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Scott Caan

Who Wants to See Scott Caan’s Penis???


Last year, Scott Caan — who is the son of James Caan and has also appeared in the Oceans Eleven films — took a lot of heat for referring to the paparazzi as “faggots,” a comment he later apologized for.

Karma’s a bitch, as X17 caught a sweet shot of Scott’s weiner as he changed into his clothes after a day of surfing, and you better believe that thing’ll be on every single gay-focused website in the universe by the end of the day. Millions and millions of gay dudes licking their lips at the sight of your cock, Scott!!! YUMMY!!

If you wanna see the pic, it’s here. I’d tell you it’s NSFW, but, guys, I already told you it was a penis. Hopefully you can do the math.

Personally, I think the dude’s repulsive, first because I think anyone who uses the term “faggot” as an insult is utterly repulsive, and also because I think his face looks slimy and gross and conniving. I’m not impressed with the weiner, either.