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George Clooney Is Not A Fan Of Russell Crowe


George Clooney got the ole Batclaws out when he lashed out at Russell Crowe, and I think that’s great, because Russell Crowe is kind of a dick. In an interview with Esquire magazine, Mr. Clooney said (via E Online),

He picked a fight with me. He started it for no reason at all. He put out this thing saying, ‘George Clooney, Harrison Ford, and Robert De Niro are sellouts’…He really went after me. And so I sent him a note going, ‘Dude, the only people who succeed when two famous people are fighting is People magazine. What the f-ck is wrong with you?

WORD. His publicist backs up the statement, saying, “George was asked about it and told the truth.” You go, Clooney!

Who do you think is more insufferable: Russell Crowe or George Clooney?

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Australian Super Post: So, Russell Crowe Was Kind of a Dick to Rebel Wilson

rebel wilson

Everyone seems to absolutely adore Rebel Wilson. I don’t mind her – she’s funny, down-to-earth and doesn’t annoy the shit out of me, so that’s good enough in my books. But that’s besides the point. What is the point? Well, she appeared on The Tonight Show earlier this week and revealed that she won the Nicole Kidman Scholarship at the Australian Theatre for Young People as a kid, an honour which made her sort of freak out when she saw Nicole in the flesh a few years later having dinner with Russell Crowe (because all Australian people hang out together all the time).

“One time in Sydney, I saw her having dinner with Russell Crowe and I go, ‘OK, now’s my chance. I’m going to say thank you’,” Wilson recalled.

“I went up to them but, before I could say anything, Russell Crowe turns to me and says, ‘F-ck off!’”

Wilson revealed that she was totally stunned by Crowe’s behavior, explaining: “I just put my head down and walked the other way!”

The Australian actress went on to credit Kidman with helping her get her start in the entertainment industry through the scholarship program.

“I got to go to New York to study comedy and Nicole Kidman paid for everything: an apartment, going to see Broadway shows… She doesn’t know about that,” Wilson teased. (via DigitalSpy)

I’m not really sure what happened there, to be honest. Does Russell Crowe make a habit of telling people to f-ck off? Is Russell Crowe a total asshole? Was Rebel Wilson just making a weird joke? Who can say. It’s Friday and we have better things to think about, like weekend naps, warmer weather and my adorable dog, Milo (obligatory):


Happy Friday!

Russell Crowe Might Be Bumping Uglies With Natalie Imbruglia

russell crowe natalie imbruglia pics

If you thought you left Natalie Imbruglia in 1997, never to be seen again, prepare to be disappointed. Russell Crowe has gone and pulled her into the news of 2013 by maybe, possibly getting it on with her while listening to ‘Torn’ and his tracks on the Les Miserables soundtrack.

From The Mirror:

I can reveal Aussie stars Russell Crowe and Natalie Imbruglia got cosy after a steamy night of flirting in LA over Oscars weekend.

And there was also a steamy morning of flirting, which saw the pair gathered around a grand piano in the Gladiator star’s suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

They sang show tunes until daybreak but I hope Natalie threw in a line or two of her hit Torn, too – and some Les Mis from Russell.

A source said: “They were all over one another and doing little to hide their flirting.

“They were being really playful and jokey with one another. You could see they really hit it off.

“They then went back to Russell’s room with some friends where they were partying until broad daylight.

“They were singing really loudly together around the piano, belting out some show tunes, and they looked pretty cosy when everyone left them to it.”

The pair were first seen together at a party last month at Hollywood’s Soho House hotel.

They were spotted flirting at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, also attended by Robert De Niro and Quentin Tarantino.

I mean, I don’t subscribe the the whole “men and women can’t be friends” cliché, so their relationship could possibly be completely platonic. Probably not, though. I just think this is a bizarre pairing – but I suppose I’d think Natalie Imbruglia with anyone was weird because she’s just so random. Natalie Imbruglia dating a desk chair would probably get the same reaction.

As for Javert, he was most recently linked to Dita Von Teese, so I’m not sure what to make of this or anything else anymore. Is it Friday yet?

Oh Ew: Dita Von Teese and Russell Crowe—Are They Hittin’ That?

photo of dita von teese pictures and russell crowe pic
From the New York Post:

Russell Crowe has been sharing some intimate rubdowns with burlesque goddess Dita Von Teese, sources tell us.

The “Les Misérables” star, who split from his wife, Danielle Spencer, in October after nine years of marriage, was spotted holed up with the pin-up gal at the Four Seasons Hotel in December, and they even got a romantic couple’s massage together at 6:30 a.m., says the source.

Crowe and Von Teese have been flirting with each other on Twitter for a while. Last year, Crowe retweeted her posting “Dressage. Was measured for bespoke blk patent boots w/my name stamped on the heel . . . But under whose bed did I leave my Hermes riding crop?”

Around the same time, he also retweeted her message: “Giving airport security a lesson in garter belts this morning.”.

Ugh, I can’t even tell you guys how mildly grossed out I am by this. Wait. I’m sorry—did I say “mildly”? Because I definitely meant “majorly.” See, Dita Von Teese is this lovely, unique creature who seems all delicate and soft and demure, while Russell Crowe is gross, gregarious, and gangrenous (the last one was a stretch, but do you have any better ‘g’ insults?).

Thoughts on the happy new hookup?

Family Time!


A slimmed-down Russell Crowe was seen yesterday in London at Kensington Gardens with his wife Danielle Spencer and sons Charles and Tennyson.  They attended a showing of Peter Pan.

You can tell Russell loves spending time with his kids.  His wife?  Not so much.

Russell Crowe Needs To Scarf Down Another Vegemite Sandwich And Calm The Fuck Down


Russell Crowe.  Do you remember when he was all hot and box office magic?  Me neither, but I guess he was at some point.  Apparently, he is in the land of the lost and thinks he’s still relevant in Hollywood.  I could try to blame his assholeishness on the carbs, but I think Russell Crowe was always a phone-flinging bitch.

In pre-production of his new movie, Nottingham, he’s been demanding rewrites, a new director and now his costar Sienna Miller has been “released”.  The media is playing it like Miller quit this movie but, please.  The producers realized that there was no way in hell people were going to buy the vision of Sienna Miller screwing fat, flabby Robin Hood/Sheriff of Nottingham; Yes, he’s playing both roles.  Casting directors are now in search of an actress in her late thirties or early forties to replace Sienna.  Have they considered Kathy Najimy?  Because that’s Russell’s league right now.

Rumors are floating around that, during the holidays, Crowe was calling around trying to find a replacement for director Ridley Scott.  The studio is denying that, natch. 

And this is just pre-production, folks.  Filming is going to be an absolute nightmare.

As an aside, can I tell you what I love so much?  A spell-check that doesn’t question me on the use of the word “assholeishness”.

Being a Good Daddy

Russell Crowe takes his kiddos, Charles and Tennyson, for a walk during a break from filming on State of Play.

The kiddos?

Seriously cute.


Not so much.

Personally, I never understood the Russell Crowe obsession; I never found him attractive. But now? I find him damn near repulsive. Like, if I saw him walking toward me on the street I’d run in the opposite direction. He looks like he smells funny. And I wish his son would get his fingers out of daddy’s hair. Forget lice — there are probably small villages of cockroaches in there.