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Conversation With Robert Pattinson Proves To Be More Effective Than A Restraining Order


Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson is really boring.  Last year while filming a movie in Spain, America’s favorite vampire had a stalker.  Now, let’s get the facts first:  this woman was fixated on the actor and stood outside his apartment all day, every day for hours and hours on end.  Creepy, right?  He got bored and went to dinner with her.  Who the hell intentionally dines with their obsessive pursuer?  Maybe he was operating under the theory that the crazy chicks are usually really good in bed.  Anyway, he ended up whining about his horrible life of fame and fortune which apparently bored her so much that he never saw or heard from her again.    It’s kind of sad when your very own stalker decides she’s not that into you.

Pattinson told Creme magazine that people tire of him within two minutes.  He’s right.  Yawn.

Robert Pattinson Abandons Indie Flick for Big Money

Robert Pattinson Pictures Photos

Robert Pattinson has officially sold out.

The Twilight megahunk has dropped out of Parts Per Billion, the independent film he was supposed to begin shooting in Los Angeles this month, to ready himself for round two as vampiric heartthrob Edward Cullen.

“Unfortunately, the prep time and production schedule on New Moon haven’t left enough time for Robert to work on Parts Per Billion in the first quarter of this year,” the star’s agent, Nicholas Frenkel, told MTV.

No word yet on who will fill the heartthrob’s shoes on the indie flick, produced by and starring Rosario Dawson.

I wonder what Rosario Dawson thinks about all this!

I bet she’s pissed.


Robert Pattinson

It’s weird that you get 8-year-old girls coming up to you saying, “Can you just bite me? I want you to bite me.” It is really strange how young the girls are, considering the book is based on the virtues of chastity, but I think it has the opposite effect on its readers though.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson, in a new interview with Rolling Stone. Read the whole thing here.

Still Not Caring

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the two stars of Twilight who may or may not be porking, continue their We Don’t Give a Fuck 2008 international tour. This week, they’re not giving a fuck in Paris. Look at them. They don’t give a fuck. They’d rather eat boiled donkey balls than be getting paid millions of dollars to walk this red carpet in Paris and they’re gonna make damn sure you know it. Not giving a fuck: So hot right now.

Even More of Rob Pattinson’s Facebook Emails: With Camilla Belle!

Despite what he may have claimed in his other set of emails, it appears Robert Pattinson IS boning Camilla Belle, as his FB email to her suggests his on-and-off girlfriend, Giulietta, “caught on someway or another.”

Tee hee.


I hope Taylor Swift is having a field day with this shit.

Oh, and Giulietta has a blog, of course, and on it she wrote the following:

We live in a sad, sad world today. Where people are taken advantage of from the wrong reasons and privacy is non-existent. One of my really good friends had his privacy taken away from him. Even more so than it already is. Not to mention than other people got hurt in this unfortunate thing, that was done to him today. People will do anything to feel a part of something that they are trying to grasp.

Fucking, crazy sick people who do things for the fun of fucking with peoples lives. We all have feelings and bleed just the same if we are cut.
This is all I am going to say on the subject – ever. It really fucking blows and so does the media for making things worse for wear.

I’m extremely sad,

Heh. Thanks so much, Giulietta “Shakespeare” Spirlea, for confirming that these are actually Robert’s Facebook’s screen shots. I’m sure he really appreciates your help.

Thanks Svengali!

Robert Pattinson’s Facebook Convos Indicate He May Be Boning Kristen Stewart .. and Lots of Other People

Today Defamer has some screencaps of what someone claims are Robert Pattinson’s private Facebook convos — one with Giulietta Spirlea, his on-and-off girlfriend, and some buddy of his. His Facebook is under the name Randle Patrick McMurphy (Cuckoo’s Nest, anyone?).

In the conversation with Giulietta, she talks about Camilla Belle being a bitch, and Robert says “camilla? there’s nothing on with camilla, she and i are mates. i don’t like her in that way” and then promises he’ll be back in LA soon to “take care of your needs,” hee hee!

And in the conversation with his buddy, Ben Coles, he’s asked about his relationship with Kristen Stewart. “get Kristen yet?” his friend asks. Robert responds: “you know I did. You’re the one person I’ve told this to but, she wants me more than that twat of a bf that stalks her every move around me.” He also calls everyone in LA “tossers” and mentions that “the bottle does me just fine.” Then he talks about hiring people to beat up Kristen Stewart’s boyfriend.

CLASSY STUFF right here, kids.

Call me crazy, but I think these are real screencaps from his real account.

The question is, who leaked them?

“We’re So Beautiful!”

Hollywood’s newest anti-celebrities, Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson, show up for the UK premiere of their film, Twilight.

I don’t care what anyone says about Kristen, I love that she doesn’t give a fuck. I love the “I’d rather be anywhere but this red carpet” look she flashes on every single red carpet. You know why? Because I buy it. Because she’s actually famous for something she did, rather than who her parents are. And, so far, she basically does nothing for publicity except for the shit she’s contractually required to do. And it’s kind of refreshing to see that attitude out of someone and be able to be like, “You know what? That’s cool. You earned it.”