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Shanae Grimes

Love It or Leave It: Shenae Grimes’ Asia Girls Explosion Look

I’m just going to be upfront and admit that “Asia Girls Explosion” sounds like a porno flick to me, but it’s not. It’s a fashion event that takes place in Tokyo, and this year’s guest stars were Shenae Grimes, Jessica Stroup and AnnaLynne McCord from 90210 and The City’s Olivia Palermo. The ladies took over the runway to show off looks from YOSHIKIMONO’s new line and while I really couldn’t care less about most of these ladies, I absolutely LOVE Shenae’s look in these photos. The adorable black dress, the sassy leopard print coat and of course, the killer hair and makeup, all make her look the best I’ve ever seen her, and I’m a huge fan of hers going all the way back to the Degrassi days.

One thing, though? Not sure if I can get on board with the yellow eye makeup. She IS in Tokyo, where fashion rules are a bit more liberal, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pretty lady done justice by a school bus-hue shadow. I am dying to try out eyeliner like hers on myself, though.

What do you think about Shenae’s look?

Shenae Grimes Calls Her Former Co-Stars’ Success “a Fluke”


Shenae Gimes gave quite the interview to Kyle Buchanan at Movieline and held nothing back when asked about her former Degrassi co-stars, Nina Dobrev (who Degrassi fans know as Mia) and Aubrey Graham (the rapper who blew up this summer under the name Drake.) While everything I’ve heard about Shenae around town has been nothing but positive, she sure seems to have some negative feelings about her pals from up north, even if she buries them with backhanded compliments. Here’s what she had to say:

On Nina: “I think I was the first kid, really, to get work in the States and make that break. It’s really hard as a Canadian actor to make a footprint in the States, because of the visa stuff. I’m so proud, though, and so blown away; like, what a fluke, Nina getting the lead in Vampire Diaries a year after 90210. Props to her, though: She’s always been a star. She’d not been on Degrassi that long, and I knew from the first year she was on it, I was like, “This girl’s going to go far.” I’m not shocked at all.”

On Drake: “He’s been rapping and whatever for years, but none of us really expected it to blow up like it did. We didn’t really know if he walked the walk because he didn’t really share that side of his life with us: It was Aubrey Graham of Degrassi, and then that Drake world was a different world for him. This is the first time that I’m really seeing it and he’s just huge! None of us really kept in touch, which is a shame, but I’m so unbelievably proud that he’s made it despite all that.”

Her comments about Nina and Aubrey may come off as sweet enough, but deep in there are a lot of words you don’t use for friends. She seems to think Drake is a faker and Nina only landed her gig on Vampire Diaries based on sheer luck and the fact that she made it so much easier for Canadian actresses to have a chance at acting on shows here in the States.

The rest of the interview is mainly 90210 gossip, but she does dive in to the frustrations she’s experienced playing the smiley Annie and how even she hated her character for most of the first season.

Keep it down to earth, girl! Remember your humble Canadian roots!

Work It, Girl!

New “it” girl on the block, Shanae Grimes, struts her stuff at the Gemini Awards in Canada. The event was hosted by a wax statue of Jason Priestly, which Shanae took some time to pose with.


“These are stories that have been written about everybody. Of course we’re the new girls on a hit show so we’re plopped into these little boxes. And people buy it. It makes me totally second guess anything I’ve ever read about anybody.”

90210 star Shanae Grimes, disputing rumors that she’s an anorexic party girl who’s difficult on set.

Honestly, I’ve always thought Shanae just looks like one of those girls who eats healthy, exercises and is just naturally really thin — plus, she’s 19 years old. It’s easy to be that skinny when you’re 19 years old. Jesus, when I was that old, if I wanted to lose 10 pounds, I’d eat salad for a week and go for a couple jogs and it was done. I never understood how people had trouble losing weight. It’s was like, “Dude, it only takes a week, get on it!” Now, at 26, I’m running like 4 miles a day and eating salad and fruit and whole grains ONLY and it’s been 3 weeks and I can’t drop a single pound. FUCK THE AGING PROCESS.


90210′s resident good girl, 18-year-old Shanae Grimes, lights up a smoke after purchasing quite a few packs of cigarettes.

What are those? Parliament Menthols?

Just buy a carton, sweetie!

It’s That Time of Year Again!

We’re coming up on a Presidential election, and gossip has been moving at the pace of the 405 at rush hour, so the only logical course of action is to point out that, on occasion, starlets develop anorexia.



The folks at Us Weekly seem to have noticed that some of the female members of the 90210 cast are anorexic. Guess what? I noticed that shit a LONG TIME AGO.

From Us Weekly:

“They want the girls to gain weight,” a show source tells Us. “They are trying too hard to be skinny, and it’s started to wear on them. It’s just not healthy.”

See photos of more scary skinny stars.

Stroup, 21, is 5-foot-8 but weighs 100 to 105 pounds while Grimes, 18, is 5-foot-3 and stands at a mere 90 pounds, Beverly Hills-based weight-management expert Dr. Joyce Peters estimates to Us.

“I’ve never seen Jessica or Shenae eat,” another show source tells Us.

And here’s what fucking KILLS me: Us magazine wants to act like it’s all horrible and tragic that these girls are dying of a miserable and destructive illness, and meanwhile they’re trying to get page views off of a photo gallery of other starving girls. And they will! It doesn’t matter what they’re saying, what they’re so obviously implying is that THIN IS PROFITABLE.

And you think these girls are really gonna take shit from their producers about their weight?

Fuck, they just landed the cover of Us Weekly, and it’ll sell well, too, because America LOVES anorexia, and the show will see a much-needed ratings boost.


Makes me sooooo mad.

We’re Famous Now!!!

90210 stars Shanae Grimes and AnnaLynne McCord ham it up on the red carpet at a VMA party Sunday.

They’re totally basking in the glow of their new-found fame.

But how long will it last????

Will you guys be watching the SECOND episode of 90210 tonight?

I am very interested to see how the ratings pan out.