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Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s Wife is Never Going to Let Him Out of the House Again

So, um, what do you guys think? Can men and women be ‘just friends,’ or just not friends with Steve Harvey and his lecherous bunch of boys?

Me, I think that if his wife decides to divorce him (or not or whatever), he’ll have a pretty hard time getting a piece of anything from here on out. That or he’s going to have a pretty hard time making any new male friends, ’cause they’re all about to be pissed off that Harvey blew up their spots.

Either way, this post – for me – is positively laced with the thought of Steve Harvey sex and that’s just too much for me to fathom on a Monday morning. It’s like waking up next to a smiling Paris Hilton, a half-drunk glass of Alka Seltzer complete with that powdery-sticky film around the rim, and the smell of chicken farm lingering in the air.

Things that, you know, just sort of make you gag and want to die a bit.