that people give her a hard time for writing songs about people she’s dated makes no sense. What do you think every single pop song ever written is about? Just because you may not know who ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ or ‘Someone Like You’ is about doesn’t make that any less true.

Secondly, and I hate to get on my feminist high horse again here, but why is Taylor’s revolving door of suitors any different than, say, Harry Styles’ – who, by the way, has probably had 10x the amount of women in his life and possibly bed in the past year than Taylor has in her life? Oh, right, I forgot – it’s because she’s a woman. Men do that, it’s biological, that’s just how they are because penises are monsters with minds of their own and men can’t be held accountable for what they do with them. Give me a break. If men received half the shit for their relationships as women did, well, we’d all have to question whether we were living in a parallel universe and how we were going to get back to real life, because it would never happen. Sorry, EB bros – you have to admit society is totally like that.

Sure, I don’t give a rat’s ass about who Taylor Swift is dating and wish she’d shut up about it, but I also wish the press would. Things are only stories when we make them so.

Grammy Fashion 2013

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards happened last night and all that means to me is that we get to “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” and “WTF?” over what everyone was wearing. There were guidelines this year for what attendees could and could not wear. I mean, really! Here are some highlights:

Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong type costumes are problematic. [...] Please be sure the genital region is adequately covered so that there is no visible ‘puffy’ bare skin exposure.

Hee hee, puffy! That’s some creative phrasing.

So let’s get to some standouts, for better or for worse.

carly rae jepsen grammy dress

Singer Carly Rae Jepsen may have finally redeemed herself in my eyes after that diabolical BCBG nightmare of an outfit she wore at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. (Rumor has it someone was fired over that outfit. I hope so.)

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Taylor Swift Still Doesn’t Get It

A photo of Taylor Swift

I’m sorry (no, I’m not), but Taylor Swift is really, really dumb. She’s smart with some things, of course, like writing songs that little girls will fall in love with and all that, but for the most part, she’s just a big dummy.

Here’s what I mean: we all understand why Taylor Swift is dumb. We all get it. We all get that she’s creepy and obsessive and weird, and that she tries to cover all that up by pretending to be an angelic, virginal 12-year-old girl. That’s all very clear to us, right? But not to Taylor. She just doesn’t get it.

Check out this thing that she said recently:

“People say that I’m buying houses all the time that I’m not buying. It’s like every time the press thinks I like a guy, they say I am buying a house next to them. And also they think they know what I’m getting people for Christmas, which they don’t. I was thinking when I saw that one (rumor) that if they actually got it right I would be so sad because they would have blown my Christmas present, but they were all wrong.”

Because that’s the thing people make fun of her for, buying houses. Ugh. This is like Lindsay Lohan doing an interview and saying “guys, I don’t really have sex with Terry Richardson!” Like, ok, that’s one tiny, old rumor addressed, but how about every other thing that’s wrong with you?

There’s also another story about Tay Tay going around (I have to cram in an extra one, guys, because this is my very last time talking to you about this girl! Can you even imagine?!). It seems like she’s basically been crying nonstop ever since Harry Styles broke up with her. Poor thing. Some source said that “she is a complete mess,” and that it’s really hurting her feelings how everyone’s pointing out the fact that she’s crazy.

My favorite part, though, is about how Tina Fey made a joke about her at the Golden Globes. Here’s how Taylor apparently reacted afterwards:

”That’s when it hit her that she has such a horrible reputation, it could affect her professionally.”

GIRL, LOL! Do you think, maybe?