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Stars Without Makeup

Stars Without Makeup: Anne Hathaway

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Here’s a picture of Anne Hathaway leaving a Vietnamese restaurant in Silver Lake, California, with her husband, Adam Shulman, and you know what? Adam Shulman is pretty hot in a Ryan Gosling-meets-Mark Zuckerberg kind of way, and I like it. Also, Anne Hathaway has no makeup on and is sporting a pretty impressive bed head to boot. That’s pretty much what my hair looks like all the time, but don’t think laziness has anything to do with it. No, it’s all prerogative there, folks. I just like it this way.

But anyway, hey! This picture of Anne sure beats having to see Anne’s labia hanging out all over the place, now, doesn’t it? Or, I don’t know, does it?

Battle of the Stars Without Makeup: Kirstie Alley v. Kelly Ripa v. Alicia Silverstone

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Yeah, we just brought you Snooki sans fards, but now we’re going to bring you three ladies who are totally out of Snooki’s league, looks-wise, and I’m going to want you to vote on who the best Star Without Makeup is this fine, fine morning.

First, in the thirty-something category, we have Alicia Silverstone, who was photographed in New York City this past weekend on her way to a Broadway rehearsal:

photo of alicia silverstone without makeup pictures
Second, in the forty-something category, there’s Kelly Ripa, who’s reportedly had a crap ton of plastic surgery, and isn’t really all that shy about admitting it. This is her without makeup, shopping also in New York City:

photo of kelly ripa no makeup pictures
And finally, we have my personal favorite, Kirstie Alley, who’s in the sixty-something set. Kirstie was snapped on a ‘Dancing With the Stars’ break in Los Angeles earlier in the week:

photo of kirstie alley no makeup pictures
Now, after seeing all of these lovely ladies fresh-faced, first thing in the morning, who’s your favorite? Eh?

Alicia Silverstone, Kelly Ripa, or Kirstie Alley?

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