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Robin Roberts

‘Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts Comes Out, World Says ‘Big Whoop’

robin roberts

Robin Roberts was diagnosed with bone marrow disorder myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) in July 2012 and underwent a bone marrow transplant not long after. The road to recovery has been long, but she’s made it and is doing well now, which is worth being thankful for. In order to express her gratitude to all of those who were there for her throughout the process, she posted a message on Facebook to give thanks.

The big thing everyone took away from this is not, of course, how wonderful it is that she’s managed to keep such an upbeat attitude during a difficult ordeal, or how well her recovery has gone, but instead… the fact that she’s gay, which came to light since she thanked her longtime girlfriend. Like, go Robin Roberts, and all, since it’s always nice to see someone comfortable enough to acknowledge their partner publicly for the first time. However… whut? It’s nearly 2014, WHY is this still news? I seriously look forward to a day when it doesn’t matter at all, and a throwaway sentence like that will be read over like the rest of it.

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