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Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd’s Ex Is Kind Of A Jerk

Sherri Shepherd just filed from divorce from Lamar Sally, and there’s all kinds of documents coming out now that suggest Mr. Sally is kind of a jerk. The two signed a prenup and after that, Mr. Sally added an amendment he wanted her to sign that pledges her to have sex with him and not get fat. Here’s allegedly what the document said...

Sharon Osbourne Is Sorry For Telling ‘The View’ to Fuck Off

What I love about Sharon Osbourne is that she is reckless with her mouth. She will say whatever the hell she wants about whomever the hell she wants and if you don’t like it, too damn bad. That’s why it wasn’t at all surprising when she told the ladies of The View to go fuck themselves while appearing on The Arsenio Hall Show...

Watch This: the Film Debut of Stephanie Plum, Starring Katherine Heigl

Last year, I very abruptly decided I should start reading paperback mystery novels. I have no idea how I arrived at that realization, but once I was there, I had zero idea how to begin. Both my best childhood friend and my beloved high school English teacher gave me the same recommendation: Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Read the...

It Was The Boobs!

I was going to add this to the Sherri Shepherd post, but I didn’t want it to get lost.  One of our favorite (and cutest!) readers known as Kate the Great, sent me this photo taken with SS on June 1st.  I was right!  It’s all about those boobs.  She’s teensy from the waist down! Thank you Kate for resolving this pressing issue!

Sherri Shepherd Loses 41 Pounds

The View’s Sherri Shepherd has lost 40 pounds with the help of a trainer, healthy meals delivered to her home and no surgery (take that Star Jones!)  She’s on the cover of this week’s OK magazine and talks about the importance of exercise.   “I lost weight last year and started gaining it back because I wasn’t...

Damage Control!

Here’s Sherri Shepherd on The View, trying to make amends for talking shit about Barbara Walters to a Christian women’s magazine. Remember, Sherri: sarcasm doesn’t always translate in print. Take it from someone who knows.