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Why Is Rihanna Sulking?

And whilst we’re asking the deepest of questions, why is she carrying a deflated Smurf around on her head?  Pictures of Rihanna shopping and dining in New York City yesterday.


Today In Worst Idea Ever

How many different hotels do you think there are in New York City?  I don’t know the exact number, but I think we can all agree that there are quite a few.  So, why in the world did...



Apology video WHAT? Rihanna don’t care. The superstar totally pulled off this fashion-forward look at the London premiere of Inglorious Basterds.


Within Striking Distance

As part of his sentencing, Chris Brown was ordered not to come within 50 yards of Rihanna. But both Rihanna and Brown reportedly want to nix that part of the punishment. “They think...