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Rob Lowe

One Down, One To Go


Remember how Rob Lowe was being sued by one of the nannies he employed?  There was all this groping and sexual harassment and, like Beet, I never could really see what the problem was.  It’s Rob Lowe for God’s sake!  Harass me!  I’d find the black leather loafer with no socks combination far more offensive than a snap of a bra strap by my totally hot boss.

The Lowe’s nanny Jessica Gibson left their employ after seven years and promptly retained attorney Gloria Allred.  After more than a year of legal wrangling, both sides have filed to have their lawsuits dismissed.  Though no mention of money has been made, requesting a mutual dismissal of lawsuits means that someone wrote a big check.

This clears the way for Rob and his wife Sheryl to deal with their other (next?) pending nanny lawsuit.  Ex-employee Laura Boyce, also represented by Allred, claims that the Lowe’s walked around naked and talked about sex in front of her.  Again, What’s.  The.  Problem?