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Sean Avery

Choose Your Adventure: Sean Avery or Amy Winehouse

Sean Avery Movie Titled Puck Facewinehouse

I’ll let you choose how you want to wrap up this weekend. You can either read the entire content of this post about Sean Avery and how Vogue just released the title of his upcoming biopic, OR you can skip to the very last paragraph for an Amy Winehouse upskirt. I’ll leave the decision up to you.

If you don’t know who Sean Avery is, you should. You should know him, so you can hate him.

He’s just about the douchiest hockey player ever to play the game. He’s been traded and re-traded, thanks to his habit of alienating all his teammates while making completely unnecessary asshole comments about his ex-girlfriends (which include Elisha Cuthbert & Rachel Hunter), decorating booths at fashion week with sunflowers,  and shopping for women’s handbags on ESPN. He’s also solely responsible for a regulation in the NHL rule book ( alternately known as either the Sean Avery rule or the “Can’t Get Mad, I’m Not Touching” rule) that keeps assholes from acting like playground bullies and standing in front of the goalie, flailing their arms about like a 4 year old fighting with his sister.

Vogue magazine has decided to make a biopic on Avery, who once interned there. They announced the title of of the upcoming movie this weekend: Puck face. I’m thinking they were one letter off on that one.

And for those of you who’re gonna bitch about me ending the weekend by writing about a sports celebrity, here. That’s a nice Amy Winehouse upskirt shot for you. Are you happy now? You could have bettered yourselves by learning something about the people you should hate in professional sports. But instead, you’d rather look at some skankity crack patty’s skunk hole.