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Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Rocks Specs, Makes My Heart Go Pitty-Pitty-Pat-Pat

photo of ryan gosling pictures in an airport with glasses pictures

Oh Ryan Gosling. Is there ANY way that you don’t look absolutely edible? I mean here you are, in the airport, looking classy, put-together, and effortless. You probably sat through a grueling six-hour-plus flight from God-knows-where, and I’d still clean the dried ball sweat from the insides of your thighs. WITH MY TONGUE. I know, that’s pretty gross, but seriously? So true.

Right. Well, sometimes you’ve just gotta run the photos even if there isn’t a cutting, witty story behind them. Ryan Gosling is super hot, period. There never needs to be an excuse to run a gallery of photos of Ryan Gosling. Plus? I’m sick of talking about/hearing about Osama Bin Laden. It’s a win-win for everyone involved tonight, guys. Have a good one.

So Was I the Only One Who Thought Ryan Gosling Wasn’t Going to Do ‘Mainstream’ Movies Anymore?

I mean, wasn’t that one of the reasons that he and Rachel McAdams split to begin with? Because he thought she was selling out, and he was trying to stay hip and cool in the indie film industry? I mean, fuck, you won’t hear me complain too much: you can only watch Lars and the Real Girl so many times before your soul cries for the caliber of movie like The Notebook again, so I understand, Ryan. Everybody needs a paycheck, and now you should get back together with Rachel McAdams so she doesn’t marry that goon-looking dude that molests her in public because he’s shocked and amazed that he can get such a hot chick. Now’s your chance, man, move on in!

Oh, and hell’s bells, doesn’t this movie look just SUPER?!

Happy Saturday! Here’s a Ryan Gosling Gallery!

Oh, hey. There’s no tellin’ how this news day is going to go, and on the off chance that it’s a slow one, I’m thinkin’ we might as well get these really cute photos of Ryan Gosling by Mario Testino out of the way. They’re part of a series called “How To Look Like a Movie Star” and they were shot for GQ.

I know it’s not the usual high-quality man meat we serve up around here, but I figure there are worse things to stare at while you’re waiting for that hangover to wear off.

Just in Case You Needed Another Reason to Love Ryan Gosling Today, Here’s One

Is there anything hotter than a hot guy who believes in Santa Claus playing a ukulele and being all warm and charming and hot and old-fashioned and HOT? Let me force-feed you the answer: NO.

And just in case the endearing above video wasn’t enough for you, there’s a Ryan Gosling photo gallery down there for you to page through on this beautiful Friday morning. Because I love Ryan Gosling, and there’s no such thing as crossing the line into obsession when it comes to too much LOVE.

What do you guys think about Ryan Gosling?

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Quotables: Ryan Gosling Is Such A Believer

A photo of Ryan Gosling

“I loved the idea that Walt Disney had this dream of a place and then made it a reality. The fact that somebody believed in their idea so much to make it a reality… I want to be that kind of person. My mother still believes in Santa Claus. We tried to break it to her once, but she wasn’t having it.”

- My affirmed new favorite person, Ryan Gosling, touching on the topics of Disneyland and wishing upon stars.

Is there anything better than a guy with some whimsy?  Of course not.  Ryan Gosling talking about the importance of believing in your dreams, Zac Efron professing that he’s not the type of guy who wants to “bathe in pussy” – they’re all wondrous. There are precious, precious men out there who don’t chase hookers into the bathroom with their anger or sell naked pictures of their sleeping, unaware girlfriends.  Let’s get more of those.

Ryan Gosling Reads Tumblr Posts, Confirms That He Knows That You Know He’s Beautiful

Are you guys hip to Tumblr?  If not, I’ll let you in on this neat little trick: Seriously, fill anything into the blank – unicorns, popcorn, Jesus Christ – and you’ll get a blog devoted to that topic.  So obviously, there’s a Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling Tumblr, what with him being so dreamy and all.  I don’t know if the fact that he knows about it should blow my mind so much, but it really does.  It also opens the door to so very many questions.

If you knew that people were on the internet putting romantic captions on pictures of you, would you check it out?  If so, would it creep you out or boost your game?  And what’s next, Adam Lambert giving dramatic readings of poorly written fan fiction from Livejournal?

This is just a sample of the tough questions I’ve been trying to tackle today, but I only have one new certainty:  Ryan Gosling is beautiful and charming and possibly my new favorite person. We can discuss this in the comments, right?

Kirsten Dunst is Not Dead, Has a New Movie Coming Out Soon

Kirsten Dunst gets a lot of flack – at least from what I’ve seen – but you know what? I like her. There’s just something raunchy-hippie-likable about her, and she looks like she eats Oodles of Noodles (or, you know, ‘Ramen Noodles,’ if you want to call ‘em by their wrong name).  Anyone who eats those? Cool in my book.  I also think that she’s pretty talented as far as actresses go. I mean come on. Jumanji? Elizabethtown? Girl’s got some serious acting chops.

So for those of you who smugly thought that her career was over after the Spiderman movies, you thought wrong – Dunsty has a new movie coming out called All the Good Things, and it looks … pretty great, actually.

It’s got murder, social hierarchy, Mercedes(es … Mercedii?), effed up families that make their kids do effed up things, and above all, RYAN GOSLING.

I hadn’t heard about it ’til now – a bit behind the game on this one, as it premiered last night – but it sounds intriguing, and ’cause I love Kirsten Dunst, going to the movies, and Ryan Gosling, I think I’m going to have to make a date to check it out.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Will you see it?