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Steve Carell

Get Preemptively Excited for ‘Burt Wonderstone’

Photo: Steve Carell stars as magician Burt Wonderstone

This image of comedy treasure Steve Carell ought to whet your interest in next year’s Burt Wonderstone, in which Carell stars as Burt Wonderstone.

The premise: a Vegas magician “breaks up with his longtime stage partner” (thank you, IMDb), and then a “new, ‘hip’ street magician” threatens the aging Wonderstone’s “relevance.” Hee hee!

Jim Carrey stars as Wonderstone’s professional nemesis, Steve Haines. Here he is as Steve Haines:

Photo: Jim Carrey stars in 'Burt Featherstone' as magician Steve Haines

God, that is so perfect. Whoever designed the costumes and makeup freaking nailed it.

Like, I am a huge fan of “close magic,” but the humorlessness of no-frills street magic is so ripe for parody. Can anyone take Criss Angel seriously? He looks like a character from some vampire anime thing.

In the meantime, serial creeper Steve Buscemi shares top billing as “Anton Lovecraft.” Educated guess: Buscemi’s character is a practitioner of the Darkest Arts. Too, too funny.

There’s another reason you should be excited about Burt Wonderstone: the screenplay was penned by prodigy John Francis Daley. That’s right, the rosy-cheeked kid from Freaks and Geeks. He’s 26! Twenty-six years old! And he wrote Horrible Bosses! That is just marvelously nuts to me; good grief.

Guys, I honestly intended to post the pic of Carell in magician’s garb over the weekend, and I completely blanked. I continued to forget about this amazing photo of Carell until this very morning, when the photo, without comment, became the #1 story on Reddit. People are really excited for this movie, you guys!

P.S. Um, yes. I decided to pad this post’s image gallery with some other pics from the set. Thanks, Celebuzz!

The Office: Afghanistan Style!

Good morning, friends! While you’re sipping on that coffee and eating your bagels and listening to birds or whatever it is you people who normally function at this hour do, I’ll just be watching this little trailer for The Ministry, Afghanistan’s answer to the magic of The Office. I’ll just be cooing over Afghanistan Steve Carell and hoping he doesn’t break Afghanistan hearts by leaving them. Yeah, that’s where I’ll be.

Guess Who’s Coming to The Office?

A photo of Will Farrell

That’s right, Will Ferrell is coming to The Office. In these, Steve Carell’s last hours as Michael Scott, Will Ferrell will swoop in like a similarly styled comedian from heaven to ease everyone’s worried hearts as Michael heads on out to greener pastures in the form of eloping with Holly (right? That’s what’s going to happen, isn’t it?).

Here’s how it’s going down:

Ferrell, 43, will join the NBC sitcom for a guest role in which he plays a branch manager who arrives from the home office and proves just as inept as Carell’s Michael Scott, reports.

“We found Steve Carell when he was nothing but a movie star, and we turned him into a television star,” executive producer Paul Lieberstein says. “We are proud to continue The Office‘s tradition of discovering famous talent, and we hope that once America gets a good look at Will, they’ll see what we see: tremendous raw sexuality.”

After seven seasons as the show’s dunderheaded boss, Carell, 48, is leaving four episodes before this season’s finale. Ferrell’s guest role will include Carell’s last three episodes, plus one more after his departure.

Ferrell reportedly called the producers and offered his services because he’s a fan and wanted to give Carell a proper farewell.

This seems about right to me.  I do have some severe sad feelings about Michael leaving (did you guys see last week’s episode?  Who else is going to force Kevin to eat his broccoli, you guys?), but this is a proper send-off.  Or at least as proper as it can get  - I’m not sure how realistic it would be if we found out that Michael and Holly had been married for years and had several children together.

Steve Carell Puts A Knife Through My Heart

Steve Carell

The Office, also known as one of the best TV shows that ever happened, is currently about to wrap up its sixth season, and Steve Carell’s contract is up after the seventh.  And he doesn’t plan on sticking around afterwards.

That first part isn’t that new, but there hasn’t been much word on NBC’s stance.  They’ve recently stated that they’re about as happy with the prospect of Carell leaving as I am, which is not at all. Representatives of NBC said “we hope we can keep him around for a long time,” but regardless of Carell’s presence, the show will go on. Writers are already working on possibilities for continuing on without Carell’s character.

I have no idea what would happen to Dunder Mifflin without Michael. Jim would probably take over to get more money for the baby.  But then there’s Ryan, who at some point went from being a smarmy douchebag to an adorable hipster/smarmy douchebag.  Or maybe Dwight could pull through, though I think he’d be heartbroken at Michael’s departure.

Goddamnit, NBC, you just make me fall in love then you break my heart.  If The Office gets cancelled because Steve Carell leaves, I can’t be held responsible for the angry, tear-stained letters that you receive.

Looks Like The Office is About to Crap Out, Too

I swear, the best shows on TV never last as long as they should. Ever.

Steve Carell of The Office kinda confirms that this upcoming season will be his last on the show. His contract expires at the end of the season and Carell stated that it’s “probably going to be” his “last year.”

Carell’s plans to leave the show will probably devastate the show’s following. Dwight is a pretty cool character that’s been a super big part of the show, but who the hell is Dwight without Michael Scott?

I wonder if they’ll even keep the show running if Carell officially decides to bail.

I’m bummed.

What Sucks and Costs $250 Million?

This is older news but you haven’t heard about it yet. A friend mentioned this to me and I had to track it down for you, the adoring public. I’m about to blow your mind. Ready?

Evan Almighty could cost as much as $250 million U.S. dollars to make. That’s million with an M. As in one quarter of a Billion dollars.

You may be scratching your head as to what exactly Evan Almighty is. It’s the sequel to Bruce Almighty, the one where Morgan Freeman was God and Jim Carrey put a definitive end to his comedy film career. The movie was okay, and it was cool because Jennifer Aniston played a tree. Oh, she didn’t? My bad.

But back to the budget, according to the article the film has run over on costs because:

a) it’s a “spectacle fantasy and also a comedy.”

b) the “studio’s desire to release the film during the holiday season in December, thereby cutting preparation time and forcing the crew to shoot scenes in Virginia during a rainy period.”

c) “Producers also encountered delays having to film hundreds of animals.”

Okay, now I get it. They had to deal with pricey rain, it’s a fantasy, and they had animals. It’s like Singles mixed with Jumanji so you can see why it would cost bank and a half. I won’t get into why they’ve decided special effects are relevant to a comedy because I know what really happened to the money and that’s a much more compelling story.

Tijuana hookers, eight thousand pounds of blow, and the crazy “money bonfire” party that helped the cast and crew pass away those lonely Virginia nights.