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Rupert Grint

Those Crazy Harry Potter Kids Want Matching Tattoos

A photo of Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe

I guess when you work so closely with people for ten straight years, you build a certain kind of camaraderie.  A kind of camaraderie that lends itself to body art.  Sort of like gangs, but more adorable.

Daniel Radcliffe has been making comments about how he, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint (or Harry, Hermione, and Ron, if you have problems with the line between reality and fiction too) have been talking about getting “farewell to Hogwarts” tattoos, though he’s not sure what it would be just yet.  He’s got to think about it for a while, you know, what with his penchant for getting naked in front of an audience.

I think this is just lovely.  I’m such a nerd for Harry Potter and my cousin is a tattoo artist who has been all “free tattoos for life!” at me since I turned 18, so I’ve done my fair share of brainstorming on Potter-themed tattoos.  They could go for the classic lightning bolt or Golden Snitch, but that’s been done.  The Dark Mark is also a popular one, but that wouldn’t be right.  They could go for some quotes – “Mischief Managed” is always good, and that might be nice considering that this is the end for this particular branch of mischief.

Do you guys have any Harry Potter tattoos or good ideas for such things?

You Know, I Really, Really Love Harry Potter

Dunno if you guys knew that about me or not. Big Harry Potter fan. Huge, huge nerd about it, too. Like, I’m just two small steps shy from writing fan fiction (OK, no, I crossed a line there, and I’m sorry — I’d never write fanfic, alright?  We still friends?). But I constantly reread the books, over and over again. Right now I’m on Order of the Phoenix for the 7,482nd time.

So anyway, here’s the second trailer for the last film (which will be broken into two installments), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I don’t know where I was when they released the first trailer, ’cause I was kind of taken aback at the fact that this was, indeed, trailer #2, but regardless — it’s fabulous and I cannot wait for the movie.

November’s closer than ever!

Ron Weasley Gets Nekkid and Has Some Sex, Calls it “Nerve-Wracking”

I am a hardcore, long-time fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, and I’ll be honest with you — I felt totally dirty even writing that headline, let alone considering the quasi-truth behind it.

Rupert Grint, most famous for his role as Ron in the Harry Potter franchise, speaks out about a flick that debuted his on-screen sexin’ skills. The film is called “Cherrybomb” and it was released in 2009. I did not see it.

Cherrybomb centered around a trio of young adults drinking, smoking, sexing and partying the weekend away. The trio begins stealing cars and doing a whole crapload of illegal things and the fun turns a bit serious when they realize they’re in over their heads.

Grint says:

“In ‘Harry Potter’ it was just a kiss, really. It was suggestive more than anything. This was a lot more intimate. It was quite nerve-wracking. I was quite nervous about it [the sex scenes].”

When asked if he could follow in Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe’s steps in donning his dong for all of the world to see, Rupert states:

“I don’t think I could. Just being on stage would be quite a scary thing, let alone with no clothes on. It takes a lot of courage.”

Cherrybomb was nominated for an Irish Film and Television award for Best Original Score.

Robert Pattinson Competing with Rupert Grint for Role as Prince Harry

Robert Pattinson at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards

And in the boneheaded casting category, we have Robert Pattinson competing against Rupert Friend and Rupert Grint for a role as Prince Harry in a movie about his life.

Rupert Friend, 28, and Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, 21, will go head-to-head with R-Pattz to portray the prince on screen.

The movie, called The Spare, will cover the highs of lows of his royal experiences, including the death of his mother Princess Diana and his time spent on the front line of the Army in Afghanistan.

With the screenplay in the works, film bosses are searching for the perfect young star. Filming is set to begin next year in both the UK and the Middle East.

I’m sorry, but in what universe would Robert Pattinson make a good Prince Harry? The only reason to cast him would be to secure the swooning female moviegoer dollar, which is probably their primary aim with this flick.

For the sake of cinematography, I hope they cast Rupert Grint. Not only is he scads more believable, but personally, I’d like to see him get a chance to stretch his acting skills and prove whether or not he’s capable of more than the rubber-faced “schmacting” they make him do in the Potter flicks.