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Sara Gilbert

So Cute!!!

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It’s the Original Girl Crush, Sara Gilbert, with her daughter, Sawyer, out at a park in BevHills on Saturday. This is the first I’ve seen of this little girl. Adorable!!!

Sawyer is Darlene’s — er, I mean Sara’s — second kiddo with her longtime girlfriend, Allison Adler. The couple have an older son named Levi.

Seriously, did anyone not have a girl crush on Darlene?? She was like the original Lindsay Lohan for me. I love how all my girl crushes wind up actually having sex with girls. I’m so lezzie-brillz. (YES I AM GOING TO COPYRIGHT THAT PHRASE.)

Sara Gilbert Looks Ready to Pop

Sara Gilbert Pregnant Pictures

The Roseanne star and her girlfriend, producer Allison Adler, are reportedly taking turns having babies.

The couple welcomed son Levi Hank, who Allison carried, in October 2004, and are looking forward to another addition to their family later this year.

Taking turns having babies definitely goes down in my book as one huge advantage to being a lesbian. Wouldn’t it be great if all couples could do that? Like, “No, Tom, darling, work’s really busy for me this year, and I have that trip planned with Janice in the spring, so why don’t you carry the pregnancy to term this time?”