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Robin Wright

Robin Wright is really hot and really charming, too

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I’ve never really paid much attention to Robin Wright, but then I started watching House of Cards and I was like, damn, b. That’s one sexy lady. I love her as Claire and can’t imagine anyone else in the role, which requires so much cool self-assuredness and fire in a way that she embodies so perfect. Basically, she’s amazing.

Turns out, Robin was worried before taking on the role as Claire Underwood that she might be forced to undergo plastic surgery for the role – something she really, really didn’t want to do.

From Town & Country:

When Fincher pitched House of Cards, “I was sitting there going, ‘You’re 45, and you’re not gonna get a face-lift,’ ” she says. “And I was really considering that stuff, because in Hollywood the pressure’s there. You better lift that face and pump those lips and hike those boobs! And I was like, ‘I don’t want to do that. I’m going to get older. I’m going to have wrinkles!’ “

For the record, Robin has said that she does get a tiny bit of Botox twice a year, but I think she looks fantastic. It’s not too overdone, she can still emote, etc. She’s a great actress and it’s a great interview that’s worth reading. She seems so charming!

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Robin Wright Is Engaged To Ben Foster


Robin Wright, who kills it on House of Cards is engaged to Ben Foster, who just kind of exists. The couple have a 13 year age difference between them — Wright is 47, Foster is 33. They’ve together for about 2 years.

Ms. Wright was previously married to professional asshat Sean Penn.

Wright’s reps confirmed the story to People.

I maintain that it’s a bad idea to date a younger man unless the “younger man” in question in past his mid 30′s, but whatever makes them happy is just fine with me.

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Kate Mara is SO Much Hotter Than Her Sister

Kate Mara House of Cards, photos, pictures, premiere
In fact, Kate Mara is so hot that ever since I saw her in Brokeback Mountain, she makes me want to do things to her.  Nice things.  Yes, I have girl-crushes, and yes, I have affinity for redheads.  Deal with it.

But this isn’t about me, and certainly not about the way Kate Mara’s lips make me feel.  This is about the fact that she is so much more… full of life than her sister Rooney.  Kate Mara stars in Netflix’s new remix of the British miniseries House of Cards along with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, and I know I’m going to be watching it because the reviews are so flattering. The show is directed by David Fincher, who was responsible for some of the greatest movies ever (Se7en, Fight Club), and for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, where the ‘Mara connection’ comes from, I suppose.  Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

It’s August. Time For A “Robin Wright and Sean Penn Are Broken Up” Story


Robin Wright is on the cover of September’s issue of More and spilling the news that her marriage to Sean Penn is over.  Though the interview was conducted a few months ago, she maintains that nothing has changed.  “I hit that crossroad a while ago—for Robin, the ‘I know what I don’t want’ [sign] was flashing neon lights.  I have no regrets. I, we, have two amazing children we raised together.  There’s no limbo anymore. There’s no time. I’m too old for this shit.”

My original approach was to shrug it all off because, let’s face it, this exact scenario unfolds every couple of months.  However, as I was typing, I found out that Robin filed for divorce on August 12.  I have a feeling this one will stick — mostly because she initiated it.

I wonder if this will bring an end to Sean’s year-long break.  You know, the sabbatical he decided to take so he could spend it with his wife and kids?  He gave up The Three Stooges movie for this woman!

These Two Idiots Need To Stop Wasting My Time


Never mind that they are wasting the court’s time, they are wasting my time and seriously irritating me in the process.  Sean Penn and wife Robin Wright-Penn have asked that their legal separation case be dismissed.  Again.  This would be the second “I Love You, I Love You Not,” go-around for these two.

You know who I feel bad for?  Their kids.  At this point, how many times do you think Sean and Robin have sat down with their sons and given them the “Listen, you know mommy and daddy both love you, right?  Sometimes, it’s better for a mom and dad to live separately.  That way, we’ll both be happier which will result in you guys being happier,” talk?  These kids must just roll their eyes and be all “Whatevah.”  Because they know what all of America knows –  these two messes aren’t ever going to split up.  Every 12 to 15 months they’ll get restless and file some sort of legal motion but that will be the extent of it.

So, yeah.  Sean Penn and Robin Wright are back together.  Nobody.  Cares.

Sean Penn And Robin Wright Split…Again.


Evil Beet Gossip is going green today and totally recycling this story as originally reported back in December 2007 when these two crazy kids filed the first time.  They eventually reconciled in April, 2008.

Now here we are.  It’s April, 2009, Robin Wright is still wearing boring black dresses, Sean Penn is still a dick and they still hate each other.  In other words, nothing has changed.

Penn (again!) filed for a legal separation on April 24th.  They have been married for thirteen years and have two sons, Hopper Jack and Dylan Frances.

You know, now that Madonna is single, and every production from the 1980′s is being remade anyway, maybe we can see a Sean and Madonna revival.

Ladies, Rejoice! Sean Penn is SINGLE!!

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn, Pictures, Photos


Who the fuck cares?

Sean Penn and his wife, Robin Wright, are divorcing after 11 years of marriage.

They have two children together: Hopper Jack, 14, and Dylan Frances, 16.

My college boyfriend and I used to joke that we wanted to name our youngest son Horseman, just because it would be the coolest thing ever to have a little kid be all like, “What’s up? My name’s Horseman” and it would obviously be a dating advantage to him when he got older. He’d be all like, “What’s up? My name’s Horseman. That’s right, baby. Horse. Man. Boo-yah.” Horseman would be such a pimp.

Anyway. We thought we’d come up with the craziest baby name ever. But Sean Penn wins this battle, with a son named Hopper.


If this kid doesn’t develop a raging drug problem, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.

Also: I’m obsessed with Robin Wright’s dress in this photo. Gorgeous!! (Photo taken Sept 18 of this year, so they were putting on a brave front as of 3 months ago.)