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Scott Wolf

It’s a Boy for Scott Wolf and Real World Wife!


Every now and then it is re-brought to my attention that Scott Wolf married that chick Kelley from Real World: New Orleans, and every time I’m like, “Wait, really?” What is it with Real World chicks getting these hot famous dudes? Jacinda Barrett married Gabriel Macht, too! In my youth, I never thought it would be wise to audition for The Real World, lest I actually get chosen, but if it meant I could land a hottie like Scott Wolf, maybe I would have reconsidered.

Kelley gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Jackson Kayse Wolf, on March 22. This is the first kid for the couple. Kelley is 32, and Scott is — seriously? — 40 years old. When did Scott Wolf manage to become 40 years old? I feel like it was just yesterday he was playing an 18-year-old on Party of Five. Does this mean I will turn 40 one day, too? SCARY STUFF.

Scott Wolf is Still Super Hot

Scott Wolf and Wife Kelley at Project ALS Tomorrow is Tonight 10th Anniversary

Scott Wolf at Project ALS Tomorrow is Tonight 10th Anniversary in New York, Pictures, Photos

He hasn’t done much, ya know, acting lately (that’s actually not true — he gets plenty of roles, just not on shows that stay on the air for any discernible period of time), but he sure is hot still. He doesn’t look like he’s aged a day since the Party of Five era.

The only difference is he’s married now to some hooker named Kelley, who you might remember from The Real World: New Orleans.

Is she pregnant or is her belly just fat?

At an ALS charity function in NYC.

Scott Wolf Still Trying That Whole Television Acting Thing

Scott Wolf Inks Talent Holding Deal with ABC

Although ABC realized that critical darling The Nine‘s title was a better description of its audience size than its premise, they plan to have the Party of Five star back on your television screen quicker than you can say “Neve Campbell who?”

Wolf just signed a talent holding deal with ABC; the goal is to develop a project around Scott, or to cast him in one of the network’s 2008-09 pilots.

I have a better idea: bring back Party of Five! I mean, come on, what’s Lacey Chabert doing these days? Matt Fox? Lost is losing steam. Neve Campbell is not busy. And I’m sure Jeremy London could make time. Whaddya say, network heads??