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Rihanna’s Law?

Rihanna takes the sunglasses off

There’s a movement in LA to pass legislation that would make it easier to punish those who leak photos and information about police cases and media outlets that use that photos, whether or not any money exchanged hands. This movement started when the photo of a beaten Rihanna hit the Internet, and media outlets decided to publish the identity of the victim, even though the victim’s identity is typically not published in domestic violence cases.

An organization called STOParazzi is spearheading the cause, and their website explains it further:

Our aim is to enact RIHANNA’S LAW which would make leaking, distributing and publishing private law enforcement crime photos, (such as the one leaked of Rihanna,) illegal whether there was money exchanged or not. The current law, “Mel’s Law” requires that money changes hands in order for the person distributing the photo to be in violation of the law, furthermore the current law has no provisions for the prosecution of those who publish such photos or videos, such as Harvey Levin and TMZ. As it stands, anyone can leak private victim photos and get away with it, as long as no one can prove they received money, which usually is unprovable because tabloids pay cash to third parties. In addition, entities such as TMZ who pay for these photos and publish them are able to do it, and profit from it, with no legal repercussions whatsoever. The publication of Rihanna’s police victim photo was inexcusable and will likely help the alleged attacker’s case. The person who distributed it is in the clear unless the LAPD can find evidence the leaker received money for the photo. Regardless of all that, Harvey Levin and TMZ are not in violation of any law even if it is proven they paid for the photo. All involved need to be prosecuted in cases like this and with the new proposed law, all would be in violation of that law for distributing the photo whether there was exchange of money involved or not.

So, basically, they’re looking to put TMZ out of business. Their whole gig is basically that they tend to get their hands on these leaks from the legal system before anyone else. Without that shit, they’re just another paparazzi website.

Another point of view is that a law like this makes it harder for journalists to do their jobs, which is to dig up the truth behind the story. Obviously it’s not a huge national crisis if Harvey Levin can’t get his hands on a photo of a beaten pop star, but how will something like this impede journalists and media outlets who cover government or health care or politics? Will it make it harder for them to find the truth behind the PR spin?

What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea?

I (Don’t) Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Rihanna takes the sunglasses off

Just in case you missed it, Rihanna was out and about earlier this week in Hollywood, sans sunglasses and bruises and she looks great. It must feel good to finally be able to take the sunglasses off. Let’s just hope it’s a metaphor for the larger situation, and better night vision isn’t the only way in which she’s seeing more clearly.

Of Course There’s A Sex Tape. I’d Expect Nothing Less.


I was really surprised when Chris Brown and Rihanna got back together after he assaulted her.  I was not surprised by their fake break-up this week.  Now, Star Magazine is reporting that Chris and Rihanna made a sex tape that Brown is in possession of.  Of course.  This would explain why Rihanna had to stay with him post-abuse.  Not because she has no self-esteem.  It was all because she feared the tape, that I will go out on a limb and say doesn’t even exist, being released.

Let me be very clear.  I would personally host a screening of footage of me giving a blow job to Carrot Top, and invite my grandparents, if my only alternative was being beat up by a man.  In conclusion, there is no sex tape.  They aren’t broken up.  Rihanna is working hard to hold onto her endorsement deals.

I find the whole thing disgusting.  And please-before we deal with a barrage of “You can’t judge, you don’t know what Rihanna’s going through,” comments, yes-actually, I do.  I am here to tell you that abuse fucks with your mind.  It can make you question everything you ever thought you knew about yourself.  You can be one of those I Will Never Let A Man Hit Me women, and turn around one day to find that you are that woman-battered.  But guess what?  If you have the capacity to identify right from wrong, you must leave.  Find a way.  There are options even when it seems that there are none.  It’s so hard, feels so overwhelming.  It.  Still.  Must.  Be.  Done.

Thanks to Kevin!

The Rihanna/Chris Brown Fight Re-enactment

I suppose this was just a matter of time. The kids over at have released a video re-enactment of the violence that took place between Chris Brown and Rihanna on that fateful Grammy eve, based on the detective’s notes. To be fair, it’s nowhere near as cheesy as it could have been.

To help raise awareness about teen dating abuse, DoSomething is giving away a free set of three bracelets — one blue, two black, to demonstrate that one in three teens is the victim of dating violence. You can order yours here.

And while I certainly commend anyone for doing anything to speak out against domestic violence, the most powerful action you can take here is to end a relationship the very first time your significant other shows signs of violence or emotional abuse. Don’t put up with that shit, not ever. You’re worth more than that.

Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Taking A Break. Sure.


I’ve been waiting for this story to surface.  Chris Brown and Rihanna have decided to take a break in hopes of getting their minds clear.  I call total bullshit on this.  This isn’t a break, this is called, “Oh shit, if we ever hope to sell another album we better do something,” PR spin.

It explains why they are far apart from each other right now.  Brown is in L.A. working on his music and Rihanna has been in New York visiting friends and being photographed looking completely healthy and fine.

Now, let me tell you how this will unfold:  To the public, they will remain apart and on opposite coasts for a period of time.  When the media attention dies down, they will “reunite” and release a statement interspersed with words like “growth” and “maturity” and “respect” and “healthy.”   Rihanna and Chris will indicate their commitment, not just to each other but to their respective anger management counseling sessions.

Cynical?  Perhaps.  The good news is that nothing would thrill me more than to be wrong regarding this “break” being nothing more than an engineered scam.  Let’s hope these two stay far away from one another for life.

Chris Brown’s Legal Team Looking To Have Charges Dropped?


This story comes from The Sun, so normally I’d just laugh and move on.  But a couple things caught my attention about this item.  Firstly, it wasn’t a story about Amy Winehouse, Jade Goody or Kerry Katona…this is huge and unheard of for The Sun.  Secondly, I totally could see this being true.  It just makes sense.

The Sun is reporting that Chris Brown’s lawyers have requested a special hearing to be held next week, in which they will ask that all charges be dropped against Brown.  They claim that this was a two-way, long-since resolved lover’s quarrel.

I don’t know how to break this to The Sun or Mark Geragos, but I don’t think felony charges are dropped when the participants kiss and make up.  They do tend to get dropped when a celebrity is involved, however.

My daughter isn’t feeling well today, so she’s curled up next to me as I attempt to get some work done.  She asked me what I was writing about so I told her.  “Today, I’m writing about how it’s never okay to hit another person.”  She thought about that for a moment and said, “That’s right.  Only hugging, no hitting.  And we shouldn’t spit in each other’s faces or bite each other either.  If people do that, they should have their magic powers taken away from them.”  Attention Chris Brown:  I have a four-year-old I’d like you to meet.