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Sandra Bernhard

The Fine Art of Knowing Your Demographic

Sandra Bernhard is under fire after comments she made at one of her concerts in Washington DC.  After allegedly stating that Sarah Palin would be gang raped if she were to visit the nation’s capital, she was booted as a performer from an upcoming Rosie’s Place charity benefit.  Sandra denies saying it in the context as it has been quoted in the media but I don’t even care about that.

Rosie’s Place is a Boston-based shelter focused on offering advocacy, housing and other resources to homeless women.  Many of these residents have experienced trauma and abuse and are certainly at a difficult place in their life.  How on God’s green earth do these people pick celebrities that they want to have affiliated with their organization?  I’m trying to imagine being at the Board of Directors meeting where the suggestion comes up “You know who would be really good for our fundraiser?  Let’s try and get Sandra Bernhard!”

Am I confused here?  Shouldn’t there be some sort of oh…I dunno…thought as to who your spokesperson is and how their philosophies mesh with your agenda?  Picking Sandra Bernhard makes no sense.  It would be like Lynne Spears writing a book on parenting.  Oh…wait. 

Well sweet Jaysus, Sandra Bernhard is a great comedienne but perhaps not the most intelligent choice of a celebrity endorser when sensitivity is required.