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Who Is The Highest Paid Actress in Hollywood?

A photo of Meryl Streep

Oh, you guys, I’m sorry. When I asked the question of “who is the highest paid actress in Hollywood?” and then put a picture of Meryl Streep right up there at the top, that made it look like Meryl is the highest paid actress, didn’t it? I’m sorry, but it’s just not true. Meryl is on the list, but she’s not at the top. She deserves to be at the top, but she’s not.

Before I let you know the richiest rich lady in Hollywood, let me just show you the top ten list, all right? I’ll go ahead and tack on the amount of money they made in the past year, just so you can cry while you balance your checkbook like I do.

10. Jennifer Aniston – $11 million
9. Kristen Wiig – $12 million
8. Meryl Streep – $12 million
7. Sarah Jessica Parker – $15 million
6. Julia Roberts – $16 million
5. Charlize Theron – $18 million
4. Angelina Jolie – $20 million
3. Sandra Bullock – $25 million
2. Cameron Diaz – $34 million

Ok, but who do you think landed in the number one spot? Who do you think made nearly three times as much as the beloved Meryl Streep? Who do you think made a few million dollars more than Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston combined?

A photo of Kristen Stewart

1. Kristen Stewart – $34.5 million

Yes, thanks to them Twilight movies and Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart is the top-earning actress in all of Hollywood. Does anyone else feel physically ill?

Love It or Leave It: Sarah Jessica Parker as Gloria Steinem

photo of sarah jessica parker as gloria steinem pictures photos pics
So here it is! The first official look at Sarah Jessica Parker portraying Gloria Steinem in the movie that can’t keep sober actors – Lovelace. As you remember, since it happened just recently, Demi Moore dropped out of the project because of her hospitalization due to drugs, and way back when this project was just a blip on the entertainment radar, Lindsay Lohan was being “considered” for the role of Linda Lovelace, which ultimately went to a more capable (and, um, functional) actress, Amanda Seyfried.

While I think that Amanda is actually a pretty decent choice for the LL part (OMG … did you see that? No wonder Lindsay thought that she’d be perfect for this role, all cocaine and abuse aside!), I’m not quite sure yet about Sarah Jessica Parker. Can she play a serious part that doesn’t involve quirky behavior and male submission and shoes? I mean, this is Gloria Steinem, ffs. I wonder what Gloria Steinem thinks of Carrie Bradshaw playing GLORIA STEINEM as a younger woman. My gosh, I didn’t even think of that. I wonder if the film’s producers did.

But wait. Let’s get back to Amanda for a second. She did a recent interview with Glamour magazine, where she talked about being cast as Linda, and you know what her biggest on-set surprise was? All of the pubic hair. Yup. Pubic hair. Amanda, taken aback, said, “What surprised me is the amount of pubic hair! I’m pretty sure I would never do a full frontal in a movie—for personal reasons, I wouldn’t really want to show that.

Daniel Radcliffe would be rolling in his grave, if he were in a grave.

Well, congratulations to the second line, at any rate. So funny how the fame changes hands in Hollywood, my friends.

What do you guys think about the casting of Gloria Steinem in Lovelace?

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Sarah Jessica Parker to Replace Demi Moore in ‘Lovelace’

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Here is something I did not know: Demi Moore was originally slated to play Gloria Steinem in the bio-pic Lovelace.

This shocked me because—I’m sorry if this is rude, but—wasn’t Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle the last thing anyone saw Demi in? And even that was stunt casting. Does Demi really even act anymore?

And it’s all so sad because, like, Demi Moore really was the most talented person to come out of St. Elmo’s Fire, you guys. But the one-two punch of Striptease and G.I. Jane was a bit too much for any career, I guess.

So I kinda didn’t realize Demi Moore was even in the acting biz until today, when everyone started reporting that Demi Moore had been replaced. REPLACED! In the Lovelace movie!

Oof, this doesn’t look good, you guys.

Initial reports claimed that Mary-Louise Parker had won the role of Gloria Steinem.

Wrong! Now we know the truth: Sarah Jessica Parker is going to play the coveted part of Gloria Steinem. SARAH JESSICA PARKER HAS REPLACED DEMI MOORE.


Contrary to earlier reports, Sarah Jessica Parker will be replacing Demi Moore in Lovelace rather than Mary Louise Parker, which Us Weekly reported earlier.

Sarah will be playing the part of Gloria Steinem while Demi focuses on her recovery. Any Sex and the City fan out there should appreciate that this means there will be a Carrie and Mr. Big reunion on the big screen!

Chris Noth has already been cast in the film.

This is terrible! I don’t know how to feel about all this!

Also—and I know this isn’t exactly an age-appropriate casting call, but here goes anyway—I think we should give the role of Gloria Steinem to Jennifer Aniston, just because Jen called Steinem “the sexiest woman of all time.”

Blind Items: Revealed!

Every now and then in the comments of a delightful little blind item, one of you will say “but what’s the point? We don’t even know who this is about!” And that’s fair: it can be frustrating to read some little piece of gossip that’s so intriguing but to not even know who you’re reading about. But you guys, sometimes those blind items get revealed. Sometimes we find out the answer. And this is one of those times.

Let’s get started by talking about a blind item that you’ve heard about here. Do you remember the one about a singer who turned into a “hot disheveled mess” who drinks way too much and keeps a baby monitor on her at all times so that her bodyguard can hear if she starts to die? Yeah, that one is Christina Aguilera. Nailed it.

You want to read more, don’t you?

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Quotables: Sarah Jessica Parker Hates Her Husband on the Daily

photo of sarah jessica parker and husband matthew broderick pictures photos divorce pics

“I think that’s healthy and I think it’s realistic. Some people have it down to 20 minutes a week. Other unfortunate people have it down to 20 minutes per hour.”

Of course, Sarah’s here talking about hating her husband for twenty minutes a day.

Last I checked, there’s remedies for stuff like that, Sarah Jessica. It’s called “divorce.” I know it’s probably been on the tip of your husband‘s tongue for quite some time now, but you can make the move, too, girl. I’m no relationship guru, but if I spent twenty minutes a day hating my husband – or hell, even twenty minutes a week – I’d think there’s definitely some underlying problems, huh?

Blind Item: Which Famous Couple Doesn’t Have Sex?

See, this blind item is neat because I’m pretty sure I’ve got it, and also because it explains a story I told you guys this week. So let’s get right to it:

This A list movie actress who got her start way back in the day on television and then did some more along the way, let it slip the other day that she and her always a B list (for one role in particular) movie actor husband have not had sex in almost five years. It is kind of ironic if you think about it.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, and there ain’t no way you can tell me different.

See, this would explain why Sarah seemed so crazy with David Letterman the other night, and also why she flipped out with that security guard tried to give her a friendly little kiss: it had been so long since she’d received any sort of physical affection that she just couldn’t grasp what was happening. And these two have had rumored marital struggles for years, and it seems like this would be a pretty good reason for it.