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Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert is expecting her first child with Linda Perry

sara gilbert linda perry

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry got married last spring in a beautiful California ceremony full of friends and family. Now they’re taking their marriage to the next level, because Sara is pregnant with the couple’s first child! Sara announced the news on The Talk this week – US Weekly has the scoop on how it went down (because seriously, who watches that show?):

Gilbert told her fellow costars that she would not be facing her fear of a cinderblock being broken on her stomach during their “Face Your Fears” week. “Before we go I just want to say I’m actually not going to do the dare,” she said. “I was scared to do it and I really believe in facing your fears,” she continued, “but I actually can’t do the dare because I’m pregnant.”

The other ladies on the panel, including Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood, apparently all started “freaking out” and acting like this was the first they’d heard of the situation. Maybe it was, who knows?

In any case, congrats to these ladies – babies are adorable (especially when you can give them back, which obviously doesn’t apply here). I’m sure they’ll be great parents! This isn’t the first time Sara will be a parent, anyway – she’s got two kids with her former partner Alison Adler: 9-year-old Levi and 7-year-old Sawyer (though I believe Alison carried both of them).

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Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry’s wedding was crazy!

linda perry sara gilbert

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry tied the knot in Malibu over the weekend, and while we’ve already learned that it was a beautiful and touching ceremony, apparently the reception was hardcore and more like a rock concert than a formal event. Tell us all about it, TMZ:

According to our sources, Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler, Steven Tyler, Juliette Lewis and Tobey Maguire were all in attendance.

But the stars of the show were the people who took the stage, backed by 80s cover group Flashback Heart Attack:

– Tobey Maguire’s little daughter Ruby sang “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
Annabella Lwin from Bow Wow Wow sang “I Want Candy”
Martha Davis from The Motels sang “Only The Lonely”
– Missing Persons’ Dale Bozzio sang “Destination Unknown” and “Walking in LA”
Terri Nunn from Berlin sang “The Metro” and “Take My Breath Away” (!!!)
– Linda joined Terri on stage to sing “Sex (I’m A…)”
– Terri finished with “Highway to Hell”

Our sources say Linda MC’ed the whole show and the stage was mocked up to look like the classic rock club CBGBs.

Um, that’s insane, vaguely hilarious and AWESOME. Who knew they even knew Tobey Maguire, of all people? How random is that?

Still pretty thrilled for these two. Get it, ladies!

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Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry got married!

sara gilbert linda perry

It was about a year ago when Sara Gilbert announced her engagement to Linda Perry, and things still must be going pretty well, because they’ve actually tied the knot!

We don’t know too many details besides what Aisha Tyler and Julie Chen revealed on The Talk on Monday, after Sara and Linda had set off for their honeymoon:

“It was an amazing, amazing night,” Aisha Tyler told the audience. “[It was] beautiful and it was at sunset and just overlooking the ocean. I mean we can’t tell much about it because we want Sara to talk about it.”

Echoed fellow host Julie Chen: “It was magical. It was the most beautiful ceremony … When she returns on Monday, we’re going to show you pictures from the wedding and talk about it.”

Sounds lovely! I love me a gay wedding, so I’m all for this. Congrats to the happy couple!

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Sara Gilbert Realized She Was Gay When Dating Johnny Galecki

sara gilbert johnny galecki

Not exactly the magic words a man likes to hear, I imagine, but Sara Gilbert and her Roseanne co-star Johnny Galecki were actually involved in real life while shooting the show, and it was that relationship that allowed Sara to come to terms with her sexuality and the fact that she’s a lesbian.

Sara discussed their relationship on The Talk yesterday, and this is actually the best story, because she actually contacted Johnny – who’s now on The Big Bang Theory – to ask his permission to talk about this – and not only was he okay with it, he offered to come on and sit with her for support! Uh, OKAY THANKS FOR MAKING ME WANT TO CRY, because that’s just too sweet. Also, it was really emotional, as Sara got choked up as she admitted that she often worries about how her sexuality being public affects her career and what people think of her. :(

Here it all is in Sara’s words:

“I thought he was super cute and I had a total crush on him. And we started dating and he would come over and we would, like, make out, and then I would start to get depressed.”

“I started dating a woman who was like 18 years older than I was, who was also in the public eye. It was something people could have found out about. Like no-one knew at the show for years, and Johnny held the secret the whole time. And I always felt so scared. If it came out, what could happen? Could I lose my career? Will I ever be able to play a straight role again?”

“I called him and I just said, ‘Is it okay – I’m thinking of talking about this. The story sort of starts with you. And I’ve got to say I made out with you and got depressed, which is kind of a bummer’. [He said,] ‘Of course. I love you and I think it’s really important and I’m so proud of you. If you want, I will be there and I will hold your hand’. It was so sweet, and this story really makes Johnny look good.””I want people to know there can still be a struggle with it and that’s okay. It’s a process and there can be a part of you that doesn’t want to feel different or feel scared.”

How great is that? First of all, good for Sarah for having the courage to come out – it can be incredibly difficult, especially in the public eye. But in fact it’s also been rewarding for her, because she’s now engaged to Linda Perry, so it all worked out there! The more people talk about these issues, and the more people who just live honestly and regularly like all straight people do (because seriously, people, gay couples’ lives are literally no different), the less of an issue it’ll become. At least that’s the hope.

Also, how much do you wanna hug Johnny Galecki? What a nice guy.

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Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry Are Engaged

sara gilbert linda perry

To me, Sara Gilbert will always be Darlene from Roseanne and Linda Perry will always be the big lesbo who used to run around the studio smacking Christina Aguilera‘s ass back in the ‘Dirty’ era (anyone else remember this?), but nevertheless, the pair (not Christina, obvs) will become one in holy matrimony as they’re now engaged to be married.

They went public with their relationship in late 2011, and apparently the proposal included Linda playing The Cure’s ‘Love Song’ for Sara before asking for her hand in marriage. LOL, okay. Sara announced the news on The Talk, saying:

“I think that’s it and it’s like the most amazing proposal ever. We had our proposal with our breakup song, which is great.”

Kewl beanz, Sara. I don’t really have much to say to this one other than good for them – here’s hoping it’s a long-lasting and happy relationship. (I’m feeling somewhat sincere today, so sue me!)

Watch Sara discuss Linda’s proposal on The Talk below:

Hollywood Takes to Twitter to Say Good-Bye to Brittany Murphy

Ashton Kutcher Says Bye to Brittany

Ashton Kutcher just updated his Twitter with a note about his ex-love and Just Married co-star, Brittany Murphy. The two dated around the time they made the movie and at what seemed to be the peak of both of their careers.

Solange Knowles on Twitter

Beyonce’s sister Solange doesn’t seem to be taking the news particularly well herself, but is unable to to muster up much more than the fact that she’s shocked.

Perez Hilton

And some loser with a face that resembles a honey ham decides to take this moment to warn Lindsay Lohan that if she doesn’t clean up, she’ll be six feet under, too.

Sara Gilbert

However, Sara Gilbert aka Darlene from Roseanne, chimed in with a kind word.

Family Time!!!


This is secretly one of my all-time favorite celeb families — Sara Gilbert and her partner, producer Allison Adler, rarely make public appearances with their kids, but, when they do, it makes my whole day. I think they’re both way sexy and fun, and the children are freakin’ perfect. They’ve got a son named Levi and a daughter named Sawyer, and the whole family headed to Coldwater Canyon Park to play this weekend.

Ack! Looking at these photos makes me want a family soooo bad! Total cuteness. I’m so excited to have kids to take to the park. I take my dog all the time, which is wonderful, but one day I’ll take little humans, too. It will be perfect that way because I’ll make them clean up the dog poop while I just enjoy the park.