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Katy Perry Is Not Pleased You Saw Her Doing Drunk Karaoke


That video of Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson doing drunk karaoke to a Boyz II Men song at Dimples in Burbank makes my life. It’s so good, you guys. They are so wasted! Rob is so hopeless! Katy is so pretty (as always, ugh)! It looks so fun and I hate going out/drinking/karaoke! What’s not to love about this?

Well, Katy doesn’t like that you’ve seen it at all, as apparently the video is from 2008 and it was PRIVATE, so why the hell did it have to show up online?

From 2Dayfm in Australia:

“That’s the media for you, nothing is sacred, not even karaoke. We were just hanging out, one of my friends is a mutual friend, and we got wasted and did karaoke as you do.

“Eight years later, it finally fucking shows up on the internet!”

First of all, I will say that the video does NOT look 8 years old. It looks like it could’ve been taken yesterday (although I suppose Rob’s Wolverine status hair was very ’08), but that’s neither here nor there. Second of all, I feel like they MUST have had a fling at some point, right? I mean, look at her on his lap! That shit is way too cozy and I think they’d make a great couple.

I do feel bad for celebs because they can’t do shit without it being public fodder. Like, even a private night out with friends doing karaoke ends up online nearly a decade later, so no, nothing’s “sacred” (though I don’t quite think that saying applies here). Then again, it is only karaoke! I know it’s the principal of the matter and all that, but I won’t apologize for seeing it!

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Katy Perry And Rob Pattinson Karaoke Video


Katy Perry and Rob Pattinson are just friends — she fully admits that she farts in front of him — so what do we think of this “friendly” video of them singing Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love To You” at karaoke together? At one point she’s sitting on his lap. Looks a wee bit too friendly.

They’re singing at Dimples in Burbank which is the WORST. KARAOKE PLACE. EVER. The owner is this old man who is super creepy and pervy. If you’re there to celebrate anything — birthday, bachelor/ette party, anniversary, whatever — he’ll come up to you with a shot with whipped cream on it and say, “Do your blow job shot.” And you’re like, “What???” and he says, “Do a blow job” and pushes the shot in your face. It’s so odd. I get that he’s been there for decades but that shouldn’t give him the right to be creepy as f-ck. I guarantee you he made both of them do his precious blow job shots.

Anyway, you’re prob gonna wanna watch the video before it gets taken down. Thoughts??

P.S. Still no video of Lohan’s karaoke nightmare has surfaced. :(

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Rob Pattinson Has The Weirdest Celebrity Crushes

robert pattinson SOX baseball cap

Robert Pattinson is a celeb crush of many but he’s got some celeb crushes of his own. Kind of weird celeb crushes.

The first one, is Kate Moss. Not too weird at all. It’s who he followed it up with that gave me a sort of, “Wait, what?” Here’s what Mr. Pattinson had to say about them in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia via SheKnows:

I was obsessed [with Kate Moss]. It was a bit ridiculous. The other poster I had up was Linda Blair in The Exorcist. They were my two options — a little girl possessed and Kate Moss.

Linda Blair, what? She grew into a pretty young adult, and kinda hot, but it’s just so out of left field, isn’t it? Here’s some ~~sexy photos~~ of Linda Blair for your special enjoyment, Rob.

linda blair 80s

linda blair young adult

So who are YOUR celebrity crushes?


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